Let's take a hike ... through the Forest!

Happy SONday to all of you!  Today's card is one I made for Jeanette's Forest Swap over on SCS - she's the Forest Ranger :)  This time around her theme was to create a card that represented something about us ... and I LOVE nature!  I love being outdoors, I love to explore and hike and enjoy the natural beauty of that which He has given to us :)  I have always had an adventurous spirit as a child and would wander through anything from farmer's fields to climb up into castle ruins when we lived in Europe.

Two summers ago we took the kids to Europe for 5 weeks and I was so blessed to take them back for the day to my old childhood home in a small town of Ulmen, Germany and walked the same old cobblestone streets I walked as a child (I often road my bike, which was NOT fun on those ancient cobblestone streets! LOL!)  They were wide-eyed with that same look I had and I kept them exploring - here's a few pictures of one trip we took to Berg Eltz, a castle  way, way up high on a mountain and the ONLY way to get to it is to walk.  Steep uphill.   For 1 hour! I thought they were going to pass out, give up, walk back down and tell me to take pictures, lol, but we made it and it was SO much fun!

NOT a 40 minute walk!  This sign Fibbed!  Big time! :)
Let's go, Mommy!  I got this!

Well .... mabye not!  a lift, please?

Half way there!  See the ruins? 

Guess what kids?  We're taking the path less traveled!
There's a stream!  And a log!  You can do it! :)
And so they did!  They definitely take after me! :)
And it helped that the water was only 6" deep, ROFL!!  And if you look
in the distance, there was a cross over bridge :)  This water was STONE COLD
Freezing!  It comes straight from the mountain and sakes alive, it was titanic unbearable after just
a minute or two ;)

We made it!  But they promised me there would be a Starbucks inside this old Castle!!

That's a long way back down!  And that stream looks familiar! ;)
(It was originally a moat!)  And are those are real cannon balls ...
imagine having to fire one of those?!
 Anyway, thank you for indulging me in this trip down memory lane!  I guess I should show you my card now? LOL!

I'm not overly excited about it -- I even bought this Riley stamp for this swap because I knew exactly the image I wanted to use!  I like the dsp, though it wasn't the original dsp I used for the first set of cards .... but something about it is quite off.  Maybe it's the layout ... I dunno ..... I'd love to hear your critiques if you made it this far!  This is a sample card and I'm all about making things better in the creative process!

SONday hugs to you! 
Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!

 Card meets the following challenges:  Wags 'n Whiskers - Outdoor Fun!
 Poodles Parlour - Anything Goes


  1. Kelly, I think the card is just great! Love the image with that DP too. Very cute.
    Fantastic photos!! WOW...talk about beauty!

  2. I love this card but those photos are breath taking

  3. How beautiful, such a great trip. I didn't know you were from Germany. I really like this card, the 2 dp's look awesome with the ricrac and flower treatment. Personally, I wouldn't change it at all. Actually, you could have made his hat and socks red to go with the dp I guess. {Shrugging shoulders}

  4. Love this card!! Fantastic colour scheme and great stamping/colouring. Love the pics of your family's outing. Did you get that Bux in the castle or were they tricking you?

  5. You are so the Queen of Layers!! I like the card! I think I agree with Lori that red hat and socks might make it pop more. But, Riley looks good in whatever he wears!!

  6. I meant to add that it is too funny we both talked about Bux today in our posts....lol

  7. Love your card, the image is perfect and the DP layers and colors are also of perfection as always :) Love the pics of your trip, it is beautiful over there.

  8. Super duper photos! What a great experience to share with the family.
    I really like your card and design. It's a perfect image for the swap... so cute! If I were to change anything, I would add some shading to the grass that matches the greens of the DSP and trim.

  9. I love the photos, thank you for sharing. It just looks so lovely!
    I just discovered Riley (the moose) and hope to have him in the next SSS order. I'm glad to see a card with him.
    SOOO cute.

  10. TFS your fun adventure (0= Riley looks like he could make that 40 min trek up the hill... super adorable card!

  11. This is really cute love the colours you have used thanks for joining us at the poodles parlour this week.


  12. gorgoeus pictures and card, that water looks so refreshing, don't blame yall, I would have walked in it too!!!!!

  13. Oh no, I don't think anything is "off" at all. The colors are gorgeous, the layout is perfect, great DP and coloring. I think it's fab. And what a wonderful trip! I'd love to do the same some day...well, maybe not the hike.

  14. Look at those vivid patterns and Riley all decked out for the hike! Nice job on this card. Goes perfect with your photos and story.

  15. What a great card. Looks like you are having fun aswell. Thanks for joining us over at The Poodles Parlour. Good luck.

    Elke XX

  16. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly! You are your own worst critic. This card is AWESOME!!! I know, because I currently have SIX of them in my possession. ;) Though I do have to part with five of them very soon, I am sure the recipients of those five will love them just as much as I do!


  17. What a great family trip! I loved the pictures, thanks for sharing.

    I really think the card is cute! You are too hard on yourself!!! I like how you used the DP for the second layer of the image. Will have to remember that one!

  18. Your card is wonderful and Riley definitely looks like he's ready to make that hike! How special for your family to share this trip down memory lane with you! I would love to see that castle (I don't mind hiking when the destination is worth it!)