CCEE2233 ~ Pluto Demoted Day!

Hi friends!

BEEN a hot minute since I've posted

and I have a lot of cards card kits stuff to catch up on,

but first!

It's time for a new challenge at the CCEE Stampers!

Frances is our hostess for August and this is her challenget today:

According to the Days of the Year web site, yesterday 24th August was Pluto Demoted Day,

 this day marks the occasion in 2006 when Pluto was demoted

 from being a planet to a dwarf planet. 

For our challenge today, create a card that has a space theme.

Oh poor Pluto!

I grew up knowing Pluto as a planet so to see it demoted

envokes a tiny bit of awwwwww!

But here's my card!

A bit cheeky but a fun one!

I created the background using old nailpolish and water

and dipped the cardstock into the water ~

hences, getting this galaxy-ish, tie-dye-ish look!

Good enough :)

I added the astronaut from My Favorite Things set

as if he's floating about in space and the sentiment

which is a perfect match - was one I found laying on my desk!

Good.  Thing.  I.  Didn't.  Clean.  Up!

Be sure to check out the CCEE Stampers blog

and see what everyone has made today!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute card, looks like we used the same stamp set

  2. I like your background. I thought it might be the shaving cream technique, but the nail polish and water technique is something I wasn't familiar with -- turned out great!

  3. Such an awesome background for this sweet little astronaut, Kelly!! Can't wait to see us land another man on the moon!! Fifty years is a L-O-N-G time to wait!!

  4. Adorable card (even if I'm sorry for Pluto). Love so much your nail polish and water background, wow!!

  5. Hi Kelly, a fabulous card, I love the sweet little astronaut, super design and colours, Kate x

  6. What a fun card--great background.

  7. Love that background - I initially thought it was a shaving creme one! A wonderful result on this cute card, Kelly

  8. Cute card for a young lad. Fabulous, creative background