Stamp What?! ~ Happy Camper!

Hello friends!

Today's card is for the Stamp What?! card challenge 
that my son came up with :)
It was a fun idea to get me to use my "Old Dusties" 
or the older wooden Stampin' Up stamps.

Stamp = STAMPin' up
What = what is he going to chose!

This has a hilariously entertaining challenge
 I started at the beginning of this year
and it's been great fun!

Each month, 
he wanders over to the stacks and pulls one at random.
I'm always excited to see what he choses
and, out of curiousity, ask him what he chose the one he did!

This month?
He chose Happy Camper!

Me:  "GREAT summer choice!  What inspired this one?"
Him:  I didn't get to go to my 2 summer camps or BSA High Adventure Camp,
and I was kinda bummed.  This one was neat."

Awwwww :(

So I am doing my best to bring CAMP to a card!

 Here's the stamp set, one I LOVE LOVE LOVE and forgot it was in the pile!

 The thing about the older wooden stamps,
even though this one was in pristine condition,
is they are harder to stamp with!
I have gotten SPOILED with my mini MISTI!
I can't stamp without it!

So for this card, I removed the red rubber from the wooden blocks
and added them to my MISTI.
I was able to go over the stamp with inks with several passages ~
lightening and darkening the bear.

I invited my friends Barb and Jeanette to play along this year
with this fun 'use your old stuff' challenge
and you can see their cards on their blogs, too.

For some extra fun, I searched my DSP pile 
(it's been awhile since I've used it and I'm falling in love with using 
designer papers again!)
I was happy to see this paper from 2009 ~ Sweet Slumber Party!
And thank you to my sweet friend Laurajean
for knowing the name of it!

This was so much fun ~
and I can hardly wait to see what he chooses next month!

Thanks for stopping by!
Big hugs, bigger blessings 


  1. This is so cute and what a cute challenge idea! That's a neat stamp set...Don't ever remember seeing it before. I know what you mean about the MISTI I would be lost without mine too. I took a bunch of my wooden stamps and took them off the blocks. still should do a bunch more... But my SU stamp sets I didn't touch, I like seeing them in their plastic containers as a set.

  2. Fun card and stamps look fun. lovely result. x

  3. Fun card Kelly, love that stamp set. Hugs, Valerie

  4. What a wonderful card Kelly, and I love your use of the paper!
    Stay safe

  5. I don't even remember this set but dang is it cute, Kelly!! Your precious card is a true delight for any camper!!

  6. Fabulous card Kelly, super design and colours, Kate x

  7. I used to have this set! You've really brought it up to date with your adorable scene here Kelly! I love it! :)

  8. How cute!! Well done for using your Misti removing the wood from the stamp set! :)