Happy HOWL-i-Days! Doggie Bloggie Hop! :)

It's a Doggie Bloggie Hop!!!

Welcome to the SOTC Canine Couture Fashion Show! Be prepared for some CUTENESS!!!! A few sistahs on the SCS SOTC were talking about how we dress up our fur babies for the holidays and agreed to post their pictures, outfits and all :) We have a new puppy, Buddy, who is pretty photogenic - he stares at the camera and can't figure out what it is, but he looks until you're done. Except he wasn't liking these outfits so much, lol! Take a stroll (haha, couldn't resist!) through the little hop we have lined up of the most adorable snookems! ;)

First up ....... shameful, I know .... but how could I not resist taking him to see Santa Claus at PetCo!! For each photo, they donated $5.00 to the HS ... it's a win/win!

Santa's little helper .....sometimes a bit too much! Chewing on boxes, ripping paper that's sealed and bowed :)

This is bordering on just plain SAD ..... ROFL!!

'SUP?!! Seen my shades anywhere? I need to step out ...... for a walk ..... alone ...... :)

Poor boy couldn't handle any more! He's not quite ready for the catwalk - hee hee! But I'm sure these gorgeous canines are!

Updated! The girls were able to pin Brandy down long enough to get this ..... rofl! She wanted nothing to do with any of this :)

Please be sure to stop on by and visit
the other cuties on the Doggie Bloggie Hop! Next up is the talented Miss Kadie with Mr. Winston!! RRRuuuuuuuuuuuff!! Happy Howl-i-days to you!



  1. OMYGOSH!!! Buddy is THE cutest!!! Are you kidding me??!?! He's like greeting card worthy. You should enter him on the Cute Overload dot com!! Thanks for sharing these with us, Kel!!

  2. he is just adorable!! I love that "sad" pic!!

  3. Oh, these pictures are just so cute! And because Buddy loves you, he'll forgive you for putting him through this. LOL!

  4. ROFL! Totally adorable and hilarious! Totally love the hoodie pic!
    Thanks for sharing, Kels!

  5. OMG ROTFLMBO!!!! Buddy is so painfully adorable in all of his shots but my *FAV* is him his green hoodie! He should start his own canine couture line....LOL!!

  6. Oh My Stars!!! those are awesome pictures!!! I have to day the Green Hoodie is MY FAV!!!! Ohhhh so cute!!!!!!!

  7. What a Christmas cutie!! I love your captions, too! Buddy is a sweetheart, and I LOVE his expression!! Those eyes tell many, many stories!! This was really fun!

    Love ya,

  8. Anonymous12/17/2009

    Sweet Buddy! The things we do to our dog dogs... He's a doll and very very patient with his "mommy" for such a young pup :)

  9. ohmyprecious!! what a photogenic cutiepie Buddy is! With those huge brown eyes of his
    I' m sure he can have anythjings he 'begs' for!
    Too sweet indeed!!! Luveee all those pictures of him...wouldn't be able to pick just one favorite! :o) *tfs*

  10. Buddy is adorable!!! I'd like to give him a big hug. :) I love the idea of a pet fashion blog hop.

  11. So cute! I cannot believe he sat so well with Santa to have his photo taken!!

  12. OMG - TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!