The Puppy that Adopted a Family :)

Good morning!  It's the 28th and that means the Calendar Girls post once again with a themed card and this month, I'm the hostess :)  I have been meaning to get this post up for the better part of a year now but for all reasons this and that, I never have.  I thought of all the possible themes that are out there for my turn to host and knew that I really wanted to go with the fur babies and have PETS as our challenge this month!  I originally planned a simple Elzybells doggy card but my post just took a life of it's own ;) **This is a personal post as well as a CG post - please scroll down to the bottom if you'd rather not read the full story and see the pictures, which can be heart wrenching and hard to view :(  

Most of you know that we have two wonderful pups in our family - Buddy, a 2 year old Jack Russell, and now Buster, our wonderful eclectic "everything in the kitchen sink" mix of a dog that truly graces our lives with comedy and unbridled love.  Buster adopted us a year ago, almost exactly :)  One Saturday morning we were going out front to bike/skate and saw a HUGE line of traffic on our street - cars back up to both lights at either end, honking, screaming.  Right in front of us a tiny puppy was criss-crossing into traffic, spotted us and ran to us - apparently he saw us before we saw him.  He was so excited!  I, on the other hand,  was horrified.  Not only did he miss getting hit by mere inches, but I was able to see what terrible condition he was in.  Yet he here was, so happy!  I tell you, he did not stop wagging his tail and I would even swear this dog was smiling!  I saw traffic start to resume, one driver screaming obscenities at me saying to 'lock up my dog, put him on a leash, who did I think I was'  ..... my dog??!  I knew I had to take action - find the owner, take him to the vet to see if he had a chip, get him some help. I knew in my heart he didn't.  And I knew in my heart this dog was in bad, BAD shape.

I scooped him up much to my husband's dismay and grumbling and put him in the car - diseased, bloodied, infected, infested .....  The girls insisted on going with me but I made my son stay home - I already knew this was not going to turn out favorable and I couldn't bear for them to see this poor puppy in pain, poked, prodded.  I rushed off to the Humane Society and they confirmed he did not have a chip, hence, no way to know who's dog this was in such pitiful shape.  In fact, they asked us to leave immediately, afraid of whatever he had was contagious and that we'd have to put the puppy to sleep.   Our vet was closed as was chance #2.  #3 came when we rushed to our local Pet Smart as we know on Saturdays a dog rescue organization is there and they confirmed again, he was sick, diseased, and I needed to get him to a vet but he was "probably not save-able."  By this time, the feeling that swept over me infuriated me.  Was anyone going to say something good - something to give us hope?  I found a vet open on the way home, by pure chance. By this time I was teary eyed, feeling helpless, hopeless.  The vet saw us right away and was so very kind - he listened as I explained "this is not my dog, I know he's a mess, but what IS wrong with him and is it treatable?"  Maybe if we could help him, he could be adopted or find a home.  He offered to do some tests pro bono but that I would have to pay out of pocket expenses for all the rest, a figure that knocked me backwards.  I was a mess.  I was literally sobbing when I called my husband to tell him I still had the puppy and I was not going down without a fight. I did not want another dog.  I had Brandy at home with terminal cancer and it was tearing at my heart - what lesson in suffering and humility was I to learn in all of this?  All the doors were closing, people were telling me to put him to sleep without a chance.  It felt wrong.   My girls were teary eyed, the assistant kept coming in with tissues, and I knew part of me already loved this doggie that was a complete wreck, yet still stood there wagging his tail NON-stop. 

We agreed to start his treatment - which was for infections, shots, wormings, getting a horrendous case of mange under control, etc.  I knew I had Buddy at home, and Brandy who was at the end stage of cancer, not to mention the kids, dh and I and asked "can he even come into my home!?"  I'll never forget his reply - he said "it's not contagious - we just tested him.  It's only going to affect him.  But it will affect him for the rest of his life. We'll treat him, we'll work with you, but the commitment is huge.  And expensive. If you can't do this, I understand - we'll take it from here.  I think you know what that means. He clearly isn't going to be adoptable.  But if you chose to go forward, then we'll make this puppy right."  And he left me to think it over, and call my husband who was already on his way with the checkbook, lol.  But then he turned in the door way and said "Oh, btw.  Thank you for loving him."  That was all it took for me.  I knew he was ours :)

Buster, before :(

Buster has been with us for a year now :)  He's a completely healthy, 110% recovered, and thriving pup, but more than that, he is the joy that we could not have ever imagined.  He is the happiest dog I have ever known!  I tell my kids, dh and sometimes my friends, what a lesson I have learned from the stray that stopped traffic, found a family, and rescued us.  So many days I am 'in a rut' and I see him, doing something so funny, and I start cracking up thinking "You're right, Buster - it's not really that bad" :)  Sadly, Brandy passed away just a couple of weeks after he joined our family and but Buddy and Buster are inseperable.  They became fast friends and sleep together every night, snuggling like two fur babies sharing one family, one home.  My hubby likes to joke that he went from pitiful homeless dog to a pampered interstate traveler ;)  He's been a joy to add to our family, this small little rescued doggy that adopted our family ~ and I whispered in his ear, holding him after one of his painful treatments, never to fear - with us, he has a forever family :*) 

And Buster now, with lots of TLC :)

Mmmm, mommy!  When is dinner!?! ;)

So here is my submission for the Calendar Girl's post with PETS this month!  We have 2 dogs now, one bunny rabbit, and a macaw.  But I couldn't resist creating a page of a candid shot I took of the boys :)  They are my absolute shadows - I go from room to room and so do they.  They are constantly on my heels and as I sat to craft one day, they sat beside me and stared ~ so I took their picture.    Maybe I should give them some cardstock and markers? LOL!
Thank you for making this far, if you have :)  Here is my finished, simple project for the month - PETS and the two fur babies that have a FUR-EVER home :)  

 My page is simple - I love simple pages!  They make creating them so much easier, especially with the stack of pictures I have to scrap :)  I used papers from DCWV and Basic Grey and SU!  Everything is from my stash except the picture which I had to run to Walgreens to print ;)  I wish it wasn't so washed out.  And I do hope you take a moment to see what the rest of the Calendar Girls have created for you this month -- you can find them in my sidebar over there  -------------------------------->

Thanks for taking the time to read if you made it this far, I appreciate it and I am glad to finally introduce Buster along with his brother, Buddy, who you've seen on my blog before ;)  

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or ask the birds of the air, and they will tell you. Speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea tell you. Every one of these knows that the hand of the Lord has done this. The life of every creature and the breath of all people are in God’s hand.” ~Job 12:7-10

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings and
Furry hugs!! :)


  1. Kelly, what I am going to do with you, girl? I love how big your heart is!

    I live your page?..simpe sometimes says it best...and this is definitely one of those times!

  2. OMG! What a story!!! He is so lucky to have you.
    Hugs Nataliya

  3. What a great story! The best breed of animal is "rescue"! We have 2 rescue cats and 2 rescue bunnies. No great story like yours, just adopted them from the local shelter.

  4. I need to pet, Buster!!! What a sad, then happy story. He is a sweet 'lil man.

    Your scrapbook page turned out great. I love those letters.

    Great job and theme for the month!

  5. I am reading your post tonight Kelly with tears in my eyes, a big nod of regognition and a huge lump of fear too.

    We also had a giveaway dog a few years back who had been hit by a car and not treated but who walked straight into our hearts and blessed us with three wonderful years of Total uncondional LOVE!

    I am so very glad that your lovely little dog brings you such joy.

    We have the Girls two Maltese terriers, or should I say terrorists who are our family. The lump in my throat is caused by me watching our Angel Girl as she deteriorates with what the vet believes is a brain tumour!
    It is so sad to see her personality changing before our eyes and her sister Bella being quite bewildered by what is happening.
    Thank you for a wonderful post.
    Sending a cyber hug from Australia to you.

  6. A most touching story, full of love! You are right, Buddy DID pick your family! And he was so right too! What a great guy he has turned into. What a blessing all the way around!
    Love your page and the colors are wonderful.

  7. What a wonderful heart wrenching story! Your little bundle of puppy love is adorable! I can't believe the transformation!You SB page is awesome too!

  8. What a wonderful story!!!!! You are so such wonderful person, I can see people driving on by like that little angle is nothing, I am thanking God for you and how you took care of one of God's creatures, He is such a gorgoeus doggie!!!!! Oh yeah, love the page!!!!!

  9. What a great story!
    I do love the after photos, he looks so happy and healthy, great job!
    Great page too.

  10. KELLY! Look at you with that big ole open heart of yours! How sweet you are and what a wonderful, understanding husband you have too. Thank you for sharing!
    I absolutely love your page! Great job :)

  11. I read every work of Buster's story, Kelly, and am amazed by the transformation created by your year of love! How blessed you both were went fate brought you together!!

  12. What a wonderful story and what a difference a year makes. He is such a beautiful dog!! Your lo is adorable!!

  13. Pass the tissues, please! Oh my goodness, your adoption story is precious, yet heart-wrenching! Thanks for sharing it.

    Your scrap page is awesome, too!!!

    Loved this month's challenge... and did you notice we have two pairs of Calendar Girls who used identical images? How funny is that?

  14. Kelly--your story is wonderful and I am so glad you were the family that was adopted by Buster.

    I love your page and it does show the LOVE in the family--all parts of it!

    Thanks for a great challenge!

  15. What a beautiful story Kelly and a beautiful page. What a blessed pup :)

  16. *Sniffle sniffle*
    What a wonderful story; you write so beautifully. Your familie's HEARTS are amazing and your LOVE abounds.
    This page is FAB as well!! Thanks for sharing it all with us! xoxo

  17. Kelly, this is such a wonderful post and I read every single word of it! He's such a handsome little guy now. Isn't it amazing what love can do - and I know that works both ways here. I know he's probably one of the happiest dogs alive-and he makes your family so happy!
    Great page and fabulous photo!!

  18. okay, seriously, i just cried a river of a tears. what a wonderful story with a happy ending. have you read the book, Oogy, the dog only a family could love? I think you'd enjoy it. if you haven't read it and would like to, let me know- i'll send it to you. love your scrapbook page! :)

  19. SO glad that Buster has found a loving family to call his own...it is obvious, from your heart wrenching story ,that the lil adorable new fur baby's life truly started only after he picked YOU!♥

    thanks for sharing his before and after pictures...he looks like the picture of health now PTL!

    LOve your scrap page too with both furry babies cuddling each other...adorable!♥
    Thanks for the fun challenge this month miss February *wink & smile*

  20. What a beautiful and inspirational story. Buster sounds like one lucky dog to have found such a caring and loving family.

    I love your simple pages too, and yours is great.

  21. What a wonderful story Kelly, Buster is truly lucky that he found you that morning, and it sounds like you are lucky to have found him. It was meant to be. He has an adorable face and I can see why it wouldn't have taken too long to have fallen in love with him. Your layout of Buddy and Buster is just gorgeous! TFS

  22. Ok grab the tissues, need more :), but they are happy tears, what a wonderful story about this lucky little pup to have been blessed to find you. He is adorable. Love the page with the two of them, so cute and one that comes with so many memories.

  23. Oh my goodness Kelly, Buddy and Buster are adorable just like your page...how fun...I loved your story and I do think the man upstairs directed this little cutie right into your loving arms and home...I love your page and the pictures of your fur babies...well done my friend...fun challenge as well...♥

  24. Oh my goodness Kelly, Buddy and Buster are adorable just like your page...how fun...I loved your story and I do think the man upstairs directed this little cutie right into your loving arms and home...I love your page and the pictures of your fur babies...well done my friend...fun challenge as well...♥

  25. Oh, Kelly, you brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy. You are a true angel, and your family has an adorable addition with Buster. Buddy looks happy, and he otherwise would have been lost when Brandy passed. Love your SB Page too, Grins
    Hugs, Lori

  26. You post has brought me to tears! Thank you for deciding to spare this dog's life and being his friend. You will be blessed ten-fold. Great layout with wonderful picture of such special friends!

  27. You are a good and loving person Kelly!

    Your page is cute and a great one for this challenge! You were very smart to pick a theme near and dear to your big heart!

    Great job Kelly (and not just on the page, but on the puppy too!)!!!!

  28. The world needs more people like you! What a great story-I just want to hug you and your fur babies (mine fur baby would be SO jealous!) You win the award for the biggest heart! Love your page also, great work!!

  29. What a lovely page and what a blessing you have been to this dog. This story is so sweet, and what a loving and amazing woman you are!!

  30. Kelly... your story KILLED me!!!. I hug my dog so hard today thinking about your story. What an awesome dog!!!. Thank God for people like you. He is so cute!!!. Thanks for sharing your story, I cried like a little girl.

  31. Awww! Such a precious story! It was just meant to be! He is lucky to have you! Super lay-out!

  32. Kelly,

    I had tears in my eyes reading your story about Buster. He is so fortunate to have your family and the love you have given him is amazing.

  33. What a sweet and wonderful story. Our furry friends do bless our lives everyday in so many ways. So glad that you were able to give Buster a chance at a good life with a wonderful family.

  34. What a great page and perfect sentiment. Two very cute furry friends.

  35. Kelly, this is the best story I have read on the internet all day - did it while crying but it's a happy story and thankfully you have such a big heart and generous spirit. Thank you so much for taking the time to care for an animal who surely would have died without your intervention and my gosh...the before and after pics don't even look like the same dog!
    What a smart little fellow Buster is to have chosen your family!

  36. Your intro hinted at heart wrenching and hard to view pictures, but nothing warned me that the entire post would be a kleenex moment! So here I sit all teary eyed and wanting to hug both you and Buster!
    Every pet that has been a part of our family has been a rescue or a 'I pick you' situation. There is just something about knowing that this friend was picked just for you and I really believe that they were sent or lead to us for a greater purpose. Your layout of your furbabies is wonderful and definitely 'frame' worthy!
    Beautiful page and an even more wonderful post!

  37. Buster is adorable! Adorable. Thank you for loving him.

  38. OH Kelly, I have tears,tears,and more tears. You are so blessed to have found this pup. Lovely Story.