Yum, Yum! Recipe Swap!

Good morning!  My lovely friend, April, is hosting her first swap on SCS for recipe cards ..... so I thought I'd send her a really unique one to keep for years to come and pass on to her own children!

Introducing ........ Squirrel Stew! 

Hee hee!  Did I make you look?  Or at least smile!? :) 
I hope so - laughter is good for the soul! x0x0

And I am definitely not ever going to make a recipe card with this poor lil sweetie!
As a vegan, and a HUGE animal lover, that would never happen,
but I sure love to laugh and need a good pick me up right now!

If you'd like to see the REAL recipe card, here is it -

Magic Pumpkin Pie!

For this recipe, it's one that my girls' tried a year or so ago at a Harvest church party and it came out super nice - very smooth, creamy and yumm-a-licious!  I paired it with my Autumn-ish looking SU! Paper that I found in my stash, Gina K Pumpkin Spice and SU Close to Cocoa cardstock, a cute lil House Mouse pumpkin image and the envelope has a hidden surprise inside for the swappers that should receive this ;)  And .. surprise!  I used ric-rac! :)~
The tiny little bling is from the new i-rock tool that has sat in my scraproom - my sweet friend Michelle recently blogged about using hers and it inspired me to finally take mine out!  (thanks, love!)  I was majorly strapped for time and had to use it quickly but I can see lots of fun in the future with it!

Thanks for stopping by - sooooo much still to be done here and I'm running out of time, so I'll wish you all a wonderful day and many blessings!


  1. YGB~
    I love it....how adorable...and you had me going with the SQUIRREL STEW!
    I just saw one of those i-rock tools and wondered about them (but, must remember my spending-freeze)....
    Huggz MDF!!

  2. Yes..I did a double take, and yes I geeeggled.
    Love your recipe card!

  3. Yum! The pie I mean. The card is so cute, love House Mouse. The card is so perfect to keep, love the colors and the added little bling and flower. Have a great weekend, take some time for you remember that.

  4. Love your recipe card. Perfect colors for your adorable image. Love the small envie with the flower on it. Great job my friend.

  5. Oh how YUMMY! Your card, and your recipe! I'm so trying this out, and maybe even today!! I love the ric-rak trim you used, and that image couldn't be more perfect for this recipe page. I so want one of those I Rock's. I haven't taken the plunge yet, but I've been thinking about it since I saw Emma's video using hers. GOTTA have one!! Have a beautiful day, Kelly and thanks for sharing this yummy recipe page!

    Love ya,

  6. Oh wow! This is an awesome recipe card!!! You're amazing!


  7. Anonymous9/17/2010

    yay...this is a beautiful card Kelly...and the recipie looks yummy (my dd's fav pie), will have to try it out...Love your image and the cute little envie with the awesome flower...the rick rack adds the perfect compliment to the image and the card and I love your little bling in the corner...AWESOME job my friend...have a great weekend...

  8. This is gorgeous Kelly. I have some of those stamped mouse images and they are so stinkin' cute. I didn't really know how to colour them but now that I have seen yours I have tons'of inspiration. Thanks so much because this is wonderful. Thanks for the card you sent, it really was a blessing. Hugs.

  9. Wow! How delish!! Love your recipe card, Kels. What a perfect image to go with this recipe and love that ricrac trim...so yummy!! Hey, I'm going to have to check out that iRock tool...hmmm, more enabling going on here??? LOL
    Sending you lots of love and hoping life sends you some calmer, stress free days.

  10. HaHa! I almost spit my latte all over my laptop with the "Squirrel Stew". That cute little image with the "Squeak" sentiment stamp was the kicker! Thanks for the laugh! Absolutely adorable recipe card...the image is PERFECT for it. Suddenly I'm really craving pumpkin pie...hmmm, I may just have to try your yummy recipe! :) Have a great day!

  11. mmm, sounds good, may try to make this! Super cute recipe card too :-)

  12. Great recipe card! Really cute image!

  13. What a fabulous recipe card - and MUCH better than your squirrel stew idea!! My middle guy LOVES pumpkin pie.

  14. AAAAAAAAHHHH! That is too funny (and gross as I look out at the sweet little squirrel running through my yard) :D

    I am not vegan, but use alot of vegan recipes that I alter for my kiddos. We LOVE Veganaise instead of Mayo. Tofutti Sour Cream and Cream Cheese makes for some yummo dishes we could not have any other way.

    Hugs to you ... I LOVE your card. I want to smell one of those baking in my oven. I am not a huge fan of P. Pie, but I love the smells!!! I like apple and blueberry pie.. any kind of cobbler... YUMMM!!! Bring on the fat.. I mean... Fall!!! :D


  15. Great recipe card, Kelly! You rocked it out. Ixnay on the stew!

  16. hahah! I did think for a minute, what?! Then I was like well, I have heard of some eating squirrel, not me though! haha!! The magic pumpkin pie recipe card is adroable and look easy and yummy!!

  17. Oh darn! I was hoping it was a real squirrel stew! I was going to go into the deep freeze and get the frozen critter i've been hiding in there for just the right recipe!! LOL! J/k... we don't even have a deep freeze! =P

    Great project hun!

  18. LOL...you had me going there for a minute! You are just too dang funny Kelly! I love the house mouse...it's perfect for a recipe card!!

  19. hmmm, yummy... this is perfect, the image is cute, love the flowers and the buttons...HUGS

  20. Okay, you had me for a minute with the squirrel stew...LOL! Hey, I thought maybe it was a Florida tradition or something! Anywho, this recipe card is so sweet! Love the HouseMouse image and the rikrak is a perfect touch! {hug}

  21. Anonymous9/20/2010

    LOL!!! Yes, you definitely got me with the squirrel stew. I thought, "Am I at the wrong blog somehow???" LOL! Thanks for the laugh, sweetie. Your REAL recipe card is fantastic! The House Mouse image is so sweet, and that looks like quite a yummy recipe, too. Hugs, Deedee

  22. oh goodness me, and here is the pumpkin pie I was craving, but the mousies have reached it first! This is super duper cute and sounds delish (my fave pie)...so glad it wasn't actually a recipe for squirrel stew! :) HUGS