2015: Word of the Year


Every year, I strive to find a new 'Word of the Year' to use as a guide,
 a little helper of sorts, to use as a booster
to keep me on track ~ grounded and navigating.
It's like a mini mantra to live by
in my hectic, I am a mom of 4 kids kind of world!

I don't make Resolutions ~
or say "I will do this and that by this and that time ..." 

Well, that just doesn't work for me. 
But I will say this.... 
I do like to set goals for myself. 
Whether it's a daily challenge to cross off an item on my to-do list
or looking at the bigger pictures of things to do, it helps to have that guide.
This year, my Word of the Year is Focus.
I confess, it wasn't the first one that popped into my head
at the ringing in of the new year. 
 The first random word I thought of was Determined
But that didn't resonate with me - what am I determined for? To do?
  With a great big sigh, and an even bigger cup of coffee, I realized that
I need to remain steadfast in the busy-ness that lies ahead.
This year is going to be a whopper!
To steer the ship, remain on course, stay calm in the seas no matter the storm.
Last year, it was the year of Endurance which was perfect,
as through-out the year, I found myself running out of steam.
A lot!
 Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally (notice the connection!),
I found myself exhausted. I had that great ability to dash out of the starting gate, full speed ahead, stamina roaring in all it's glory.
Then, I'd falter ... not even close to the finish line.
We're talking 7 miles back, ya'll!
I recognized I was in need of healing.
I rested, I pouted, I cried, I learned, I mended and I started over
 (and over and over ...)
And that's okay. 
"He who finishes last still finishes!"
I saw that on the back of a runner's t-shirt at The Color Run -
a local 5K that I actually endured and finished.
The best gift I gave myself last year was recognizing to
 push forward and 'make do' when do needed making :)
Words of the year can create an incredible and lasting bond
for the both of you ...
and I hope whichever you chose, it gives you comfort
and grace and guidance ♥
I'll keep this space open for yearly updates on my Focus
plans and progress!
Special thanks to my dd20 for making this for my blog -
love her ♥

Big hugs, Bigger Blessings!

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  1. I never intended to have a 'word', but God took no notice, and for the past three years I have been given one.... this year is Peace

  2. I try to do this too. The first year I did...I chose, Believe! (It really worked for me) I also tried Joy, Focus, (did NOT work for me...I always thought in terms of "out of focus"...) This years word is Persevere!