2022: Word of the Year ♥

Hi friends!

The clock has struck midnight,
and it's officially 2022!

 I love the fresh start to a new year ~
a clean slate, an entire 365 days that say I'm here...
what are our plans?!

This is my 11th year of blogging my Word of the Year
and I hold on to my Word of the Year as a mantra ...
a gentle reminder of how I journey the twelve months ahead.

As always, I don't chose my words.
Rather, they chose me.

From the moments in my life that were funny to the mundane,
the moments of worry and of triumph,
and every little moment in between,
they whisper to me...

and I listen.

This year, it came to me pretty early on and in a moment of great worry.
It was there.
So calming, so beautifully refreshing and nurturing.

And for the FIRST TIME in the 35+ year history of my words,
it's a noun!

My 2022 Word of the Year is RIVER.

River = an abundant stream or source with a copious flow,

I was sitting in my oncologist's office and my wandered ...
thinking of the places I love and things I hadn't done.
I burst into tears, then laughter, sitting there all by myself 
in that black plastic chair.
We were at a castle in Germany, and my son (just about 2)
wanted to walk through this castle moat river - with no shoes!
So we did!
It was an adventure, crossing over the pebbles and stones
smoothed by years of the flowing river.

and there it was.


A river, whether it's graceful and calm 
or swift and turbulent,
 still flows forward.

Whatever is meant for me in this life, 
no matter the force or course that's flowing,
that's the direction I want to go.

It beckons ... follow it 
What's coming in 2022!

I've rebooted my YouTube channel 
and have several new series planned for this year.
I'll be posting several card/projects this year
 on my channel and some here on my blog.
They are super fun, some super messy and meant to inspire!
My motto is:  If it make it up, I'm going to create it up!

1.  What's New In '22! ~ I love to thrift and recycle and upcycle.
I plan to vlog my trips to the thrift stores, share what I find,
and how I 'flip it' to something useful and/or modern.
I'll do some blog write ups, too!
What's old is new and will be new in '22!

2. Creative Art Play! ~ I love making creative messes 
and playing with unique art ideas .. this series combines them both!
This is the make it up, create it up idea where I come up with some doozies.  I'll have ridiculously fun items that I use in my artwork/cardmaking and they are WILD! 
This series has me SO EXCITED!

3.  Alice in Colorland!  ~ My granddaughter, Alice, is the apple 
of my eye and we love to color.  My daughter had a great idea
and she suggested that Alice pick my color palettes to create my cards.
AND, since she's only 3, she will choose just. 3. colors. 😱
I'm excited for this one (and a bit nervous, LOL! 3 colors??)
BUT, because she's 3, she reserves the right to change her mind
as she pleases and it may be 3 or 30 .. who knows!
 "Here, Oma!  THIS!"
Yes ma'am.

4.  One Plus Twelve! ~ My favorite card series ever!
This is my 4th year of this challenge and I just love this series 
where I take one stamp (& only ONE) 
and make a card once a month.
The idea: we spend a lot on our stamps and then often use them 
only once ~ this stretches the use of our dollars we spend
and at the end of the year, have 12 cards made from one stamp!

5.  PLAN my RIVER guide!
I signed up for 52 week vision board community 
where we use our PLANNERS each week 
for gratitude journaling, art prompts, and goal setting.
I'm using mine as a springboard for RIVER
(Refreshing, Imaginative, Visual, Enlightened, Radiant) art.
yep, I came up with that myself :)
There are no restrictions on myself to be perfect, be right or on time!
I'm going to go with a river's ethereal pace and create freely,
letting the creative space in my brain flow onto the pages.

In addition, 
I'll also continue to share my Dueling Darlings 2 card kits
as well as the quarterly Mission Possible cards
and a quarterly card camp with some crafty friends.
And I'm still on the CCEE Stampers DT which is super lovely group!

I'm also learning how to make FLIP books,
 Memory Dex cards and 
ATC 3-d build-upon TAGS
 with wonderful friends I've made on YouTube!
We chat and text and I say "I can't!" and they say "you can!"
Thank you ♥

Finally, aside from cheap thrift flip purchases, 
 I plan to use more of my own supplies.
I don't plan purchase more than I need
 and be more earthly conscious.
I have enough :)

And these are my grand plans for 2022!
As I reflect on our night last night, surrounded by family
and laughter and love, 
it was an amazing reminder of what matters the most.
I'm keeping 2022 in perspective and guiding myself
through a peaceful RIVER.

Be blessed :)
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. I have tears in my eyes as I finished reading this. Outstanding Word! Perfect!

  2. WOw - what a great word. I got mine quite unexpectedly one morning, and it is STRONG - strong in the strength of the Lord.
    I am looking forward to seeing how you grow as an artist this year, Kelly
    Stay safe

  3. It's going to be a fun year, Kelly. Happy New Year! I'm particularly looking forward to the thrift stores.

  4. Kelly, your word is perfect; I'm so glad it found you and you are embracing it! I look forward to catching a peek at the many things you have planned for this year!

  5. You are really a SPECIAL woman, Kelly!! Amazing post, river is a fabulous word of the year, such wonderful thoughts...
    Blessings onto you and Happy New Year!!!

  6. What an awesome year you have planned, Kelly!! I can't wait to watch it unfold both here on your blog and on your YouTube Channel!!