Calendar Girls - "It's TOO salty!!"


Hi all!
Did you know that yesterday was National Bubble Wrap Day?  
and I'm sure you celebrated Squirrel Appreciation Day last week ... right!?
 I am convinced that if you want a holiday, make one up ~
 people will follow it :) 
 Seriously, there are holidays for everything!

And today, being the 28th of the month,
 means that we  - the Calendar Girls blogging group - post our cards
centered around a theme chosen by our month's hostess.
For January, Jeanette is up!

I decided to get REALLY creative and attempt the "Salt Technique" from SCS for my card today because it was the challenge from Darlene from the Stamp Addicts due .. like today!
And oh I had fun!!  Thank you, Dar!  This technique is way cool.
I gathered my sea salt, glossy cardstock, spray inks and made a beautiful
background w/ the salt technique for my card.
And set it to dry overnight.
And then I lost it.
True story.

I looked everywhere.  
Alas, I had to start all over and ended up using heavy based, matte cardstock
and the end result is really striking.  Not as nice as the glossy, but still pretty ~ up close it's so full of detail and texture. I didn't have any fading this time around but that's due to using the wrong paper :/  The cardstock held up nicely with the water and heavy inks/salt.

 I'm a March baby and the challenge states to go to our birth month,
pick a holiday the closest to our birthday and create a card with that theme.

The technique gives such a wonderful pattern to the paper!

Little salty - see up there? :)

I used a SU! stamp set called Vintage Valentines
in order to continue my  'Ink Every Stamp' personal challenge
and Miss Jeanette gave us some leeway on how to use these quirky holidays.
Actually, I thought of the Morton Salt commercial from way back when
not too long back ... hee hee ... where the girl was pouring Morton Salt
over the umbrella .... remember that!?!
That's where my mind was heading when creating this Valentiney,
salty, open an umbrella indoors kinda card :)  Thank you Jeanette for a 
wonderful challenge and Darlene for suggesting this salty technique!

Be sure to stop by the Calendar Girl blogs to see 
what holiday they are obverving this month :)

Big hugs, Bigger Blessings!

This is my 33rd card in the 100 cards challenge :)


  1. Oh Kelly, what a delightfully cute card! And WOW!!! I love the salt technique! EEK! I still need to do that. Note to self!

    Your image choice is perfect for "your" holiday and what a fun holiday it is! ;)

    I'm so glad you're a Calendar Girl! THANK YOU for playing along this month with a special holiday challenge.

  2. Wonderful card- goodness- have you found your original salt background? Well, no worries- you will have one for later. LOVE this card- such a sweet image and LOVE the layout you used. Love the idea of National umbrella day- rain or no rain!

  3. Oh, I love your card. The image is just too cute and goes so well with the sentiment. You really rocked the salt technique. Never knew about those national holidays. I heard on the news the other day that they wanted to make a Tom Hanks Day!

  4. What a sweet card of friendship, Kelly!!

  5. how gorgeous and clever!!!!

  6. Well, pass the salt! Looking good my friend!!! Love all that pink and the entire card. Just beautiful!

  7. Such a cute card and I love that technique!! :)

  8. I think a squirrel hid your original card in bubble wrap! Love the card - that main image is absolutely adorable. :-)

  9. Cute card and fun technique! Is there really an open an umbrella indoors day? LOL

  10. Haha - National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day!! Too funny!! Your card is absolutely gorgeous, Kelly!! The background looks amazing!! And what a sweet image!! You know the other background will show up now that you have this done!! Have a great day my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. Great technique and love the color on this! National bubble wrap day? Really?! Carri~Abusybee

  12. What a stunning card Kelly - love the way your salt technique worked - I still have quite a few backgrounds from my play session :-).
    Cute image too and I love the way you have mounted it!

  13. I hope you find your missing background, it would be fun to see the two to compare! Great results with the salt, just a fabulous card all around!

  14. What an adorable card. cute image and fabulous design.

  15. You made the salty technique look so pretty!

  16. Wow, this technique turned out great - you would never know that it was not the intended paper. I just love all of the red and sweetness on this card.....CUTE!

  17. Kelly--what cute card. I cannot believe you are old enough to know that Morton's Salt ad...... What a sweet image and I think I might try that technique (don't tell Jeanette as I just wrote that I would not try it on a card as she had so much difficulty)

    I am glad to be in this group with you!

  18. it's adorable!! That round frame looks very cool.

  19. LOL...Loveeee your choice of holiday!;o) ...and who said that opening an umbrella indoor is bad luck? pish-posh!My favorite part, besides you sweet immie and , of course, your choice of colors, is the layout of your card...I love it so much that I would like permission to copy it if you don't mind!
    BTW: Awesome tecnique..love the salt tecnique...I must re do it soon!♥

  20. What a sweet image. It reminds me of the morton salt girl. Love the way you used the twine and button on the inside. Very nicely made card!

  21. Oh Kelly what a sweet card! It is jus adorable. The image is precious and the way you place it going through the circle is a great touch. Had never heard of the salt technique, am so going to have to give it a try.

  22. I have never heard of that technique but your paper really is so pretty. And sorry to laugh, but I too have lost things to some crafty black hole. Anyway, what a sweet sweet (or salty) card!

  23. Open an umbrella indoors day...I think you're right, we could make a holiday out of anything!
    Your card for this most wonderful, yet unlucky, holiday is beautiful! I love the salt background!