*WinnerS!!* and some Coffee Love! :)

Good morning!  I hope your weekend was marvelous!  We had gorgeous weather -  we biked, had a Karate Tournament with lil man, some serious yard work and a wee bit of crafting in my Cabana for moi! 

Since I know the exciting part is blog candy, let me just jump right in and list not one, but TWO blog candy winners today :)

Thank you all for joining me on the Riley and Company Blog Hop - hope you were able to pick up some of your favorite Riley Goes to the Movies stamps!
The random.org winner from my blog is ...........

Kathy B. of Entering Kathyville
You have your choice of a new Riley UM stamp from the new release!

And random.org #2 from the OWH Holiday card Blog Hop is .......
Tammi of BlueInks Designs --
woohoo!  You will receive the gift pack of Anna Griffin products!
Congratulations, Ladies!

Please stay tuned, it always breaks my  heart that there can only be one name chosen but check back soon -
because I have some big news coming up! :)

It's no secret that I LUVS ME some coffee!  And not just any coffee - I LUVS ME some Starbucks coffee.  I probably have paid a Barista's retirement by now or at least put his/her child through a year's worth of college, but hey - it's my one vice and I'm spoiled that way - what can I say :)

*True Story* ...  After dropping the kids at school a few months ago, I swing by S'Bux drive thru - amazingly, I'm the only one in the lane - place my usual order and realize "Oh man, NO WAY, my casharoo is in my pants pocket from yesterday!"  I dont carry ANY bank/cc cards anymore and of course, the one time I want to use my back-up stashed car cash, we already used it there isn't any .... here I am, digging in the center console, in between the seats, jump out and look in the kid's seats, under carpets - finally I dig up enough pennies, dimes and nickels to make it and jump up triumphantly from the back of the car with a "YES!!", sweaty as all get up, hair all amuck .... but still triumphant.   Jump back in,  drive up to the window to see the barista just staring at me wild eyed like "are you FOR REALS?"  Yep, they saw THE WHOLE THING from their tv monitor.   I started to say "Wait, I can explain .... " but thought it would be better off to hand him the baggie of change {collected in someone's PBnJ bag that I also found *g*} and get out of there!  Let me tell you, no cup of coffee was EVER finer!  Liquid Gold! :)

So ... when my supah fabby gal pal, Barb,  opened her second caffeine swap over on SCS, I just had to join!  First, if you haven't swapped with Barb, YOU MUST!  Her swaps rock da house!!   I had to grab two spots in this swap, and am cuttin' it close to the due date - eeeek!  Hopefully the girls won't mind that these will arrive just in time for the deadline :)

I'm so blessed that my wonderful husband takes the oldest girls to High School now at 6 am ::ouch!::  and then swings by S'Bux to bring me a coffee each morning for when I wake up - awwwwwww!  He's a GEM!!
Maybe S'Bux has told him "please don't have your wife come by here anymore.  Seriously." 
I won't show you the inside views so they will have a little
suspense .... and they really do look so much better IRL :(

For my first card ..... this wee lil Java buggs stamp from Stampingbella was a birthday gift from my other gal pal, Sweet P!  {muah!} Thank you!  I can't tell you how happy I was to see it and PET IT, lol!   I was so excited to receive it and couldn't wait to ink it up and this swap was perfectamundo!
I actually ran a wee short of dsp after 4 cards, rofl - so I switched one out and made 3 more with slightly different dsp. These cards are chocolate and blue, mostly hues of blue with a teeny bit of stardust glitter on their wings, bakers twine and regular embellies.

Here are the card fronts:

And my 2nd spot in the swap I used my gorgeous Stampavie coffee girls stamp with some Fall colored papers - PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE anyone!!?!! ;)
{did I mention a slight addiction to a certain place! *G*}
This is a simple joy fold and again, gold stickles for the coffee/tea steam
and colored in autumnal colors to match the paper. 

And that's it for today!  Thank you, Barb, for some awesome crafting inspiration - COFFEE!  Mmmmmmmmmmm!  LUVS me some coffee!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


  1. Adorable cards, Kelly........ and what fun to read your blog post, too! You're sooooooo adorable about your coffee!

  2. Both are just precious! Love the design on that second card too. I just really need to get me some of those cute images.
    Loved the story about looking for change for the coffee! Too funny - and I've been in the same situation before!

  3. Grest Cards Girl!

    Love your story and I so can see it. And, thanks so much for the kind comments. Love Ya Kelly!

    Oh Yeah--great cards--can't wait to see them in person!

  4. both are gorgeous, speaking of coffee, lets grab a cup while I comment............

  5. I had a PSL just this weekend! YUMMO

    Your cards are so fine!! Love me both immies and I can only hope to get one back!

  6. Loving your story, ROFL, I can just see it now. What a sweet hubby that he does that for you in the AM, too cute. your cards are wonderful, love them both. The papers match so well with both of them. Now which lady is you on the second card :)

  7. oh i laughed @ your searching for change story...that sooo happens!...and now i feel i have permission to sub stuff on swaps when i run short...these cards are wonderful (as is your hubby)...the gals in the 2nd card remind me of me & my bff

  8. Omgoodness, I loved that story!! And the best part is that you had enough change to get the coffee!! Love all the details in your stories...it's like I'm able to be right there...I'll definitely buy your book :)

    AND these cards are completely fabulous!! Blessed are the gals who get your cards in the mail from this swap!!

  9. You are such a funny lady... I would love to meet you IRL! Congrats to the winners and your cards are fabulous!

  10. You're hilarious, Kelly! I so enjoyed reading your post and had such a good laugh (at your expense, but I think you're okay with that)! It's funny as I was talking to my husband this evening about him taking me to Starbucks at some point as I've heard SO MANY people talking about their pumpkin spice latte. I'm not a coffee drinker but am going to give that a go this week.
    As for your cards - fabulous! That does look like a lot of work but well worth it! I'm sure the swappers will be delighted!

  11. I'm surprised the Barista didn't ask you what that stuff in the baggie was! They act like they've never seen coins before. This is definitely a plastic age we live in.
    I love your cards! The circles and buttons on the first ones are too darn cute and I love the fold and colors on the other set! :)

  12. Super fun coffee cards! MMMM do I love some coffee too!! It can seriously turn any type of day into a wonderful day! I am a dunkin' coffee girl! It is bad when I drive up and they already know my order! Your story was hilarious! I never thought to hide some cash in my car! I bet I don't have a single cent in my auto!

  13. Your cards are just adorable. As I am sure the Barista was thinking you were, as you drove away from the drive-thru as they were holding a used PB&J baggie with change!!!!

    Thank you so much, for the goodies. I feel so very lucky!!!

  14. Anonymous10/04/2011

    LOL!! Such a cute story my dear!! :) I absolutely LOVE both of your creations here!! The images are just the sweetest!! I love my coffee too!! :) YUM!!

  15. Kelly, I'm beginning to think you like coffee? (winks) These are wonderful! The little Java Bugs are too sweet and those lovely ladies are perfect for a card for my fellow java junkies(although I don't think we ever look that fancy...) Wonderful swap cards!!

  16. To funny! I would really be out of luck, I'm OCD about a lot of things, I have no change in my car. Sorry I haven't visited lately, I'm so behind. Your most recent cards have been adorable!

  17. awww..what a fun refreshing post!! sure put a smile on my face when I read about all your penny searching etc...lol...too funny!
    I am surprise though that, after all these years,your SB won;t offer YOU a freebie!! I bet ya you are their BESTEST supporter!! LOL... Now on to the fabby cards... loveeeeeeeee them bothhhh of course but I am also soo glad to see U used the Bella-bugs (one of my terms..lol) I sent ya...
    Of course with all the meag stamps U have it is quite hard to figure WHICH ones U do not have,*wink*... plus I wanted to send ya some Canadian rubbah of course...LOL