CCEE2150 ~ Christmas Around The World!


Hi friends!

            It's the last card of 2021 for the CCEE Stampers but not to worry!

We will be back in 2022 with new challenges each week.

We hope you've had as much fun as we have had all year long

with all of the unique and fun challenges!

 Lynn brings us our last challenge of the year and she says: 

                             Last week we celebrated traditions within our families.

                                                Today's challenge might involve a bit of research on your part.

I would like for all those who are taking part in this challenge 

to select a country or culture other than their own

                                                      and feature on the front of their cards a unique element 

                                                 or tradition from that country  or culture's holiday celebrations!

My card represents:  Austria!

For my card today, we're heading to Austria!

  Since I grew up there as a child, most of my memories of Santa, 

the Christmas tree, holiday magic and more are centered 

around our home in many cities. 

 So, we're heading to Europe! 

 I have so many wonderful childhood memories of going to 

Christmas markets called Christkindlmärkte.  

These outdoor Christmas markets were held in front of town hall

 in the town center or large squares. 

 They are so romantic and beautiful,

 lit up in the night sky and when it's snowing, it's just enchanting to behold!  

Fun fact:  I always told my husband if we were to ever 'strike it rich',

I'm retiring us to a small swiss chalet where I can write and finish my book :)

AND ...... we invite you to create a card, too!

Please link up your cards here.

Should you post your design to an online gallery other than your blog, 

please be sure to include keyword CCEE2150.

Thank you for stamping with us throughout 2021! 

The new CCEE Stampers Challenges will begin again on January 6, 2022.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful village scene, Merry Christmas

  2. Kelly, your village is so inviting... I'd love to visit there. Sweet card!

  3. A beautiful card Kelly, I love your little village, and lovely bright colours, Kate x

  4. Love your Christmas village scene!

  5. Hi Kelly I'm just catching up on your fabulous makes! some did make me chuckle especially The Grinch LOL this little village is so cute and so bright..lots of hugs Sue x

  6. I first read your 'country' as Australia - you can tell I'm from Down Under :) :)
    Gorgeous card Kelly, and precious memories
    Stay safe

  7. What a magical childhood to walk the European streets through the Christmas markets!! How divine!! Your mountainside village under the snowy Alps is a delight!