Hot Mess ~ Success: Acrylic Pour!

 Hi friends!

Today's cards are part of an acrylic pour I did last weekend.

I did some Christmas crafting with my 2 y/o granddaughter, Alice, 

making several handmade gifts with the acrylic pour technique.

Oh ...  is it ever messy!

"We" made several different gifts from planter pots to wooden 

frames and there was a TON of leftover paint.

Like a scandelous amount!

For this month's "Hot Mess Success," 

I decided to simply swipe up the gobs of leftover paint onto cardstock.

Heavy acrylic paint + cardstock?

I was worried!

But ... it held up to the #110 paper BEAUTIFULLY!    

Although they were dry in just a couple of hours, 

I waited 48 hours and then made several cards, 

playing around with different styles.

               Sorry this photo is really washed out and grainy - they are SUPER vibrant and bright!

For these cards, I'm using Gerda Steiner Design's Sportsy Santa

and used my Scan N Cut to cut out the images and then colored them.

I used a stitched frame die and stitched circle die to get

the front panel, added snow 'mounds' with another die to set the scene.

This background is crazy busy

so I left the rest of the card pretty simple. 

 Here is Santa snowboarding, in case you ever wondered

what he does in his off time!

The effect is amazing!

I see now it looks similiar to the simple shaving cream technique.

It's not! 

Do. not. be. fooled! :)

There's no shaving cream, no food coloring, and no swipie card thingie!

This was CRAZY messy and a product of "I dont wanna waste that!"

Exhibit A:

I decided to try another one of the paint puddles for a second card.

For card #2, I used only the INNER circle and tucked it behind.

I also had to stamp it first directly to the paper because the scan n cut 

wouldn't recognize his motion of the blades.

So stamping, popping it up did the trick. 

Here is Santa iceskating:

The Hot Mess chicks made cards this month

and you can see their cards here:

Barb, Carol, Darlene, Jeanette and Terry and then lil 'ol me!

A quick recap ....

This was literally just cast off acrylic paint and boxes that were 

heading to the recycling and I ended up with unique backgrounds!

Was this month a Hot Mess = Success? Yes!

Would I make this again?  Absolutely!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Big hugs, bigger blessings :)


I'll enter this to: SYD Gerda Steiner December Challenge


  1. Your pours are great, they make wonderful backgrounds! Hugs, Valerie

  2. These are fabulous Kelly! What great inspiration. I'd love to see the gifts you made with the acrylic paint pour too!

  3. Oh my goodness! Kelly, this is a fabulous (and waste-not frugal) technique that looks perfect! Love love LOVE your cards!

  4. What amazing backgrounds Kelly, what a brilliant technique and gorgeous colours. Loving your two Santa cards, super colours and designs, Kate x

  5. I love both of the cards! Santa sure does have fun during his off seasons! All of the backgrounds are stunning! Thanks for another great year of messiness and on to 2021!

  6. Awwwww!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your hot mess!!!! GREAT use of the boxes and the pouring technique!! The results are just awesome!!! You set off the scenes so well! Such fabulous look have both the cards! Thanks so much for the inspirations!!
    Big hugs!!

  7. Fantastic cards and backgrounds Kelly..Loz

  8. Wow! Your backgrounds are super cool! I love how they turned out! It's so intriguing and would love to try it out sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh my goodness, these are beautiful!!!

  10. I love the look of these cute cards and backgrounds...so creative! I would like to try this later on. (or maybe I should wait till I can do this outside on the picnic table...You have no idea how messy I can be crafting!)

  11. fabulous backgrounds and great cards Kelly
    Gr Karin

  12. So wonderful cards!

  13. These look really neat, I have never tried it before. Glad you had so much fun with your granddaughter!

  14. Such a glorious blend of colors, Kelly!! These are awesome!!