Frolicking in the Forest :)

Hi friends ~ I'm so glad this is Friday!  
 What a week this has been - whew =)
Right now, President Obama and the First Lady are at my daughter's
High School where they have the honor of singing the National Anthem!
What an absolutely wonderful once-in-a-lifetime moment,
 one she will look back on and treasure in the years to come.
Not too many people can say they met/sang for the President of the United States ...
except maybe Forest Gump, LOL!
I managed this week to reach too far back into the dryer
and burn my hand, causing a trip to the ER for 3rd degree burns.
See, housework is dangerous - we shouldn't do it! :/
I had to fill in as a chaperone for my daughters' choral group for MPA's
 and watch them get a standing ovation
and straight Superiors, earning them a spot to State next month!
Go Cuda Chorus! ♥
Being Room Mom, I was able to celebrate Dr. Suess's birthday week
(my favorite week!) with cute crafts and yummy treats -
I made Lorax buckets and green eggs and ham cookies
{pictures soon!} and
Put away books in the library where I volunteer x2 per week,
all with one hand while the other bandaged one heals up ...
But sadly, one thing I didn't catch up on was my card swaps!
This is one that is heading to my friend, Jeanette,
who is leader of the friends in the Forest swaps.
I think she's had like 110 of them by now!
Each one has a different theme, and this round was
Frolicking in the Forest.
Doesn't that sound like fun!

If you look that up in the Urban Dictionary,
it says "Prancing around like a fool"
I can do that!
I can prance!  I can be cool!
Oh wait, it says fool ....
Anyway ... I am really, really not happy with the way my card
came out but I didn't have time to redo it or keep fretting over it =(
I so love Elzybells and knew I wanted to ink up this stamp ~
I hope swinging is considered frolicking!
On the inside, I used a sentiment from MFT.
And that's it from me today!
I hope to visit you super soon,
I'm behind in my blogging and blog round visits but I'll be by!

This is my 65th card in the 100/100 card challenge.

Big hugs, Bigger Blessings!

Card entered into: Unruly Paper Arts - photo inspired/colors


  1. WOW!! Congrats to your daughter for such an event and honor! :) I absolutely adore your creation here Kelly!! That sentiment is just too stinkin' CUTE!! Enjoy your weekend! HUGS

  2. Congrats to your daughter!! How exciting!! And ouch...I hope your burn heals quickly. Your card is absolutely adorable!! I don't know why you aren't happy with it - it's fabulous!! I love the inside sentiment!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Goodness Kelly, housework is extremely dangerous, ignore it all when possible! What an absolutely thrill for your daughter and congratulations to her and her fellow singers! Cute, cute and I love the great sentiment!

  4. Kelly, what a week you have had. Congrats to your daughter on such an honor. And, I love your card.

  5. I think your precious card is absolutely wonderful!
    So sorry to hear about your injury and hope it is healing nicely! What an honor for your daughter! Not even Forest got to sing for the president! :)

  6. I'd be very happy with how it turned out and it's adorable. Cute sentiment on the inside too!
    You really are Super Mom! Busy, busy, busy.
    And yes........housework is NOT good for us! Take care of that hand.

  7. Oh Kelly don't beat yourself up - this is gorgeous!!
    Take care of your hand my sweet friend.

  8. This card is fabulous, inside and out. You take care of that hand too :)

  9. Kelly, sweet friend... I am so sorry to hear of your injury! (((HUGS))) A dryer should NOT be able to do such a thing, no matter where the operator sticks her hand. UGH!

    YAY! for your DD - singing for the president!

    YAY! for standing ovations and trips to state!!!

    YAY! for fun with DS and Dr. Seuss!

    And wait just a minute - don't be so hard on yourself!!! Your card is just perfect! Cheerful colors, Great design, sweet image. I love it!!!

  10. Wow what a week, I hope your hand is on the mend I can't imagine how painful that type of burn is. I love your cute card particularly the sentiment. It made me laugh as I am sure most peoples day starts with a whee just not the kind you are saying. Take care and have a great weekend! xx

  11. Gorgeous card Kelly! I love the pink & green color combo as well as that sweet image you used!!!

  12. Your card is cute as can be. I love the "whee" to go with the swinging image.

    What an honor for your daughter. Wow! I bet she is triple excited.

    I'm so sorry about your burn. Hope it is already healing....and fast.

    I never have to do housework again because you said it is a hazard. LOL

  13. So sorry to hear about your hand...I agree, housework can be dangerous!
    Wonderful news about your daughter's choral group. Congratulations!!
    Beautiful card!

  14. Kelly, it is a beautiful card, sweet image and beautiful colors.

  15. So cute! AWWWWW, I love those SU papers! Brings a smile to my face and makes me think of a very special stamp you sent me many moons ago.

  16. She is so cute and wonderful colors. That sentiment put such a smile on my face!!

  17. awwwwwwwwww....such cute card and image!! I love me some 'wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' too...yup...confessing that- at my age- I STILL go on swings every chance I get! lol♥

  18. I love, love, LOVE the sentiment! And the card is too darn cute, what with that flower and the colors and all.