Take a leap ........ YEAR!

How much fun is today - the 29th!!!  My best friend from high school was actually born on a leap year and we were joking last night "hey, how does it feel to be ... 11!" :)  

First, thank you all so much for your sweet words and kindness for our fur babies.  I don't feel much like we've done a lot - just a small act of kindness for one when so many are still yet in need, but we do love them so!  Second, today was supposed to be our 2nd posting for the Crafters of Faith but our hostess this month, Jackie, was in need of some rest and prayer and to be with her loving family,  so we have collectively decided to wait for her return so we can all post together in her honor :)  We are all praying for Jackie and know that her heart is heavy and plate is full, but truly God will see us all through those moments of utmost trial! {{{ Jackie }}}

So, being that it's Leap Year, I thought I'd just make another CAS card after seeing this adorable bunny card on SCS.  I tried x3 to make this card skinnier and taller and I really wanted the froggies to be 'wonky', but the frogs kept ending up all over the place, just like frogs tend to do!  As soon as all 3 were ON the paper, I just went with it and stopped fussing over it ;)    I inked up an old set using the frog from TGF's "Down by the Pond".  I've had for forever and only inked up the turtle 'til now.    I kept them monotone, added the sentiment but carried it over to the inside with a small addition (computer generated!)  This is pretty CAS for me - only one layer!  I really want to give this card another try so if I get a free moments, I'll try to redo it the way I see it in my head *smile!*

Happy Leap Year Day to you and I hope your day turns out to be a hoppin' good one! :)

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


The Puppy that Adopted a Family :)

Good morning!  It's the 28th and that means the Calendar Girls post once again with a themed card and this month, I'm the hostess :)  I have been meaning to get this post up for the better part of a year now but for all reasons this and that, I never have.  I thought of all the possible themes that are out there for my turn to host and knew that I really wanted to go with the fur babies and have PETS as our challenge this month!  I originally planned a simple Elzybells doggy card but my post just took a life of it's own ;) **This is a personal post as well as a CG post - please scroll down to the bottom if you'd rather not read the full story and see the pictures, which can be heart wrenching and hard to view :(  

Most of you know that we have two wonderful pups in our family - Buddy, a 2 year old Jack Russell, and now Buster, our wonderful eclectic "everything in the kitchen sink" mix of a dog that truly graces our lives with comedy and unbridled love.  Buster adopted us a year ago, almost exactly :)  One Saturday morning we were going out front to bike/skate and saw a HUGE line of traffic on our street - cars back up to both lights at either end, honking, screaming.  Right in front of us a tiny puppy was criss-crossing into traffic, spotted us and ran to us - apparently he saw us before we saw him.  He was so excited!  I, on the other hand,  was horrified.  Not only did he miss getting hit by mere inches, but I was able to see what terrible condition he was in.  Yet he here was, so happy!  I tell you, he did not stop wagging his tail and I would even swear this dog was smiling!  I saw traffic start to resume, one driver screaming obscenities at me saying to 'lock up my dog, put him on a leash, who did I think I was'  ..... my dog??!  I knew I had to take action - find the owner, take him to the vet to see if he had a chip, get him some help. I knew in my heart he didn't.  And I knew in my heart this dog was in bad, BAD shape.

I scooped him up much to my husband's dismay and grumbling and put him in the car - diseased, bloodied, infected, infested .....  The girls insisted on going with me but I made my son stay home - I already knew this was not going to turn out favorable and I couldn't bear for them to see this poor puppy in pain, poked, prodded.  I rushed off to the Humane Society and they confirmed he did not have a chip, hence, no way to know who's dog this was in such pitiful shape.  In fact, they asked us to leave immediately, afraid of whatever he had was contagious and that we'd have to put the puppy to sleep.   Our vet was closed as was chance #2.  #3 came when we rushed to our local Pet Smart as we know on Saturdays a dog rescue organization is there and they confirmed again, he was sick, diseased, and I needed to get him to a vet but he was "probably not save-able."  By this time, the feeling that swept over me infuriated me.  Was anyone going to say something good - something to give us hope?  I found a vet open on the way home, by pure chance. By this time I was teary eyed, feeling helpless, hopeless.  The vet saw us right away and was so very kind - he listened as I explained "this is not my dog, I know he's a mess, but what IS wrong with him and is it treatable?"  Maybe if we could help him, he could be adopted or find a home.  He offered to do some tests pro bono but that I would have to pay out of pocket expenses for all the rest, a figure that knocked me backwards.  I was a mess.  I was literally sobbing when I called my husband to tell him I still had the puppy and I was not going down without a fight. I did not want another dog.  I had Brandy at home with terminal cancer and it was tearing at my heart - what lesson in suffering and humility was I to learn in all of this?  All the doors were closing, people were telling me to put him to sleep without a chance.  It felt wrong.   My girls were teary eyed, the assistant kept coming in with tissues, and I knew part of me already loved this doggie that was a complete wreck, yet still stood there wagging his tail NON-stop. 

We agreed to start his treatment - which was for infections, shots, wormings, getting a horrendous case of mange under control, etc.  I knew I had Buddy at home, and Brandy who was at the end stage of cancer, not to mention the kids, dh and I and asked "can he even come into my home!?"  I'll never forget his reply - he said "it's not contagious - we just tested him.  It's only going to affect him.  But it will affect him for the rest of his life. We'll treat him, we'll work with you, but the commitment is huge.  And expensive. If you can't do this, I understand - we'll take it from here.  I think you know what that means. He clearly isn't going to be adoptable.  But if you chose to go forward, then we'll make this puppy right."  And he left me to think it over, and call my husband who was already on his way with the checkbook, lol.  But then he turned in the door way and said "Oh, btw.  Thank you for loving him."  That was all it took for me.  I knew he was ours :)

Buster, before :(

Buster has been with us for a year now :)  He's a completely healthy, 110% recovered, and thriving pup, but more than that, he is the joy that we could not have ever imagined.  He is the happiest dog I have ever known!  I tell my kids, dh and sometimes my friends, what a lesson I have learned from the stray that stopped traffic, found a family, and rescued us.  So many days I am 'in a rut' and I see him, doing something so funny, and I start cracking up thinking "You're right, Buster - it's not really that bad" :)  Sadly, Brandy passed away just a couple of weeks after he joined our family and but Buddy and Buster are inseperable.  They became fast friends and sleep together every night, snuggling like two fur babies sharing one family, one home.  My hubby likes to joke that he went from pitiful homeless dog to a pampered interstate traveler ;)  He's been a joy to add to our family, this small little rescued doggy that adopted our family ~ and I whispered in his ear, holding him after one of his painful treatments, never to fear - with us, he has a forever family :*) 

And Buster now, with lots of TLC :)

Mmmm, mommy!  When is dinner!?! ;)

So here is my submission for the Calendar Girl's post with PETS this month!  We have 2 dogs now, one bunny rabbit, and a macaw.  But I couldn't resist creating a page of a candid shot I took of the boys :)  They are my absolute shadows - I go from room to room and so do they.  They are constantly on my heels and as I sat to craft one day, they sat beside me and stared ~ so I took their picture.    Maybe I should give them some cardstock and markers? LOL!
Thank you for making this far, if you have :)  Here is my finished, simple project for the month - PETS and the two fur babies that have a FUR-EVER home :)  

 My page is simple - I love simple pages!  They make creating them so much easier, especially with the stack of pictures I have to scrap :)  I used papers from DCWV and Basic Grey and SU!  Everything is from my stash except the picture which I had to run to Walgreens to print ;)  I wish it wasn't so washed out.  And I do hope you take a moment to see what the rest of the Calendar Girls have created for you this month -- you can find them in my sidebar over there  -------------------------------->

Thanks for taking the time to read if you made it this far, I appreciate it and I am glad to finally introduce Buster along with his brother, Buddy, who you've seen on my blog before ;)  

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or ask the birds of the air, and they will tell you. Speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea tell you. Every one of these knows that the hand of the Lord has done this. The life of every creature and the breath of all people are in God’s hand.” ~Job 12:7-10

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings and
Furry hugs!! :)


Just CHICKEN in! ;)

Happy Friday to you!  I hope your weekend ahead will hold many wonderful things!   Even though I'm still dragging this horrid cold around, we have a few things lined up that I had forgotten about!  This weekend lil man will have a belt testing for his half-black decided in Tae Kwan Do and we have a big birthday party on Sunday after church.  In between, mama isn't moving! LOL! 

I made a few cards this morning using that same stack of SU stamps from my "TIOTS in 2012" pile and am so happy I'm actually keeping up with the intended use of what I have :)  I LOVED this stamp set when I saw it and scooped one up on SCS when a buyer posted it for a really reasonable price a good while back.  I have only used one of the stamps once before, so today I decided to get inky with two of them and make a card set!  I wanted to use something in the yellow/red family or farm style, and found my last remaining 12 x 12 sheets of Cosmo Cricket's Garden Variety. I wish I could remember where I got these little gigham flowers from - they were my last two and a perfect fit - if they look familiar to you and/or you know where I can scoop these up, please let me know! :)

Both together
Thanks a bunch ;)

I have a sweet, dear friend that is so good about "chicken on me" and has an uncanny ability to text at just these perfect moments.  I could be lost in deep thought or troubled and hear my phone ping with a "how are you today!" Not to mention how many times I've been 'busted' in the Starbucks drive-thru, LOL!  So this is my way of saying "Thanks, chick!" :)  I hope she likes these and mostly knows how I love her muchly ;)

Okay, that's all from me for today!  

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


SUPER CAS card set ;)

Thank you all sooo much for the well wishes and prayers - I felt them all :) Finally today the medicines kicked in and I can somewhat breath/function again and they are keeping me up on my feet at least to accomplish everything until my honey gets home :) This is truly one of those mommy has to push forward no matter times and I'm grateful I was able to muddle through - and thank you, coffee! ;)

I have been so inspired by all the CAS cards I see on so many of my blogging friends blogs and I just have to say I LOVE IT!! You are all so inspiring and so creative and I just WISH I could make a card like you all do.  I love my layers and tend to just mash up some papers and tons of layers and create fun card insides so I guess that would be my style if I have one, lol!  I actually was laying in bed the other night and watching a little tv to try to fall asleep and jumped up to scribble in my notepad this idea for a CAS card set.  Remember my "Off the Shelf in 2012" pile of stamps for the month?  This was one of those sets - SU's "Heard it from the heart."  I wanted to make a set using every stamp so I grabbed the first 4 cardstocks at random and a dsp that would match all 4. Leave it up to my kids to say 'You picked Fruit Loop colors!"  *smile!* 

Click photos to enlarge ;)

I picked matching SU ink pads to match the cardstocks and haven't used colored inks in SO LONG!! I had sooo much fun going through the shelf and looking for them and just got this warm fuzzy feeling (rich razzleberry still had the plastic wrap!)  I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with the outcome, but I know that I had so much fun creating these in the process!  And ...this is actually part 1 of a something something I'm working on but thought I'd at least show this part :)

Thank you so much for stopping by today! 

Big hugs,

Bigger Blessings!

Cardstocks:  SU: Pumpkin Pie, Real Red, Kiwi Kiss, Rich Razzleberry, PTI White;
All SU inks; S.E.I. paper; Cuttlebug, nesties, ric rac, tombo


Going Around in Circles!

Hi friends!  If you could spare a good thought and prayer, I'd so appreciate it!  I have caught the yuckies my kids have had for the past 2 weeks and it hit me like a freight train last night.  And of course, as luck would have it, dh is out of town til the end of the week - happy day!  From my aching bones to splitting head and nose that won't stop running/sneezing, I'm a mess!  Not to mention blogger has been giving me fits for over 2 hours now when I should be in bed resting.  I guess my card definitely fits ME for this week! :)

You might have guessed it ~ It's Riley and Company's moose-tacular bi-weekly challenge time!  For this challenge, our DT member Frances with a theme of "going around in circles."  Use your Riley, Sophie or new friend Percy to create a card with circles - either the shape, in your dsp, your design - show us how you go 'round and 'round :)  For my card, I used Juggling Riley from the circus release along with the matching sentiment (found inside the card).  This is one of those the card looked better in my head moments, but the good thing is that it totally matches how my week is starting out!  See, a positive! :)

Juggling Riley card front :)

Sneak peek at the inside - lots of layers on this card :)

To see the challenge blog, click HERE to enter your cards.  And don't forget to check my sidebar to see what the DT have created using this circle theme!

I'm going to crawl back into bed, friends.  Moments like this I truly wish my daughter would get her driver's license and I can grab my box of tissues, tea and pillow and wake up on Friday! *smile!*

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


Sand and Surf :)

I know most of you are covered in snow and ice, but here we are having sweltering mid-80's already, indicitive of a pretty humid, hot, sticky summer is soon on it's way!  I truly do love Miami for many of it's envronmental splendors - especially taking a run to the beach on a beautiful day and spending all day making castles, playing in the surf and wearing 110 SPF :)~

We saw "The Vow" and it was as enchanting as I envisioned it to be.  And bring some tissues if you haven't seen it already - what a joyous love!  We also took lil man golfing on Friday with his sisters and I haven't had much time to craft until late last night, but that project is still waiting for some camera time :)

So here are so warm sunshine pictures for you to enjoy if it's cold where you are. I'll just post the nature ones :)


As most of you know I have 4 children, and my dd17 was sitting under the umbrella in the chairs with me,
so when this little guy flew up and sat down with them, I told her "I think you've been replaced" ;)

In case you haven't read the Hunger Games, my dd15  LOVES that trilogy and made the 13 districts instead of a regular castle ;)


Share Kindness :)

Blessings and TGIF!  I'm so looking forward to the weekend ahead!  We are heading to the beach on Sunday after church and grateful to the kids having school off on Monday.  We need the break!  I see some sandcastles and surf and sun in my future :)  We are off to see "The Vow" and having a belated Valentine's celebration since it fell on a Tuesday and well, with 4 kids and the schedules they keep, that didn't work out so well :)  The cherry on top, of course, would be time in the crafting Cabana and catching up on my huge stack of books! :)

Here's a quick card I tossed together as a thank you :)  I needed to send a dear friend a thank you card and pulled this one together in about 15 minutes.  I grabbed a stack of Crate Paper and a stamp from OBD and this came together super quick.  I decorated the inside as well but didn't want to show that just yet since this just went in the mail ;)   I love, love layers and mixing and matching papers but more than that, I love a card that comes together quickly and as planned, lol! :)

Have a blessed weekend, enjoy your plans including rest if that's on the menu!

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


Let me call you sweetheart :)

So .... I thought I was done with the Valentines for the year, lol.  But turns out, I was wrong! :)  It's the 15th of the month and that means the Dueling Darlings are back with another "duel" with our card kits!  For my new blog readers, we are a group of crafters divided into two teams - the Divas (where I'm at!) and the Dazzlers, and this month our hostess was the super sweet Carol!  She sent us the most enchanting kit!!  I was just drooling over the kit and petting all the gorgeous papers and embellies she sent, not to mention LOVED the Mo Manning image - Young Love :)  I had sooo much fun with this kit, including the part where I had to remake it because I glued the inside to the top of the card by accident!  Not fun!

So here is my card for the sweetheart theme.  I think I used all but 3 ribbons and one set of heart bling, my card is jammed packed inside and out :) I hope I did the kit justice, as I could have played with this forever and sadly didn't save much to make a second card ;)  This image just melted my heart when I saw it as I truly hope this will be me and my dh one day in the very far future.  I want nothing less than to grow old with him, but truly God has the best laid plans that we are never privy to ;)

**The extra part of the challenge was for us to share how we met our sweethearts.  I actually met my dh when we worked together at the AF Base in Homestead ~ both of us were "military brats" and I was still in High School while he was just starting college.  It wasn't love at first sight - it was laugh at first site!  I know that sounds bad, but we worked at the commissary and a customer came through with one of the wildest, wackiest orders and we happen to be near that register at the same time.  We looked at the order, at each other, busted up laughing and we've been laughing still for years :) I knew within a month of being friends that I loved him truly, madly, deeply :)
And here we are - nearly 30 years later :) :) **

Be sure to stop by and see what the Divas -vs- Dazzlers did this month with their kits, too! You can find them listed in my sidebar.  You wont' want to miss their creations!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!

card deets: SU Pixie Pink, Real Red; DSP - doodlebug, bazzill; Image - Young Love by Mo Manning; colored with prismacolor markers; SU border punch; K & Co Felt flower; doily die cut; heart embosslits from SU; mini pearls; Tombo, 3d dots 


You have a PIZZA my heart :)

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope today is a super sweet day!  Today little man has a Valentine's breakfast in his classroom that we prepare for the students - us moms in our jammies flipping pancakes, frying bacon + sausages, waffles, fruit and more!  It's always a fun event at his school and last year we turned it into jammie day - complete with robes, slippers and rollers in the hair for good measure!  (and yes, someone smuggled a few pictures than ended up on Facebook - it was so not nice, lol!) 

And here's yet another Valentine's card!  Truly this has been the first year I've made enough for everyone and I didn't have to stop at Hallmark ::gasp! ::  I used a High Hopes stamp that I bought at it's premiere release last year, inked it once and then forgot I had it.  Luckily, I stumbled across it in last month's scraproom clean and purge and I'm so happy to see it again :) The matching sentiment is also from High Hopes and this is a such a fun set.  I kept the card pretty simple over all since my son is only 7 - he's a fan and all, but not that interested in paper choice or coloring, lol!   I hope today brings you lots of fun and many smiles! :)

Card front ;)

The side view which shows the 3d propped up chef hat! :)

The card inside!

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!

Card Deets:  SU Real Red, Tempting Turqouise, PTI white; Fancy Pants "Love" dsp,
High Hopes "Luigi" and High Hope sentiment; colored with prismacolor markers;
Fiskars Border punch; 3d dots; Cuttlebug; nesties, Twinery twine red, teal; Tombo; buttons


Love your Nature :)

Hi!  Aren't you happy it's Friday!  I'm just beat!  This week has been a whirlwind with zero craftng time.   The kids have had me uber busy and yet the weekend it just as jam packed but luckily we get to sneak away for a few hours tomorrow in between a rehearsal and an audition to a nature park!  It's a magnificent place here in Florida that has so much native nature from Mangrove trails to fishing streams. 

When the girls were little, and now I tell my son that same, I always followed the "Leave no trace" philosophy (Bigfoot!)  The basic premise is leave nature where nature lies - if you take rocks and plants and shells, etc from the places they are, there won't be much left for others to enjoy.  Whenever we visit National Parks or a nature area, I always remind them of the "Bigfoot rule" - enjoy it, love it, but leave it behind :)  {You can read about it here!}  We recently had a field trip at the Deering Estate and the guide was asking them a lot of questions: what Indians lived in this area, what plants are native, why can't you disturb Florida's Coral Rock, a protected element.   My son's hand shot up saying "Oh! Oh!" and the guide called on him and he proudly exclaimed "We're leaving it behind for Bigfoot!"  LOL!  Um, he sorta missed the point on that one ;)

So, speaking of nature, I thought I'd share with you the card I made for January's SOTC with our uber fabulous hostess, Judy!  Judy asked us to create a card using something that inspires us, to use our favorite colors, and to include a picture of ourselves.  I only did 2 out of 3, rofl!  But my card was a reflection of my faith and how much it IS the center of all that I am and who(m) I plan to still become :)  I was inspired by our recent Christmas trip to the mountains where we had the most luxurious cabin for a week that had a wrap around porch just like this one.  I would say that I could live there forever, but truly my one true love is the ocean and I know I would miss it dearly!  So using greens and teals and an image for Our Daily Bread called Porch.  I actually stamped this with the matching sentiment "He restores my Soul" before I realized it wasn't the one I meant to use - oopsie!  On the remaining cards, I used the right one "Stop and consider God's wonders" which is the wish I have for all my family and friends - IRL and online! :)  There is so much beauty around us - and it's nice to know that we'll always have a gorgeous nature to love! x0x0

Thanks for stopping by today!

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


You make my heart Snuggly! :)

Hi friends!  Wow, another Valentine's card! I think this is a record for me! :)  But truthfully it's such a sweet and wonderful day to share with friends, family, loved ones - how can we not make cute cards!   I just loved when the girls were little, and now my son, came home with their home-made shoe-boxes filled with their little Valentines!  I just smile when I see all the hand-written "I <3 U" cards from Barbie to Scooby-Doo!  Cuteness!!  My son has to make his shoe-box this weekend and I'm secretly sooo excited to help him put his candied foam hearts, etc :)  {photo to follow soon!} 

This cute lil bear is another Elzybells original stamp, remade by way of Penny Black and I can see this colored in sooo many ways, so many colors!  The inside sentiment is from High Hopes, I think!  It was a random sentiment inside my Elzybells images bag.  Pretty simple overall - following a design on a card I made in my old Inktegrity DT days!  The sentiment is stamped in Real Red and it says "Valentine - you make my heart all snuggly" :)

I'm excited to share that I've been writing up a storm!  I actually finished 2 chapters completely, having gone back over then again and again and making a few corrections ;)  It's definitely a labor of LOVE, the theme of the month!  It will take a long time but it's truly bringing me unimaginable joy to pick up the pen again after such a hiatus, 25 years to be exact!  Never to late to follow a dream - and I'm ever blessed by Him for the courage to try anyway :) 

Thanks for stopping by :)
Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


*You MOOST be my Valentine!*

Happy Day to you!  Long, long day here but I wanted to stop in and share with you the latest Moost-acular Riley card for the new bi-weekly challenge - Riley in Love!  Our DT member, Michele, has a challenge of created a Riley and Company card with a LOVE theme :) 

I chose Sweetheart Riley, paired him with some Crate Paper dsp in gorgeous floral hues of red, pink and yellow and paper pieced his lil Valentine - undoubtably for Sophie *smile!*  I left the inside blank as I'm not sure where this card is going yet :)   Be sure to take a look at what the DT have made this week using the Riley in Love theme - you can find them off to the right on my sidebar. 

You can enter your Riley in Love cards here on the blog! :)

I'll be catching up with you soon!  I'm catching up with a fast paced, ever busy life with 4 kiddos here - it's like that, all or nothing, lol! 

Thanks for peekin'!

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


You're so PUNNY, Riley! :)

Happy Friday!  Little man and I spent the entire school day with his class at the enchanting Deering Estate on a class field trip today.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous here ~ a blessing since this estate is right on the ocean - complete with old indian burial sites, wilderness expedition, plant + animal preservation, nature hikes, mansion to walk through and a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay (C.S.I. Miami, anyone?!)  Here is a most gorgeous picture I took of the water and the sun sparkling like diamonds! :)

I also wanted to share with you the PUNNY Riley challenge!  The bi-weekly challenge, hosted by DT member Laurie, is to make a funny card using a Riley and Company stamp with a pun!  Hence, a punny card!  For my card today, I'm using BBQ Riley and the sentiment from the circus stamp set release since they go together like ............. hot dogs and buns :)  Heeee heeee! *Smile!*
This could easily double as a Valentine's card, too!  See how fun and creative Riley can be - I'd love to see what you make! 

You can link up your punny cards here on the blog as well as be inspired by the DT creations.  You can also find them off to the right on my sidebar.

Also, did you hear that Riley and Company is retiring some of the Riley stamps?  Yep, the shop is bursting at the seams with Riley goodness, and that only means more Riley goodness is on it's way!  I know it's sad to see some of the stamps leaving the shop, so you might want to take a peek at this list and see if any must haves are on it - and then scoop them up while you can!  When they are gone, they are gone! All stamps will be available until they are sold out or before April 1st, 2012.  Head on over for your "Moose" haves!

Thanks for stopping by!

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


Happy Groundhog Day!

I heard this morning that Punxsutawney Phil indeed saw his shadow - happy 6 more weeks of Winter!  Personally I think it's just the cutest ever - he's a charmer!  Those chubby cheeks, sweet little face and his warm furry fuzzy self - delightful :)  Of course, it's been in the 80's here and hot as blazes and I'm the one WISHING for Winter while most of the country is wishing it away!  Just remember: I have room by the pool if anyone wants to "trade" :)

And, I looked and looked but alas, no groundhog stamps here!  But I do have this equally adorable gopher stamp from Whipper Snapper - and he's ready to celebrate!  As he says ... "Gopher it!  It's your birthday!"  Hee hee! :)

I paired this funny lil guy with some festive paper which reminds me of a birthday party and kept the card pretty simple overall.  This is already on it's way in the mail to a dear friend and I just hope it survives the trip with all the buttons and 3d balloon and she knows that I had a fun time creating this one!

Be sure to stop back in tomorrow as I have a very punny Riley card to share with you!

Big Hugs,
Bigger Blessings!

Card entered into these challenges:  CraftUsCrazy - Anything Goes
SimonSaysStamp - Anything Goes


* Truly, Madly, Deeply *

Good morning, friends!  I thought I'd show you a card that I made last week for my sweet, sweet husband :)   Even after 27 years together, I still have butterflies when he looks at me and his embrace is one of the most enchanting feelings on the planet :)  *warm fuzzies!*

Another love of mine is my treasured Elzybells stamp collection.  I was heartbroken when the shop closed and the stamps were sold off.  We were on a very strict budget at that time so I was unable to buy any at the closing, but cherished the ones I did have in my collection!  So I was squealing with delight when I saw her stamps being re-released again - these are through Penny Black and I have the one in the middle (heart bear) but the rest were ones in the closing sale I wasn't able to buy.  Thank you for small wonders!   When Savage Garden was a popular group, I would play their music all the time - including "Truly, Madly, Deeply".  What a romantic song :) Dh is not a fan, even though I've played "Affirmation" enough times in the past that he probably knows it by heart - poor guy! - so I thought it was only fitting to add that sentiment to the card as well. 

After all, I do love him Truly, Madly, Deeply, Unconditionally :) 

Thanks for stopping by!
Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!

Entered into: Pollycraft Monday - Favorites (Elzybells!)
Creative Belli - Use Hearts!
Little Red Wagon - Valentines
StampsRUs - Valentines