It's Kit-Cat Sunday ... featuring an ornament from the heart!

Good SONday morning to you all!  Sorry for the late posting - church ran a little long today!  I was way too tired to post last night - after 3 Nutcrackers shows, 1 Winter Concert after an already extra busy week, I could not even see straight! 

And it's Kit-Cat Sunday!  I LOVE this time for us kittens and our postings!!  This month, it was my turn to send out kits to the other kittens :)  I was truly worried about sending a non-traditional "card" kits but thought of how hard it is for so many right now at this time of year, and how gift giving has been changed by the economy, job losses, and names  on our lists to buy for are getting shorter and shorter.  For this wonderful season of giving and gratefulness, I challenged the other kittens to think outside (inside?!) the box and take a plain metal tin and plain wooden ornament and "make it their own!"  And wait til you see what the other kittens created for you!  Oh.  My.  Word!   They reached the bar with this challenge and passed it!  The ornament fits perfectly inside the tin for easy gift-giving or storage for the years ahead :)

For my ornament and tin, I wasn't intentionally going to "go pink!" (my least favorite color! LOL!)  I added pink glitter to the rim showing my daughter a trick and went back for more ornaments and you guessed it .....  gone!  So I had to rethink my tin and  star! 

 Using glitter for the rim, I added the DSP to the center and kept it pretty simple.  I also covered the tin, the inside section with a detachable matching To/From tag and set the ornament inside.  I added it to the tree for picture taking it just sparkled and blinged right along the rest of the ornaments :)   My ornament has already found a new home to the wonderful art teacher at my son's school that teaches the children to rise above their inability to color in the lines and create from the heart :) 

PLEASE make sure to hop on over and see what the other kittens have created for you!  Truly breathtaking work and show-stoppers, each and every one!

Blessings to you all as you celebrate this CHRIST-mas season!
Happy Craftin!

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  1. Beautiful!!! What a great gift idea. I love your colors, the glitter and the tag inside the tin!

  2. OMGooooody......so much fabulousness packed in one post!!! First off, the tin challenge....very, very clever idea. What a great way to get one's mojo going! Secondly, your star is just outta this world!!! Seriously, I can't stop looking at it with all the snowflakes, the pops of green and the pretty glittered trim AND how you have the snowing effect on the blog....aaaaawwwww...

    I have to tell you.... it's a treat to my eyes and soul every time I stop by your blog. I leave feeling all warm inside. :o)

  3. Hiya Kelly!
    I'm LOVIN' your star...just gorgeous! and the tin is such a brilliant idea!
    I think I have one of these, now I'll have to go dig it out...you just gave me an idea for a Christmas gift! lol Thanks for sharing your creativity hun!
    Enjoy the rest of your SONday!
    hugs & blessings!

  4. These are so adorable and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you've presented them.

  5. Oh my goodness, Kelly... I've just now sat down long enough to check the KitCat blogs and WOW!!! Your kit and your creation are AWESOME!!! I loved playing with the goodies you sent and thinking outside the box and inside the tin! Such a fun project... that stretched me to try something new, which I love!

    Your ornament is absolutely gorgeous - I love the sparkles! I actually considered doing that on the rim of my own star, but was afraid it might just make a smeared mess so withheld that temptation. Now I'm really wishing I'd done it.

    And your tin is lovely............ so many beautiful elements!

    Thank you!!! You were an excellent hostess this month.


  6. Anonymous12/05/2010

    I love the pink - it's so totally outside the box but amazing none the less! It turned out wonderfully and I'm so thrilled with the package you sent us. I am so blessed to have you in my life and this is just such a small piece of it.

    Hugs and much love to you Sweet Kelly!


  7. Kelly, I love you pink ornament!! The sparkles on the edge of the star are gorgeous, and I love the snowflakes in the center of the star. The to/from tag is a great idea! That's what I need for the inside of my tin (gotta do that), and the star looks beautiful on your tree. Thanks so much for a beautiful kit with an even more beautiful meaning. I loved it so very much!!!!

    Love you, too!

  8. Oooo, Kelly, I'm squealing with delight at your sparkly PINK star and gift tin! It goes without saying, I love all the PINKNESS, but featuring the snowflakes center stage was a great idea! And I love the To-From tag on the inside of the tin! (I must go back and decorate the inside of mine; honestly, I never gave it a thought. LOL!)

    Kels, thanks for sending us such an amazing kit. It was filled with so many wonderful things, and most importantly, a reminder of the joy of giving. Love ya! {HUGS}

  9. Ooooh SO pretty. What a fabulous idea and you know how I LOVE pink. No, I'm NOT ready for the cold that we are about to get. If it's not going to snow than it just doesn't need to be cold enough too!

  10. Eeeek...that's me shrieking happily...you had me at PINK! This is super-fantastic, Kelly! What an amzing idea to create something so hand-made and heartfelt that will be cherished for years to come. The storage box is so awesome! I am a very sentimental person so I would just love taking this ornament out of a personalized and dated box, to hang on the tree every year. You know I HAVE to mention the pink glitter, too...LOVE it!

  11. Beautiful! I love the ornament and the gift tin you created.

  12. All I can say is wow, how gorgeous!! I love the whole package and the pink is just perfect. I can just see taking this out every year and as the kids get older, the memories. Awesome. Sit back now and put your feet up.

  13. GORGEOUS! That star is outta this world beautiful! (the tin is cute, too!)

  14. So pretty! Love all the great colors you used on all of these!

  15. What great ideas. Your project turned out perfect!

  16. OMG Kelly, this little ornament looks so pretty. I like the glitter around and the little tin fits perfect. Fantastic little gift idea. As always - gorgeous my friend !!

  17. What a beautiful creation/gift/thought. All in a tin! I happen to have several (cigar) tins this size and this is a wonderful idea.

  18. Anonymous12/07/2010

    Oh Kelly, what a divinely-inspired idea for a challenge! I love how you put your sweet heart as well as your creative spirit into this. I'm sure your sister "kittens" had a terrific time with this one -- so very clever! Your ornament and gift tin are both GORGEOUS! This will truly be a keepsake gift for someone. Hugs, Deedee

  19. Oh my goodness what BEAUTIFUL projects. You really went all out. I know anyone would be proud to hang that on their tree!!! Great work my friend!

  20. What a wonderful idea! That tin is perfect for the ornament - and I love the glittered edge to the star. Lovely!!

  21. Great idea and so beautifully done! I love the glitter edges and brads. You decorated the tin perfectly. Amazing job!

  22. What a wonderful project, and I like how you considered the practicality of gift giving and challenges and came up with a nice solution :-) Have a great weekend!

  23. I'm so late in checking this out...have been mia alot lately but wanted to stop by and say how BEAUTIFUL this is.....great job Kelly. I love it..I am sure ds's teacher did as well....awesome....