You're my best BUD!

Hi friends!

I have a Technique Tuesday card on a Tuesday! :)
I love love LOVE flower images!
They are such ethereal beauties ~
adorning the ground with sprinkles of colors that delight the senses!

My birth month is March 
(my birthday is this week - already?! I'm still 29, I hope! Tee hee!)
and my flower is the daffodil!

 I fell in love with Technique Tuesday's birthday stamps
and added them to my collection some time ago.
I've spotted several of the Fresh Peonies cards on Facebook
in the Technique Tuesday group so I took a closer look!

Decided to join the Greenhouse Society's monthly flower subscription.
At the beginning of each month, TT releases a brand new flower stamp
 (and matching die, should you chose it)
so it's like a surprise each month in your mailbox!
It was this line in the description that totally sold me ...
"Using these flower stamps and matching dies, you can create a garden of beautiful, handmade cards!"

Oh. the. vision!  

So I went back and ordered from the beginning of this year, 2019
and I'll post them in order.
This is the January flower ~ the daffodil or Beautiful Narcissus.
Special thank you to Shelley who patiently and sweetly answered all my emails :)

Here is my CAS card (or Clean and Simple) ↓

My mum was born and raised near London, England 
and has the most amazing green thumb!
I can remember every year, she grew amazing gardens
and knew exactly just what to plant, when and how.
We moved so often, but as soon as we did - I'd find the library,
and she'd start a'plantin!
 I remember throwing open our upstairs bedroom windows
and the smell wafing up from the fresh flowers planted below ~
a memory etched forever in my mind ♥
One year - she *thought* it would be a good idea to get some fresh
     uh ...
manure from the local farmers. 
Except ........ she didn't tell us!
Not the best of times to throw the windows open!
 At least on our cards, we can color pretty flowers 
and they'll be perfect - and odorless *wink!*
Lastly, here's a fun fact for you about my beautiful birth month flower:
*This popular and easy to grow flower salutes spring with a burst
 of possible colors – white, cream, soft yellow or bright yellow as well 
as orange, pink and even lime-green.
I think the lime green would be one gorgeous flower!

 Thanks for stopping by today on this terrific Tuesday!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥


  1. Kelly, that is gorgeous. That image is beautiful and a wonderful CAS card.

  2. Gorgeous card - enjoy your birthday week. I can't even remember ever being that young! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Kelly!!! Enjoy your special week!! Those flowers look amazing and your design is special as always! Fabulous CAS for your friend!!
    Big hugs!

  4. Nice memories, except for the manure, eh? Love this card and how beautifully coloured it is.

  5. Oh how that bought back a memory for me Kelly, my dad always used Manure in the garden each year to help the veggies grow. I can remember the smell to this day (he always said if you couldn't eat it, it wasn't worth growing). Such a beautiful card and I hope that you have a wonderful birthday.

    Sue xx

  6. Happy birthday week, Kelly!! How cool we're the same age ;) heehee!! Your card is gorgeous!! I love the beautiful flowers!! The colors are fabulous!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Beautiful card Kelly, lovely image and colours.
    Have a wonderful birthday when it arrives, and of course your 29 lol, Kate x

  8. A gorgeous card Kelly and I love little daffodils. My garden is full of little daffs, as I am not a lover of the big ones. I do love gardening too and spring is a lovely time of the garden year for me. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  9. This is such a cheery and sweet card to say hello to that special friend. I love the spring colors on the left of it too. Lovely card design. TFS!

  10. Such a sweet card, Kelly! Loved reading your Mum's gardening tales!

  11. Kelly, your card is stunning! Love the flowers! I'm a member of the TT Greenhouse Club, too (I have been for several months). I love it!

  12. Such a sweet image - all my bulbs are peeking through including my daffodils. And how fun to begin a new stamp club - can't wait to see your creations.

  13. So very Pretty! I'm glad you have fond memories of your Mum and gardening... I have a terrible black thumb (as I like to call it) because I can't seem to grow anything or keep it alive for very long... It's a good thing I'm better with people otherwise my boys would have never survived being around me!! Hahahahaha Have a beautiful day!


  14. Love your beautiful daffodils, Kelly!!! I hope you are out celebrating in style!! Kelly-style, which I know can be nothing less than fabulous!!

  15. Happy birthday week Kelly. Great colouring of the daffodils. It happens that we are born on the same date (but I don't think in the same year....lol).
    xxx Margreet

  16. What a great post Kelly, really enjoyed reading that and I love your gorgeous card..I'm in April so look forward to seeing what my flower is..

    Luv CHRISSYxx