It's all about the "K!"

Our lovely Karen, that is! You can check out here talent here! http://loveink.blogspot/com This has been a week of trial, for sure, and I was able to get thru it by putting my mind busy creating and crafting. It sure helped to have her Bad Funny Bunny swap - this sentiment cracks me up! But I do feel sorry for whoever lands this card in her swap - it has 8 layers of cardstock and it's quite heavy (definitely not a 42 center!) Thanks for the chuckles, Kar-bear - love ya!

Photo #2 is a card kit she mailed me - how cool are these! You just grab some adhesive and a stamp of your choice and there you have it! I was in a crunch for a card & this is what I came up with in under 5 minutes. I can see why these are the catchy, new way to go trend in card making!

And last - how bad am I - but hey, it's KAREN Day on my blog! It's her birthday card, lol! (yes, it was October, but I wasn't blogging then, so can I please be excused for my late post? Tee hee!)

So big hugs to Karen & the gals at the sistahood - you make me smile, you make me feel all warm and fuzzy and I'm so blessed to have you lovely gals in my life! ******* Hugs! **********


  1. OH you just brought a tear to my eye Kelly!

    Somebody pass me a freakin' kleenex!!!!!!!

    *tears of joy, tears of joy*

  2. HAHA!! I would LOVE to get that bunny!! :)

    AND, seriously...you made that bday card?? IT's INCREDIBLE!! You should go into business! Actually, I have those K&Company stickers and I was wondering how I should use them...thanks for the idea :) All these cards are great, Kel! Happy Karen day!!

  3. Great idea, Kelly, making it a Happy Karen Day! She certainly deserves the recognition as do you! Great cards! Love the bunny and the corresponding sentiment. Gorgeous cards all!

  4. What beautiful cards!
    Zee x

  5. Happy Karen Day!! Yay for Karen day!!! Those are some wonderful cards! Love 'em all! I can hear those happy tears of joy...would someone pass the girl a freakin' kleenex already!?

  6. How funny! Karen day!!! Great idea!! but please, Karen, do NOT let it go to your head....I can hear her now..."but EVERY day is Karen day!"

    Great cards, kelly!

  7. *woo-hoo* IT'S KAREN DAY!
    {{shaking pompoms}}
    {{doing a happy dance}}

    Kelly, your cards are fabulous!

    AWW....{{big squeezing hug}}!!

  8. Anonymous1/30/2009

    Eight layers? wow, I am an under achiever for sure!

    Hurrah Karen ~ everyone deserves a day now and again... You should take off and spend the day in your bad bunny slippers girlfriend!