The BELLE of the ........ show! :)

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH my goodness, I could not be beaming happier and prouder right about now!  Seeing Chrissy in the show was something I'll never forget :)  Other than my camera battery dying 10 minutes into the show {it was fully charged!!!}, it was perfect!   At least we got a few really bad i-phone pictures albeit super grainy and way out of zoom!  Here's my sweetie as Belle in Beauty and the Beast.  I had some serious tears during her rendition of "Home"!  She did an amazing job, such raw emotion comes out when she sings - with such passion and she truly is one of those performers that "owns" the music - singing from the heart through and through. The entire cast was perfect with such young voices of talent - a pure delight and I won't be coming down from this high for awhile! :)  Thank you Jesus for this blessing of beautiful voices, talented children and the eyes to witness it!

Singing "Home"

Chrissy with the Beast when the last petal fell :)

Thank you for the indulging a very proud mama!

And HEY!!! 
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Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!



  1. Wow! Kel, you've got a new look! Yah - you've probably had it for a while and I'm just seeing it now!! =P I've been absent from blogland for a while due to some very necessary things needing to be taken care of! =)
    What a lovely daughter you have! All indulging expected to be reciprocated at some point in the future! LOL

  2. Oh Kelly, you should be proud! She looks like she is having the BEST time and is totally in her element! Awesome photos! :)

  3. Kelly, it looks like that Chrissy had a lot of fun. I´m sure the show was fantastic. You can be a proud mom.

  4. If she sounds half as good as she looks it must have been amazing! Beautiful young lady you have there my friend!

  5. Wow Kelly, what a natural, I will look for her in the future as she accepts her award (not sure if she will be movies or Broadway) :) I have tears just reading your post, you must be so proud, she looks beautiful! TFS

  6. Oh Kelly, how proud all of you must be! You have such a beautiful daughter too. Hugs to you and your family and a big congrats to the STAR!

  7. Oh my GOODNESS KELLY!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Gorgeous!!! Those words are not even enough. I know that you are so proud and still beaming over this performance. I wish I could have seen it.

    May God continue to bless her, shine through her life and may she continue reach out to others in a mighty way.

    Sending LOTS of hugs and smiles.

    I love ya!!!

  8. Thank you for posting and sharing these photos. Huge hugs to you and your hubby... what proud parents you must be!! I was smiling the whole way through the post... totally could feel your excitement as you typed them. She looked like a STAR.... ah hem... excuse me, let me rephrase that... she IS a star!!! I am sure we will be hearing more and more wonderful things like these in the future. xoxo!!!

    have a wonderful July Fourth weekend!!

  9. Kel, you have every reason to be proud! These pictures are wonderful and she looks beautiful in her role!

  10. What a joyous occasion for you all! I'm all smiles just from reading your post, I feel the excitement. To bad about the batteries, 'why oh why do the rechargeable batteries have to be old and die when I don't have back up'?! Actually I usually forget to grab the camera altogether...ugg. Thanks for sharing, you really did make my day.

  11. what a beautiful post:) your daughter is lovely--enjoy the memory!

  12. Your daughter is gorgeous, and you must be so very proud!

    Have a fantastic July 4th weekend!

  13. Oh Kelly, Chrissy is BEAUTIFUL and if her voice is anywhere near her beauty, I would be having goose bumps too.....(dad will have to keep his shotgun I am so excited for all of you...thank you for sharing the pics...she truly is a stunner.....


  14. Wow! Watching your daughter on stage singing her heart out must have been a magical experience. The photos are fabulous. TFS

    Congratulations, Mom! You must be very proud!

  15. WOW! You should indeed be a proud mama! I sure wish I could hear that angel's voice. She's such a beautiful young woman, and I know she is a genuine talent. You are very blessed indeed!! Thanks for sharing!

    Love ya,

  16. and the TONY goes to............!!!
    how fun! and is she ever beautiful! girl, i never thought you'd be old enough to have a teenage daughter???? i picture you very young. but then, i'm very old - lol.

    i can see you beaming!

    hugs :)

  17. How exciting and what a proud mom you must be! She is beautiful and no doubt stole the hearts of many. I am certain this will be a cherished memory!