Carriers of Faith - "Be Still" ... Blog Hop!

Blessings to you on this wonderful, brand new year
 and welcome to the first Carriers of Faith blog hop!
2014 holds many possibilities
 ~ a blank slate, yours to be written.
Many of us have goals, resolutions, ambitions, dreams, ideas ....
many things that give us hope for a new start, a new outlook. 
 There is something uniquely beautiful about a fresh new start and
I’m so blessed you joined me today for a new start to the
 ~ Carriers of Faith ~
a group of ladies shining their beacons of faith as a light towards God.
While we won’t always have time to be crafty,
we are creative, faith-filled, and connected by prayer!
{The COF might sound familiar, we're formerly the Crafters of Faith,
much the same with a small twist that we will have a 
monthly feature with a chosen bible scripture, moment of reflection, 
and photo inspirations to share with you on fellowship and friendship!}

This month, I'm the hostess and challenged them
 to reflect on this scripture:

“Be still and know that I am God.”  ~Psalm 46:10 
I chose this scripture to reflect on the beauty of a fresh start
 and growing in grace.  Part of the walk we take
as christians is knowing when to stop and listen and be still,
maturing in our faith!
I also challenged the ladies this month to share with us ...
 Where are you still?
Where do you connect with God?
Where do you open your heart, clasp your hands in prayer, 
lift your voice to Him,  read your bible, devote time and reconnect in your walk?
 Show us your still.

 My favorite spot in the house to read my bible,
 to work on my bible studies, or to spend time 
without interuption of phones, computers, messages ... 
is in my front living room Wingbat Chair and ottoman :)
I sit there with a cup of tea or my coffee and wrap myself up with 
the throw blanket of quotes from famous authors
 that my daughter bought me :)
The chair is not the most comfortable chair.
It's more for decoration when you walk into the house.
But it comforts ME.
It's soothing.
It comforts my soul.
It makes me smile :)
I'm still.

God's love strengthens me here. 
 In this chair, I'm able to unwind, or refocus, or be inspired, 
write, plan, dream, pray ... and 
fulfill my duty towards being a better, committed christian.
Romans 8:28 reminds us  "And we know that all things work together
 for good to those who love God, 
to those who are the called according to His purpose."
May today bring you blessings, peace, togetherness, fellowship and
stillness :) 


This is a blog hop so hopefully you'll be able to visit
all of the COF sisters today.  From here, you'll hop on
over to my beautiful friend, Barb!  Thank you for your visit
and the blessing of YOU!

Big hugs, Bigger Blessings!



  1. Oh, I love your chair and that it has a special throw blanket! I am sure that some great time is spent there. Thanks, for sharing it!

  2. A beautiful chair - and beautiful post!!! Thanks for allowing me to be part of this great group of ladies!!!

  3. Kelly, your post is so delightful t read ad to reflect on the One with whom you meet in that gorgeous chair. (((HUGS)))

  4. Kelly--your post just puts a huge smile on my face. Love the throw on the chair.

    Thanks for creating this new/revised blog group!

  5. Kelly,
    I love your post...what a great way to have Kelly time. Wrapped up all cozy with your bible. It sounds so comforting and peaceful. Thanks for sharing and for creating this new group...♥

  6. Wonderful way to find peace and time with the Lord!

  7. Beautifully written and what a wonderful idea for a group! I love your Psalm you started with- and your chair- awesome! God Bless You!!!

  8. Thanks Kelly - I needed this - my day has been a hard one - I realise that I have been trying to do things in my own strength and not being still....

  9. What a wonderful post! I love that you have a special chair and blanket for your quiet spot!

    My consistent 'be still' spot is my car. I love dropping the girls off at school and sitting in the parking lot for a few minutes reading a little book of scripture and prayers. It really helps me start my day on the right foot!

  10. find it so hard to craft without feeling quilty for not spending enough time doing the Lords' will in my life. I plan to follow your blog to keep my mind on track.

  11. Such an uplifting post. Thank you for sharing.