It's Craft Central Station! :)

Today, I walked into my own home and did not recognize it ;)

Nope, this is NOT my house. 

During the week, someone clearly took my nice, clean, and organized home and turned it upside down with enough craft supplies and activities to turn it into a store!  From spiders to pumpkins, tempera paint to t-shirts, jars, glue and googly eyes - oh my!

My dh, bless his sweet heart, walks in every day, smiles and shakes his head. 
He's an amazing man, unbelievably patient and good-natured.  He always offers to help, and he means it to the core of his being, but somehow seeing that *deer in the head-lights* look when being handed a jar of Modge-Podge gets me laughing every time!  

I do feel bad for temporarily taking over our formal sitting area.
He did built me an entire craft room {lovingly called The Cabana} but ..............
I need to do inventory!  I'm a visual learner.  I gots to SEE it.  If it's not in front of my own googly eyeballs, it isn't here.  That's just how I roll ;)
And it helps to have samples!  If I see it, I want to make it! :)

So while you might not have seen my traditional cards, I have been busy!  
Very, VERY busy! I have about 6 things going at once, and that's just craft related.

Indeed this was the year of Simplicity.  The year I wanted life to be less chaotic, more christ-centered, more goal oriented towards bringing serenity to my very, VERY busy life.  But I take joy in knowing that while most all of what you see above is for my son's class - at a christian, faith-based private school - it brings me closer to my children, faith-filled other moms.  We start each day, each project, each coffee chat morning with prayer! :)

Here's a peek at my very crafty world ............ I will post all finished projects for you to see as well (+ over on Pinterest, too!)

 Did I scare you?!  :)
Future monster rocks!

These resting spiders will eventually go in their webs ... stay tuned! 

Mason jars - not just for Sweet Tea anymore! ;)
He is on his way to becoming a Harvest Punkin!!
(I'm SUPER excited about this one!)

My ridiculously messing desk with a plethora of foam paint brushes.
20 - that's TWENTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - of these at Michaels 
for $1!!  They are .5c apiece!  These are heading to the 
school's art teachers after I finished the can decor + tag.

And the classroom t-shirts!!!  YAY!! 
 This is a once a year project for the 'classroom theme'
and it's tedious, a lot of hardwork, sweat and some tears - HA!
But with the support of my besties - MUAH! - 
we'll get together this Monday for coffee, prayer, chatting and finishing what I started here ... we will be at the school where I secured a room for us
 to paint & play!
I'm bringing all 19 shirts - (18 + 1 for teacher), with enough paint for
the fronts and backs, cardboard, etc...
coffee + tea is optional
A Smile and happy attitude is required!!! :) :)
{Even though my daughter, K, doesn't read my blog, a SUPER special thank you for her stopping by the table last night to keep me company, catch up on some mommy/daughter talk and chatting with me while I finished a few of the shirts - Your painting ROCKS!  Love you, kiddo!}

15 more shirts to go! :)

And that's a small glimpse into my crafty little world from this week! 

I feel incredibly blessed, disastrous house and all ;)  This time passes too quickly and I know they will only be small once *sniff, sniff!*  I smile at the remembrance of the girls being little and how much fun we had each and every year, and walking by my son's side now doing it all over again ~ it's bliss :)

Well, I found my broom!  Time to get cleanin' and go tackle my floors while the house is quiet before it gets embellished and turned into decor for my front porch!  *smile!*  I'll enter this post into the Monthly link-up at OAB :)

*Big hugs, Bigger Blessings!


  1. Oh, Kelly, what creative fun your house has been having. ;) Enjoy! Because you are right... our children are only young for a short time.

  2. Looks like you have a lot of crafty fun`ness going on! Can't wait to see your completed projects!

  3. You have been busy Kelly. I know what you mean if something is not in front of me. Great T-shirts and the spiders are to die for. Can't wait to see what you are doing with them

  4. Holy Moly Kelly!!!! Busy, busy, busy!!! Can't wait to see all the finished products now. Tell hubby not to worry until you take over the bedroom and bathroom! LOL!

  5. Ohhh, your home looks warm and crafty! Love seeing all the projects in progress!

  6. Oh Kelly what a wonderful family you must have :-), and what a wonderful life you lead, no matter how hectic!!

  7. Oh I love your projects! I want to try the mason jar one. Too cute! :)

  8. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see all the finished projects. Take lots of pictures!

  9. So much creativity - and it's oozing everywhere! mwah ha ha ha The spiders are adorable. So cool you're doing class shirts. And I can't wait to see your mason jar pumpkin!

  10. Looks like lots of FUN !!!

  11. Such fun and creativity there! I know the feeling about "seeing" your supplies as I am also someone who needs to see what I have that is why all my stuff is out on lazy Susans. I have days like this where I need to spread, so I go to the basement where I used to stamp and take over both work desks. Sounds like you all had a great time and special mom and daughter time! I love those spiders!! The shirts are so great too! I can't wait to see your pumpkins!

  12. Wow that is a lot of projects and they are so cute!

    You won a prize at Clearly iStamp Blog. I don't have your email so you will need to email me if you want your prize.

    Kathy D.

  13. Wowzer girl!! So many crafty projects going on there!! I'm sure the kids really enjoyed that! I miss my kids being little!! Have fun!! HUGS :)

  14. WOW girlie- this looks like such a fun memory you are creating- your kids will appreciate all of your hard work some day! So nice to start each day and each project with a prayer! I look forward to seeing the finished projects! And, bless you!

  15. Ahhhh...the memories!!!! Your daughter came by to help & keep you company for exactly that reason!! Lots of love goes into these projects, otherwise, why spend the precious time?

    Your children treasure your efforts and treasure you! Thanks for sharing all of these projects. Can hardly wait to see the finished products! (Especially those mason jar pumpkins!)

    Blessings & Hugs.

  16. You have been busy Kelly, what fun shirts you are making.

    Regards diane

  17. Oh, you are very, very busy!! It looks like a lot of fun though!!

  18. Oh, you are very, very busy!! It looks like a lot of fun though!!

  19. Wow Kelly! You really have been so busy but I am so excited to see your finished products!!! I'd love to learn how to make those spider pops! Gosh, I'd better get started on Halloween soon because it will be here before we know it!!!

  20. Thanks for that fun romp through your crafty creations, Kelly! How fun it was to see your amazing talent in another light!! Loved today's post!!

  21. How fun to be making all these fun crafty projects for your son's class! I can't wait to see the finished projects.

  22. Looks like lots of fun going on at your house! Your mason jar looks great. I've been wanting to try one.... Happy crafting for your little guy.

  23. Oh my! This is a fabulous post! I love seeing inside other people's minds and houses and how our love for arts and all things crafty just tend to take over. Fabulous!

  24. Wow, you go, Momma! Fun projects!

  25. Oh wow, it looks like a lot of crafty goodness going on!! I can't wait to see all of the finished projects!!

    I hope you are doing well!! I'm catching up on all of your amazing projects I missed while I was gone!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts