CCEE2134 ~ Dog Day!

Hi friends!

Wow!  It has been a whole week since I've blogged ~

I for sure will be in the dog house!

But I do love me some dogs ...

So I'm guessing that's a good place to be :)

There's a new challenge at the CCEE Stampers ~

 Frances has one last challenge for the month of August.

Today is Dog Day! 

For our challenge today, include an image of a dog on your card.

Here is mine (including a boy holding the doggy)

My Buddy, our my Jack Russell Terrier almost shares my son's birthday!

It's one day before - so close!

The inside of this card, therefore, says Happy BARKday!

Be sure to head over to the CCEE Stampers blog

and check out what the DT has created this week!

Paws up for a Happy Dog Day!


CCEE2133 ~ Photography Day!

Hi friends!

There's a new challenge at the CCEE Stampers ~

Photography Day!

Frances continues as our hostess and this is her challenge:

It's Frances here again this week and I have another fun challenge for you all.

 Apparently today is Photography Day. For our challenge this week include something on your card that is photographic related … a photo/photos; images of photos, cameras etc. 

Now let's take a look at what our Design Team created for this challenge.

Thanks, Frances!

Here is my card, simple as can be!

I modeled it after my daughter's quilt that she made that sits 

on her bed in her room.

I stamped Picket Fence Studio's stamp right onto the cardstock -

sometimes ya just gotta :)

There's time to color and make it fancy and then there's ... me, LOL!

Be sure to stop in the CCEE Stampers blog 

and see what the team created this week!

There's also a linky for you to play along.

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RSG: Woodstock!

Hi friends!

It's Self Portrait Day!

And this is me!


no way could I fit into these skinny jeans! :)~

Today's card is for the new round of Ready, Set, Go!

It's basically a fancy way of saying I started a card challenge

with extreme, out of the box, and definitely way different themes :)

Each month, Barb and Jeanette and I take turns coming up with 

ideas that are not for the faint of heart creative!

This month, Barb chose our theme and it is FANTABULOUS!

Normally, I'm scrambling to figure out what to do

and this time I had so many ideas, I tried to figure out which one to do!

 We post on August 18th and that was the last day of Woodstock in 1969 (no, I was not in attendance…)   So—the theme is the word Woodstock.  You can think of the 60’s and go that route.  Or music and create a project with that theme.  Or, use part of the word Woodstock and make wood your theme.  Your Card—Your Project—Your Choice!

Thanks, Barb!

For my card, I decided to go total hippie. 

Tie die, bell bottom jeans, flower crown ...... yes ma'am!

Woodstock was the musical phenomenon on August 15-18, 1969

and I FOR SURE wasn't there, lol.

But I've always been a hippie at heart

and groovy and peace are part of my vocab :)

AND I drive a red Jeep Wrangler 4 x 4 

and that whole peace sign/Jeep wave .. it's a THING!

My background for this card is always part of the whole tie-dye era and 

that for sure hasn't gone out of style.

And, of course, happy is always in style!

  The stamp is from Stamp Anniething and sentiment from CZ Design.

And that's it for this card!

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CCL - Wild Wild West!


Hi friends!

Happy Sunday!

South Florida, where I live, isn't kicking up it's heels just yet -

we're putting up our umbrellas!

We were drenched by Fred and now we're waitng

 - and watching - 


AND it's the last week of summer vacation ...

We need a recount - LOL!

It's also the 15th of the month which means we create a card

based on the card kit mailed to us by the dueling hostesses.

This month's themed kit from Suzy and Deb:

The Wild Wild West!

How super fun!

Suzy provided The Diamonds with a stamped image, papers, embellies

and this how I colored/created my card.

I loved the face on this sweet cat, such cattitude!

I colored him (yes ... it's a boy!) to look like one of my old kitties,

Big Red.

I always said if he was a person, he'd have been Hoss from Bonanza ..

a gentle giant!

He was a stray I adopted and he was HUGE!

He was bright orange from head to tail and had not had an easy life.

He hung around our parking lot at work,a sweet  boy never harming 

anyone or the cars but my boss hated animals and ...

well, I scooped him up and took him home, 

much to my mom's dismay.

He lived out his days with me and I will always love my Big Red kitty!

Be sure to check out the rest of the Creative Card Ladies

on Splitcoaststampers - it's a WILD wild west month!

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CCEE2132 ~ Vinyl Record Day!


Hi friends!

*If you are looking for my Hot Mess = Success card,

 please go here!*

It's time for a new CCEE Stampers challege of the week

brought to us by Frances.

She says: 

Today is Vinyl Record Day!

 For many, Vinyl Records are a thing of the past.

 But in recent years they have started to make a big comeback with even new albums being released. 

For our challenge this week it's all about music … 

bonus points if you included an image of a vinyl record on your card. 

So true!  Although my children download all of their musics

to their iPhones,

they get actual vinyls now, too!

Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and more

 have arrived at my house as a record :)

Here's my card - which I'll tell you what *IT* is shortly -

but first, I used a very old dsp to create the 'album.'

The vinyl record that is tucked into the sleeve is actually a coaster!

I've had it for SO LONG - a momento of the trip my husband

whisked us away on in Orlando, FL <3

The hotel we were booked at had a last minute emergency

and booked us at The Hard Rock Hotel 

and it turned out to be SO MUCH FUN!

One of the restaurants inside was The Kitchen,

hence the coaster name :)

My gosh what an amazing trip that was - complete with comped

tickets to Universal and Islands of Adventure theme parks!

Yes, please!

Okay, I digress :)

One more look ...

Be sure to head to the CCEE Stampers blog here

and link up your Vinyl Record cards!

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Hot Mess Success ~ Napkin Mod Podge!

 Hi friends!

I'm super blessed to have been invited on YouTube by my sweet friends

to join their trash to treasure collab!

I've always loved the concept of taking junk and/or recycled items

and being able to use them again and bring them new joy, new life!

My amazing partner, BB,  sent me an amazing package

and I was thrilled to create with it - 

you can see the BIG REVEAL on my YouTube on 8/13 :)

I had some leftovers and decided to use a few more of the scraps.

Like the napkin!

I got out my mod podge and adhered the napkin to a piece of

cereal box cardboard - more trash, more treasure!

            Once it was dry, I used my Avery Elle die and cut out 

Best Day Ever from #110 white cardstock and added it to the front.

I almost added a sentiment but I wanted the napkin print to shine!

This was absolutely so fun to do

and the mod podge went EV-ER-Y-WHERE!

When I tell you I even had it on my contact lens, I did!

And I don't even know how :/

Was this month a success:  YES!

Would I do this technique again?  Absolutely!

This was super fun and I did loved the napkin technique

so it was a Hot Mess = Succees!

Thanks for stopping by!


Stamp What?! ~ Truckin' along


Hi friends!

Today is the day we post our cards for the Stamp What?! challenge ...

an idea my son had to get me to use my old wooden stamps

 sittting up on a shelf.

He had the idea to grab one down at random, dust it off and use it!

I love his idea!

This month, he chose Stampin' Up Loads of Love.

I tried to distress the truck a little bit to make it look worn

and added the sweet bushel of pumpkins!

The extra on my card is the background - it's wallpaper!

Barb and Jeanette are playing along

and you can find their cards on their blogs today or maybe later.

Thanks for stopping by!


3M: You are mermazing!


Hi friends!

You are mermazing - really, you are!

Today's card isn't the one that should be here ...

but it's the one that I'll share today :)

I'm the hostess for this month's round of the 3M - 

or 3 Musketeers (which is Barb, Jeanette and I)

and I sent them both this stamped image from Neat and Tangled.

My little grand, Alice, LOVES Mermaids

and really hopes to see Ariel at Disney World in a few weeks <3

But, we've been away and dashed back home only to find 

that I cannot find my card anywhere. 

So, it will turn up at some point - I'm not worried

and I'll share it with you when it pops up!

I thought I'd show you the card I made last month (or so)

with this stamp set.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen it in my REELS :)

I created the background using Clear Skies Lunar Paste

 from Simon Hurley Creates and a recycled orange bag!

The netting made for great texture and a fun pattern.

I let it dry overnight and used it as the ocean for this mermaid 

and friends.

Once it dried, about 24 hours, I assembled my card

with the images cut and colored.

Her 3rd birthday is going to be a  mermaid theme - 

so I really need to find the other card!

In the meantime, check out Barb and Jeanette's blogs

and see what they've made!

Thanks for stopping by!


CCEE2131 ~ Int'l Beer Day!

Hi friends!


Tomorrow is International Beer Day!

While I do not drink beer, 

I know it will be a grand celebration for many :)

Frances is our hostess for the month of August at the CCEE Stampers

and this was her choice for the challenge.

I had to dig into the way back bins for a beer stamp!

These 2 are from my days with Riley and Company on the DT

and I'm shocked I even still had them.

Musta been meant to be!

If you'd like to play along,

you can link up your cards at the Mr. Linky below on the blog!

Thanks for stopping by!



One Plus Twelve: August!

 Hi friends!

It's time for another round of my absolute favorite card series:
One Plus Twelve!

This is my 3rd year of doing this personal card challenge,
designed to stretch the use of my stamps in a creative way.
I chose a stamp
- and just one - 
and use it all year long for each of the 12 months.
You can peek here to see how it all started :)

And for this month, I'm sharing the one I made for my VSN challenge, 

Not to worry!
Nothing spooky, no potions, and Merlin won't show up waving a wand :)

It's SO EASY and the results are just breathtaking!

I don't mean my card ....
I mean the TECHNIQUE :)

Speaking of my card ...

Here it is - underwhelming that it is!
I had another one to share - in gorgeous shades of blue
and a 3D version of this one.
But .......
I could not find it.

Not here, not there, not anywhere!

I think, truly, I must have signed it and mailed it away
because I can't find it OR my pictures of it :(

And it sure was pretty :/

My 2 friends Barb and Jeanette are also playing along this year
and you can see their cards on their blogs today or whenever posted.

Creating this card, I stamped the image for 2021:
Altenew's Buid-a-flower Magnolia in Hero Arts White Unicorn.
Once it was dry, I used my Arteza colored pencils to fill in the black space with color, and added a heat embossed sentiment.
Easy peasy!

From shades of blue or shades of purple,
I wish you a day filled with color and happiness!

Thanks for stopping by!