Mondays with The Project Bin ~ Live Life

 Good morning, friends!

It's Monday and that means it's Kelly² day
That would be me and Kelly C. ~ 
yes, two Kellys! :)

Our 3rd daughter is about to graduate high school in 2 weeks.
I'm so proud of my baby girl ♥
I'll be making quite a few cards and bags and tags in the next week,
like today's card.

I've created this CAS card in her high school colors ~
black and teal.
The embellishments of hemp twine and enamel dots
 are also in coordinating colors. 
 This was such a quick, easy card,
especially with the fun sentiment from Awesome Sauce stamp set

 This is one of my favorite stamp sets at The Project Bin ~
although it's hard to have a favorite with how fabulous they all are!
I actually say/text Awesome Sauce, LOL
so it was great fun to see a stamp with that sentiment.
This sentiment is also an uplifting and positive message for many occasions.
You can see this stamp set and more in the store :)

Thanks for stopping by today!
Big hugs, bigger blessings!

I'll enter my card to these challenges:  
Cards in Envy - fave color combo
Pammies Imky Pinkies - #1721


Ready, Set, Go! ~ Mix it, Mash it!

Ready, Set, Go!

There's a new challenge in town!
The 3 Musketeers (Barb, Jeanette and I) are about to kick it up a notch!
In the 3M, we take turns sending a stamped image out and we all create a card with that same image.  We're living up to the adventurous Musketeer name and adding on an additional challenge on the 3rd Wednesday of each month
 (courtesy of Barb's adorable Smoochy-the-Wednesday-camel.}  
The challenges will be bolder, creatively adventurous and artistically out of the box.
When thinking of our challenge name, we thought:  We got this.
"We're Ready.  Dates, challenges, hostess - all Set.  Let's Go!"

I'm up first to throw down the gauntlet!
I chose this theme for our 1st challenge:  Mix-it-mash-it-up! 
Taking the oldest stamp set that we still own and the newest stamp set that we have gotten, we have to create a card using both stamp sets.
Mix it, mash it, and combine the two!
If it has multiple stamps in the set(s), we pick at least one stamp from each set.
The added fun is that even if the two sets are polar opposite 
and don't mix and mash at all, we have to make it work.
Ready, Set, Go!

A craft room downsize has left me without almost all of my first stamp sets.      EXCEPT for my most cherished and treasured Elzybells from the UK in 2008!
I will keep these stamps FOREVER!

And lucky, lucky me ~ my Stamp AnnieThing order arrived last 
and in it, this darling Sam best buds stamp
 that I ordered to make cards for my son ♥
 I looked through my many Elzybells stamps
and pulled out just the dog ones.
I am crazy for anything with dogs, stamps included,
so, of course, these have stayed with me all. these. years! 

I had to make this stamp set match this stamp!

 What I did with the Stamp AnnieThing stamp set was mask off Sam and his pug, and stamped a few of the Elzybells to see which of the dogs would fit best.
** I got them all at the same time all the way from England - same box! 

I ended up going with the dog with the buzzing bee on his tail ~
masking it off, as it looked like the pup was lovingly looking up at him :)
The sentiment was a bonus, not required in the challenge :)
I loved the way the card looks without my usual layers of dsp
and embellishments and I let the challenge mix-mash stamps be the focal point.
I am in love with how this card came out ♥

                               Barb is up next in June with challenge #2,                                               followed by Jeanette in July with challenge #3 ~ fun!                             You can see what they both made with my mix-it-mash-it-challenge by clicking the links to their blogs.   Thanks for stopping by today :)
                                                                                                                                               Big hugs, bigger blessings!


DDD: April Showers/May Flowers!

It's Monday!  
And in every sense of the word it was a Monday ~
Just one of those days when it doesn't seem much goes right :*(
 But I shouldn't say that ~  I mean, poor Monday ..
 what did Monday do! 

Let's start over!
It's the 15th of the month,
which means it's posting day for the Dueling Darlings!
I'm literally just under the wire here as I just made my card.
The kit took a detour getting to my house and I was scrambling today.
Judy and Deb were our hostesses 
and their theme is "April Showers/May flowers".
Judy sent us a fantastic kit filled with bright colored papers, images, etc.
It just burst with cheerfulness!

One of my wonderful blogging friends, Lynn, has a terrific segment
on her blog called 10 minute Monday. 
Her cards inspire me!
She gives herself 10 minutes to make a card,
then makes another card with 10 extra minutes.
Brilliant concept :)
So I 'did like Lynn' and set my iphone timer for 10 minutes,
pulled out the kit and had to have the entire card done in that time.
And I did it!

Judy's kit for us Divas is an absolute delight!
Be sure topeek at the Divas and Dazzlers 
and see what they made with this amazing theme this month.
You can find them in my sidebar

Thanks for stopping by!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥

Mondays with The Project Bin ~ Lemon Shaker!

Hi friends!

For all my friends that are moms, grandmas, aunties, etc ~ 
I hope yesterday was a wonderful day for you all!

Even though this is a busy season of life for us,
with each of the little squares on the calendar filled in 
with notes and appointments and meetings and places to be,
I feel so incredibly blessed to be called mommy by 4 ♥

 Children are God’s love-gift; they are heaven’s generous reward.  – Psalm 127:3

It's Monday, which means it's time for another card featuring The Project Bin :)
I'm showing you the YELLO! stamp set again today,
and this time in the form of a shaker card.

I call this one ........... Lemon Shaker!
I've created a different kind of shaker card ~ this one using the lemon/lime slices
 from the stamp set inside the acetate window box.

 Here it is, 'shaken ... not stirred'  

This is truly one of the most fun stamp/die sets I've 'played with' to date.
The possibilities are just endless.
You can find this set and more by heading over to TPB shop,
and see many card samples on the Inspiration blog.
Thanks for stopping by today!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥