AAM {Challenge #3} - Pigeon-holed ....

This month's AAM Challenge #3 really had me stumped! But that is the true beauty of a challenge ~ making you think and stretch beyond what is the norm. The challenge asks us to do a little soul searching and come up with a creation that's from the heart. Do you ever feel as if you are pigeon-holed? Categorised? Labelled? Misunderstood? Have you changed yet no one else seems to see those changes in you? Is it for the better or maybe not so good? Who does everyone think you are? Who do you think you really are? After some careful reading and lots and lots of thought, I stopped and realized, yes ... that's me, too. I was digging thru the digi-cam to see if I happen to have a picture and stumbled on this one - someone playing around with the camera but I happen to be in ONE, lol. I can't even begin to express how I awful I feel when I see it - how tired I look, how sad I seem to be ...... though I promise I wasn't sad ;) As my dad would have said, "you are aloof." But it's the only one I had and I really view these challenges are a learning process (#1 rule - scrap THE MOM, your kids will appreciate you for it later!!) I look back through so many of the photos albums and there are years, yes, YEARS, that I am missing. I refused to take pictures and was always behind the camera. One day my oldest daughter asked me "Mommy, where were you when I was little?" and that just broke my heart. I was there, just too insecure to be photographed :( What a life lesson! So, back to pigeon-holed ...

Definition: Pigeonhole:
1. A small compartment or recess, as in a desk, for holding papers; a cubbyhole.
2. A specific, often oversimplified category.
3. The small hole or holes in a pigeon loft for nesting.
Pigeonholed:1. Placed or filed in a small compartment or recess.
2. claissified mentally; categorize.
3. Put aside and ignored; shelved

For me, just as I journaled, I have a very good life and I am very blessed. But it is a very busy life and being a busy mom of 4 and not a lot of "me" time, I can often be worn out by noon! There are times I feel the wind whip through my hair and I get a longing deep inside that stirs my soul to see what's left out there to discover in the world. There are so many things I want to see still and I doubt my family has an inkling that rather than drive to the PTA for one more meeting, I'd rather steer a kayak through the raging rapids and hike through the brush of a brambling trail. I'd pass up baking yet another plate of brownies for scouts and climb the side of a mountain just to propel down the other side! I have a big sense of adventure, ready to burst, but I stiffle most of it because, well, it's not the time or place right now :) One day -- I'm earmarking all the adventurous things still waiting out there for me because I tell ya, baby ..... I'm ready to SOAR!


Deets: Bazzill Midnight Blue, DSP: white out collection
ATG, puffy letters by K & CO


  1. First let me say...I wish I could look so good...especially when I'm tired!!! The layout is GORGEOUS!!! I loe the vibrant colors...they capture your adventurous spirit and love of life!!! I think many of us moms can relate to what you journaled. All the things we still want to do, but family comes first. But like you said...one day baby, we will be able to rope the moon like we did before motherhood came calling...and watch out world:o)

    Love ya!!!

  2. love your take on the challenge!!! i soo can relate to what you have written here - - we, mommies, should really have "me" time.

    thanks for playing along with us over at aam!!!


  3. What a gorgeous colors! I love your layout. And I'm so glad you are scrapping yourself now! So please keep joining in!

  4. Hello Kel, your LO is perfect. I love the colors, the pappers are fab! And such a cute image... Gerat work... Happy monday! Hugs Silke

  5. What a beautiful page!! I think your sentiments ring true for so many of us, and while there's nothing quite as rewarding as being a mom, we DO many times get lost in the shuffle! Kelly, you are such a beautiful woman, both inside and out, and I look forward to seeing the day when you can SOAR, just the way your beautiful spirit craves! Big hugs to you girlfriend!


  6. Gf, if that's you "tired" then seeing me tired would scare you to death! LOL! You truly are beautiful, missy! I love this page - it is perfect with the journaling, embellies, papers and layout!
    And I think most moms can totally relate! My mom has been hooked on watching "The Bucket List" movie, and everytime I catch a glimpse of her during the skydiving scene, I can see her face light up. It's on my list, too, and I think we're getting closer to actually taking the plunge (or making the jump)! LMK if you ever want to go on that adventure - I'll be in the kayak right behind you, and spotting you on the mountain!

  7. What a great LO, especially the words you expressed. I had to laugh because I remember doing the PTA thing when my sons were younger and cub scouts (sigh)...it's really beautiful because hearing it from you made it all worthwhile whereas before I'd look back and think how dirty boys can be. You made the memory much more fun! I'm sure you'll be able to soar one day... ;p

  8. Wow! What a challenge! And you did a wonderful job with it! Just beautiful! I loved reading about your Mommy time vs. ME time. So many of us can identify with it. But now that my girls are grown and my grandchildren are all in school, what I wouldn't give for one more PTO meeting or room party! Thanks so much for stopping by my blogs and leaving such nice comments! People like you are why I do this and stay inspired. God bless you and yours!

  9. Love the combo of colors and patterned papers. What a great sb page.

  10. Great colors and papers and the layout is wonderful! You did a fabulous job!

  11. Your layout is beautiful! I love the colorful design and the photo of you. Your journaling hits home with me because that is where I am right now... and it's OK, because this is where we're supposed to be now.. and down the road we'll both be somewhere else. :) Thanks so much for playing with us.

  12. love your journaling and your page! so many of us can relate! Those days with your kids are gone before you know it...and then GO FOR IT! you will soar! your kids will be "Mom, is that you?" and then before you know it - Grankids will be here !!! our lives are all about the seasons we have - I so love getting to know you through your blog!!!
    have a blessed day,

  13. Kel! I'm a bit behind due to my throat infection, but wanted to say thank you for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment.

    Now that's done with....this is such a stunning layout - and, actually, you look BEAUTIFUL - though I understand it's sometimes difficult to *feel* it. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge - you're fab x