Back from Chicago :)

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Thanks to all who entered - I promise to print/read each and every comment and a Grand Prize winner and follwer second winner will also be chosen but please give me a day or so to recoop from an exhausting trip!   Winners are TBA so check back!

What I can say about this school trip in one word is ....... WOW.   What  a city!  It reminded me somewhat of downtown Miami but with frigid temps, lol.   I loved the mixture of architecture between modern skyscrapers nestled between old building with such detail.  Although we did not get lucky with snow,  I loved, loved, loved the cold weather :)  We saw so many shows, eateries (loved me some Chicago pizza!!), restaurants, museums and monuments .....  like the Sears (Willis) Tower - and YES! I went out on those crazy glass boxes (I hate me some heights, lol)   Fascinating city with a surprising politeness to it's people that I have missed living in Miami, ha ha.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!  As hard as it was to be away from my family, my wild and wacky friends and the entire group of 59 of them made sure to embarrass me each step of the way (restaurants, comedy club, top of the Sears Tower!) and also treat me with such kindness and joy and treasures.  My heart just melts at the thought :)

Proudly, my daughter's Chorus group scored quite high and took First Place all across the board in every category!  We are parents - we're supposed to think they are wonderful, lol, but they beat out every other school and just sang like angels.  Hearing them in that huge hall, on the stage with amazing acoustics, they simply brought the house down and received a standing ovation - even from the parents visiting for their own kids schools.  I know that sounds terribly bragging, but I am so very proud that these High Schoolers sang at the level of what adults sing (like we learned at our visit to Northwestern University) and performing flawlessly.  And we were SOO Excited to receive a prestigious and rare award along with an invitation to perform next year at Carnegie Hall!!!!  Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :))))

And for some random goofy Chi-town pictures, for your entertainment ....... lol
You will notice I will be absent from ALL of them!  Time to lose some serious weight ............ and dd apparently needs to change the date on her camera!!!  (2005?  2007?!)  I promise WE WERE THERE! *grin*

                          "The Bean" ~ what a hilarious sculpture ;)

Lake Michigan w/ skyline view ...  My dd, Kaitlyn (white jacket) and bffs!

The Whole Gang!

Miami girls out on the town!   AWESOME musical, btw!!

Ferris Bueller, anyone?! ;)

We Won, We Won, We Won!!!!!

Sears Tower .... from the ground! ;)~
And the Top, the very very very tippy top on a glass box hanging off the building ..
and people do THIS for fun ....... ;)



  1. oooh That last pic made my tummy hurt and my palms sweat..eek!

  2. Ooooh! Looks like the girls had a great time, and mamma took ALL the pictures! We need to see some you you havin' fun, too!! :-)

  3. Anonymous3/31/2010

    Oh Kelly, thanks for sharing in your fun..Congratulations to the girls and the whole group...amazing. I got goose bumps reading the post....Carneige Hall???? they deserved a standing O....what an accomplishment...I am so glad you were there to witness it with your own eyes and ears...that would definately have been a hard performance to miss....great pics...thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you are safely home...

  4. Looks like a very fun trip. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  5. What awesome pictures Kelly. Glad you're back, sure did miss you!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful and safe trip and congratulations to your daughter and her chorus!!! Love the pictures!!

  7. Hey Kelly! I"m from Chicago and loved the pics! But I can say there is NO WAY EVER I would step out on that box! Looks like you just missed the "good" weather....today it was almost 70! Congrats to the girls!

  8. He he he - I like the curious bean sculpture!!!

    And congratulations to all the success for your daughter!

    La Vikinga

  9. Congrats to DD and her schoolmates! Glad to have ya back!


  10. Welcome back from your trip, and congrats to your DD and her chums! Photos are fantastic!

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  12. YAY! Congratulations GIRLS!!! Kel, you'll have to pipe through some of their gorgeous sounds on your blog!! I have a special special place in my heart and a deep appreciation for what these girls accomplished, as I was in the school choir from age 12-22!! What a fabulous and memorable time for your DD and to have YOU go along on the trip, I'm sure will be something she'll treasure always. AND I'm SO SO SO glad to hear that you made quick friends (of course you did!!) and that they spoiled you rotten on your BDAY!!! You totally deserve it!!
    Thanks so much for sharing these awesome pics with us...I can't believe all those girls are in the glass box at the same time!! I would pee my pants!! :) LOL.