It's a Magical, Mystical and Fantastical Nov. Kit-Cat!

*Edited - Just back from a weekend of camping and I see the post didn't launch :(  I think I was the first one done and yet the last one to post, ROFL! Murphy's Law!  But camping was a blast  - more on that later!  I came home 1. exhuasted and 2. climbing Mt. Laundry all day and 3. trying to put together the pieces of a few interesting events that took place while mommy was away - but God is good and my babies are all fine and dh survived the weekend, bwahahaha!*

It's Kit-Cat Sunday once again and this month is the exciting preview of a little mysticism and fantasy!  Our host this month is the absolute sweetheart, Susan, who came up with this month's theme and sent us a yummy cache of paper goodness!  This kit was so chock full of goodies that it was nearly impossible to chose and use them all - definitely lots more cards in the future :)   She sent us some gorgeous Fairy images if we chose to make a card and a plain (au naturel!) daily planner .... and, of course, being the uber busy mom of 4 going to and fro every hour of each day, I chose the planner.  

Using this scrumptious paper from Que Sera Sera collection from K and Co, I chose a larger piece of the dsp that had an image already on it and couldn't bear to cover up this beautiful Koi fish!   Instant focal point ;)  I added the flowers, bling, gorgeous ribbon,  silver cord and
*Love* charm that Susan sent - the only thing I added was this flower paper border to give a little pop under the ribbon.  I didn't want to over embellish it since this baby will be traveling in my purse! :)   And, I couldn't resist making a little bookmark to go with and covered it with dsp, modge podge, matching ribbon and bling - a great remider to keep in my new fabulous daily planner.

Now be sure to head on over to see what the other kittens have made for you using this same kit "ingredients!"  You will not be disappointed!

Susan * Jeanette * Lorie * Michelle *

Thanks for stopping by this morning and have a most blessed, magical day! :)



  1. Glad to see you survived your weekend of camping....now if you can remember where your planner is so that you can get the nect trip penciled in!!

    Bwwahhhh....very nice planner!!

  2. Kels, glad to hear that everyone survived camping weekend, even those who didn't go camping!!

    LOVE YOUR PERFECT PLANNER PAIR! I'm excited that you received the kit with the koi DP, since you previously gave us koi images to color! LOL! And the flower paper strip you added under the sheer ribbon looks just gorgeous! I teased over on my post that I was keeping my planner for myself, but it will go to its intended recipient - but not before I create a matching bookmark! LOVE that idea!

    I'm glad you had fun creating with my "kitchen sink" of a kit! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us! {HUG}

  3. What a great gift set and love the colors. Sounds like you had fun, but it is always had to come back to laundry.

  4. Anonymous11/08/2010

    Hurray for surviving weekends - I'm sure there are all kinds of interesting stories on both sides!

    I absolutely love your set. What a clever idea to make a tag to mark the week! I may just find myself using that idea somewhere along the way :) I love the way you showcased this amazing paper Susan sent us too. Wasn't it just the best to be able to work with...

    Hugs to you Sweet Kelly!

  5. This is a great project, love the colours and airy fairy feel to it! Have a great week ahead :-)

  6. Love the fantasy feel of these projects! Great colors and design.

  7. These are gorgeous, Kelly! What lovely, lovely paper!
    I'm glad you survived your weekend of camping - and hope you find your way to the end of that laundry pile!

  8. Hiya! Oh I just love when it's kit-cat time!! What a fantastic idea Susan had with the planners and you did an INCREDIBLE job with yours!! I adore that beautiful paper, the charm and the bookmark to go with. SO FAB, Kelly!!

  9. Oooh...your little gift set is gorgeous!

    You like camping?! Good for you, girl! Next time someone offers for me to go camping with them...I'm sending you in my place. ;)

  10. Just gorgeous, Kelly! I love the gorgeous colors and the way you dressed up that planner. THis is such a great project for gift-giving because it is really practical. I love the idea. :)

    Ps: I literally LOL-ed at your Mt Laundry comment! You are too funny!

  11. These are so pretty! Love the great papers!

  12. Glad you had a great weekend camping...brr...too cold for me! What a fabulous card with the tag. Such pretty paper!

  13. Wowzer...awesome....but then again...you are an amazingly talented crafter....along with busy, busy, busy...love the organizer and tag...Glad you survived the camping and dh survived the at home dad role....(kind of gives the guys a reality check once in awhile doesn't it...heehee). Great job.

  14. This is beautiful! I love the colors.