One Word 2016!


"Let's go on an Adventure!" 
 Those are five precious little words that I still recall from my little boy,
 always skipping along, jumping around, happily wearing his forever smile.  That's one thing he never takes off - his smile :)

Every year, and at least for the past 4-5 years here on my blog,
 I always chose a "Word of the Year" ..
that one little word that nudges me along to a goal I'm striving toward

Last year was Focus.  
And ...... that's about the one thing I didn't do.
  I was all over the place - literally!
Last year was horrible for time management, 
changes (some good, some not), life being off balance, 
and me generally running myself into the ground full speed.
Now, that's not unusual for me, just not acceptable, 
especially when I was striving for a year of trying to focus!
That didn't happen.

This year, my word came so effortlessly.
As lightly as the evening breeze that flows through our palm trees,
I heard it echo in my mind and I just knew.
I heard it, it spoke to me, and I never faltered in knowing it was mine.
This will be the year of Adventure!
While I'm not planning to swim with the sharks off the coast of Gaansbai,
or climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro,
adventure will lead the way to a healthier, happier year ♥

Adventure is defined as:
1. an exciting or very unusual experience.

2. participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure.
 That's a mantra that make ME smile, too :)
A year filled with imagination, creativity, exploration, learning, growing.
When I quick glance at my year ahead,
I know there are areas this will hold steadfast:

*Church: I love my bible study friends!  So So much!  
I'm looking forward to our adventures together
 as we lead into new chapters - bibles included!
Our biggest adventure will be finding a new church, but we have faith!

*Children:  Can adventures be anymore enriching than when shared with 
the babies?!  Immeasurable possibilities!  
We're a big, busy family but this year,
we plan to document our areas of exploration each month ~ 
and somehow my creativity will tie that into a card ♥
*Crafting:  When the entire craft room is downsized
 to a rickety, teeny tiny wooden desk, that alone is an adventure!
I jest :)
 I've packed, organized, peeked, repacked, purged, donated and refreshed.
There's no out with the old, in with the new for this gal ~
I've dusted off, polished up, and welcomed my old stamps as new this year!
  So here's to 2016!
  Adventure awaits.
    Find your tribe :)

Big hugs, Bigger Blessings!


  1. Kelly, I've known you a long time... and other than the no-camping trait of yours, I'd say you are one of the most adventurous people I know. Sooooooo I can imagine this year's word is going to be a winner for you!

    I'm sorry you didn't think last year's word was... but here's to 2016!

  2. Great word! Especially when there is so much to explore in this wonderful world of ours.

    I have been picking a word for the year...for about 4
    years or so now. One of the years I tried the word "focus" It did not work for me... Like you, I felt "out of Focus" Unclear, and could not make the word positive for me.
    Then I tried the word Joy. It was a better word for me than focus...
    Last year I tried the word perseverance.. Again it did not work for me.
    In an earlier year I picked the word...Believe! And did that word ever work for me...
    So This year I am back to that word again.

    Hope the "New" year is the best one yet for you. (and a fantastic, wonderful adventure!)

  3. Happy new Year to you too, Kelly and thanks for your b-day wishes :-)

  4. I love your choice for 2016, Kelly! How perfect for you! I know this year will have its ups and downs but your wonderful "make lemonade" attitude will always see you through! Best wishes, my friend, on this grand adventure!

  5. Oh, what a wonderful choice and such a terrific outlook to have on life! Hoping that this year's word brings more happiness to you than 'focus'!

  6. Oh, I love Adventure as your word for 2016!! I think I want to borrow it from you!! May you have a wonderfully fabulous Adventurous 2016 my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Fantastic choice of word Kelly. I look forward to reading about your 2016 adventures.

  8. I love this word for you- you sure do lead an active and exciting life, and it is always an adventure to hear what you and your talented kids are up to! Have a blessed New Year 2016!

  9. What a perfect word for you, Kelly. I look forward to hearing about your many adventures this year!

  10. Happy New Year Kelly! Glad to hear you won't be swimming with the sharks :).

  11. You will do great on your adventure!

  12. Kelly, you'll take on this next year alongside your family and God in a wonderful adventure with the best driver :) Praying for you and everything that 2016 will offer.

  13. What a perfect choice of words Kelly!! :) Happy New Year to you my friend!! Looking forward to seeing more of your "adventures" this year!!

  14. It's a great word and I hope you share all your adventures here with us!