I miss you, dad :**(

I don't have a card to post today, but I wanted to post a tribute to a very special person - my dad, Dale.
He lost his very courageous battle with cancer 4 years ago today - March 3rd. Every day without him is a difficult day and I still miss him dearly. He and I were so very close and his passing has left a huge void in my life. We brought him to live with us when we heard those terrible words "I have cancer, and it's terminal." When he learned he had cancer, the doctors all told him it had already metastized and he only had roughly 6 months to live. My dad gave us 3 more years! He was a fighter ... strong and courageous. He held on fast to those ropes of survival and hope and I am forever grateful for that "extra" time. He and I were so much alike .... easy going, laid back & would joke til the end of the day. Each day needed a smile & laughter :) The kids loved having him so close and with us every day - their bond grew stronger and I'm so blessed our son was born and he was able to share that with us. Although I forced myself to keep going after his passing, tending to 4 very busy kids and a household to run, he has never far from my thoughts. And I have felt him shining down on me, whispering words of comfort and peace. Heaven gained a new angel when he passed away - and I know that because I sent them mine :*( Rest in peace, sweet Father ........ I will love you always!
I received this poem from a friend when dad passed away - so many cards and warm notes of comfort and support, though much of it is nothing more than a blur. I haven't still to this day been able to read most of them, but this message truly bears repeating. And remember - love those ones around you with all your heart. You just might be their world :*) XoXoXo ~ Kel
Lean against a tree,
And dream your world of dreams.
Work hard at what you like to do,
And try to overcome all obstacles.
Laugh at your mistakes,
And praise yourself for learning from them.
Pick some flowers,
And appreciate the beauty of nature.
Say hello to strangers,
And enjoy the people you know.
Don't be afraid to show your emotions,
Laughing and crying makes you feel better.
Love your friends and family with your entire being,
They are the most important part of your life.
Feel the calmness on a quiet sunny day,
Find a rainbow and live your world of dreams.
Always remember life is better than it seems.
~Author Unknown~


  1. Kelly, thanks for sharing a bit of your dad with us today. You had a very special father and I am sure he is watching over you from above! Although those last years may have been difficult, how lucky you both were to have spent it together.

    I will be thinking of you today! ~Lauri

  2. Kelly...your dad looked like a wonderful man! I lost my mom to cancer 4 years ago as well so i know what you are saying!! I think about her daily!!

  3. Aww Kelly, thank you for sharing with us.. people are going to start to stare at me all teary eyed at my desk!


  4. What a beautiful tribute and remembrance of your Dad. Aren't those treasured memories of him truly the best gift? How fortunate you are to have loved and been loved by him, and I know there is a void to fill, but what tremendous and joyous memories you have to fill it! May God bless and keep you in His tender loving care today and always.

    Love ya, sweetie!

  5. {{{HUGS}}}
    Oh Kelly, what a loving, wonderful tribute to your Dad. I am so happy that you have such warm, wonderful memories to cherish of your lives together. He obviously loved you very much, because you are a beautiful, loving person yourself. You have been such a great source of comfort and joy to so many of us here, and I hope God blesses you and your family for years and years to come!
    Love & Hugs,

  6. This is so sweet. I too lost my father to cancer. I hope that I can post a tribute someday. For me it is still too painful after a year and a half. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Kelly what a lovely tribute to your dad and what a good daughter you are for keeping his memories alive. Hugs...now I need to go find a tissue.