Starring ..... Karen!

As most of you know, I'm hosting my first swap over at the SCS for cute and cuddly monsters (and the like!) I did a contest challenge for a stamp a few days ago and asked the "contestants" to give me 11 nouns, sight unseen, and not having a clue what it was for. How brave they were! LOL! I actually created a funny "mad-lib" if you will and had dh chose the one he liked the best, and this one made him chuckle - I think it was the lumpy milk, but who knows, lol! They were all so outstanding that I could not choose (love Judy's Kissable Kelly and Lorie's Sparkly Edward personally! Oh la lah!!) so everyone is getting a prize for participating! Miss Karen wins a fancy new stamp ;)

SO, here you go ...... we have an author in da house!!!!!!

It was a dark and stormy night in Monsterland ….. monsters and aliens were lurking about. Karen signed up for a monster card swap thinking “oooh, such fun! I like lumpy milk!” She thought “I can use my hairy canary stamps! They’ll be perfect!” But she didn’t know that a goat in a boat and a jumping bean were lurking nearby! What to do? She had a card swap to finish! Lucky for her, her faithful Starvin Marvin came to her rescue and a rotten banana handed her a hot tamale to scare off that silly Forest Ranger! The monsters sulked and moped but slithered off so she sat down with cardstock, inks, stamps and some inky paws. She inked! She embossed! She stickled! She even used her dunkin donuts! And finally, she created ……. an ice bucket! Way to go, Karen!


  1. I love it!!! Great choice, Kelly and your DH! LMAO!!! Congrats, Karen!

  2. Anonymous4/16/2009

    What a fun game - I will have to make sure I pay attention to the deadline for the next one! Congrats to Karen!! :)

  3. Oh my this is hilarious! You come up with the best stuff Kelly. I'm sorry I missed it though.

  4. Kelly, this was such fun... and I loved Karen's winning "story".

  5. awww, and I get a blog mention too?! WOOHOO!!
    well, it was a fun game!

  6. Hahahah! So this is what you were up to! What fun!!!!!!! Congrats to Karen for those descriptive nouns which created such a funny story!