I'll be there ...

Hi everyone ~ I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Monday is being good to you! Kids are all dropped off, and I'm ready to try to tackle the treadmill after ... um .... a week off - oops! We were up late watcing the MTV awards - gahhhhh, didya not just LOVE the New Moon trailor! We had so much rain this weekend that it was a good time to stay indoors and just craft and craft, except for church + picnic we had yesterday despite the dark, gloomy weather!

As most of you know, my dh is battling HL and this is an awful time for us. He has a battery of tests and scans and lots of bloodwork to go through x4 a year but once a year he had head to toe scans. This is that time. He hasn't been feeling so great and I have noticed a slight change in him - I can see the worry in his eyes, even though he doesn't think that I can :( I have learned to treasure the moments of having the house to myself so that I can cry without worrying who will see me. I'm so blessed to have friends that are so sweet and listen to my fears and worries. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

But ...... back to cards! I made this one for dh this weekend and put it in his car ;) The wonderful stamp was sent to me by lil dj, from the sisterhood - thanks, sweetie! I inked it up because it was perfect. A little girly with the huge flower, but it seemed like a nice focal point to start. (deets will be later, I misplaced the little paper I wrote it all down on!)

Blessings!! xoxoxo


  1. oh Kelli! What a tough time for your family!!! My prayers are with you this week!

  2. Kels, you know I'm here for you and keeping you all in my prayers. {{{HUGS}}}
    I can relate to being thankful for the times we can cry it out without our loved one seeing.
    I bet this card touched his heart in a special way, and reminded him that he's not alone in his battle. The relationship & bond you two share is amazing and inspiring.
    This is a beautiful card, and a perfect sentiment for this time. I think it has the perfect balance of masculine & feminine, but above all, it exudes love.
    Take care, sweetie, and call me if you need to let it all out. I'm always here for you.

  3. You have showcased this awesome sentiment so beautifully!! What a wonderful card!!!

    Lifting your family in prayer. Hugs!

  4. ((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))

  5. Hey, Girl. This is a beautiful card, but even more the beautiful sentiment and heart behind it. I'm sure DH is blessed beyond belief everyday thinking of the wonderful Gift God gave him in you for his wifey. And likewise :) What a sweet thing to receive a little love note in his car!
    Wanted you to know that we're all here for YOU too, just as you're there for everyone else.
    Love ya, love ya!

  6. What a beautiful card. I'm sure your DH loved it. Good luck to him, and all of you!

  7. Just the perfect card, Kelly! Beautifully done! I am putting you and your family on prayer list. Blessings to you!

  8. Beautiful card and beautiful words.

  9. Wonderful card, and touching sentiment. I'm sure your hubby will love it. Blessing to you.

  10. Kelly, I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts as I often do. Such a lovely card and I'm sure your husband adores it as much as he adores you. You are his Angel on earth as you are to many others too. Keeping my fingers crossed for good test results.

  11. Kelly, this is a such a beautiful card, and what a perfect stamp! I'm keeping you and your DH in my thoughts and prayers, and I'll continue to pray for good news with all the tests and scans. You have a great support system! Big ((((((((((hugs))))))))) to you, my friend!!