Dueling Darlings ~ How does your garden Grow?

Hi friends and Happy Father's Day to all those celebrating!

SUPER long post ahead with many pictures :)
It's the 15th of the month and that means the
 Dueling Darlings get their card kit duel on!
In case you might be wondering what that is,
it's a card group I created years ago over on SCS in which
 two opposing 'teams' of crafters (The Divas and The Dazzlers, but we are ALL Darlings ♥) chose a theme ~
 then each of the two opposing hostesses send card kits to each in their group,
and it's a surprise until we receive it/post it! :)
This month, our hostesses are Tami for Team Divas
and Darlene for Team Dazzlers!
And they chose ..... Gardening!

Using Gardening Riley and almost a little bit of everything in the kit,
here is my card - inside and out:

* Now, Tami also asked for us to post our favorite gardening tip in our post.
My tip:  Have your kids do it!!
LOL!  I jest ♥
In all seriousness, this theme could not be more appropriate timed
because a couple of weeks ago, our oldest daughter (home from
college classes for the summer) decided she wanted to start that
garden she kept talking about.
In the summer.
In South Florida.
In the heat.
I agreed to help her (comical in itself, since I have the polar
opposite of a green thumb and the only plants I can manage to take
care of are SILK plants .... even then ... it's questionable!)
as long as she took the helm - planned it all from
which area of the yard, the how and when to build it,
what supplies and seeds she would want, and I would be there
to lend a hand -- and some blood, sweat, and tears (yup!  All 3!)
Did I mention it's HOT here?!!!
"It's like AFRICA hot", to quote Matthew Broderick!

The next day surveying ....
and, Buster, again ~ he thinks he's a Farm Dog.

She did AWESOME!
I am immensely proud of her and her little garden which is now
sprouting all over the place ~ oh, I can taste that squash and zucchini already!
I've taken a lot of pictures over the weeks, documenting ...
 Typical of South Florida summers, it's been raining a lot!
Downright POURING, even.
A few times, we've been worried!

 but her planning, planting, and diligence has paid off.
By the Fall, I hope we have a bountiful harvest!
She's already scouting out where to put the trellis and the climbing
vines ~ plus all the little seedling transfers she has in
starter pots and planters.
Did you make it this far!?
Thank you!!
Be sure to stop in and see what the rest of the Divas and Dazzlers
have created for you with our Gardening theme!
You can find them all listed in my sidebar ...
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As always,
Big Hugs, Bigger Blessings!
I'll enter this card into:  Sentimental Sundays #211 - Animals
Stamping Sensations:  Animal Antics
 Natalie and Amy Challenge - 4 legged friends!


  1. There are four things I love about this post!

    1. Your adorable card, with those cute DP banners placed so well.

    2. Your DD gardening tenacity.

    3. The fact that Buster thinks he is a Florida farm dog.

    4. That cute white fending on the garden!

  2. Oh my goodness Kelly...this is a great post. I love the card.both inside and out. I love the pictures of dd and the garden along with her farm dog...lol and I love that you were a brave mommy in saying you would help. Gotta say if I was helping everything would be dead a long time ago....great job my sweet friend. So blessed that we are duelers and friends..

  3. What a wonderful card. I love the layout and how you displayed so many of the designer papers. But oh my goodness! What an amazing daughter and great garden she planted. Hope you enjoy the fruits and "vegetables" of her labor. 😄

  4. Hi Kelly! Oh, what a marvelous post!! First, love your super bright fun card highlighting Gardening Riley (hmmm, we chose almost identical colors for our Riley!)...Great layout and design and use of papers inside and out!! Love the pictorial review of your DD's garden...Awesome endeavor and you are such a good mama to give your blood, sweat and tears. I'm sure the "fruits" of your labor will be worth it all!!

  5. The card is wonderful, but I enjoyed the story of your daughter gardening more! Her garden is super cute with that little white fence. I think everyone should have a little garden, no matter where they live. :-) With all of your sunshine, things should grow quickly. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. Holeeeeeyyyy///lots of amazing 'stuff' going on here! ♥ LOVEEEEEE the super cute card with so many layers...I like especially how you added 'banners' on the side...it really makes the circle stand out even more...and thennnnn woowww...KUDOS to your girl for such project!!She has done a GREAT job indeed, especially w/ the cute white picket fence....it completes the whole garden...*BRAVAAAAAA!!!*

  7. Your card is super fun! WoW! Amazing job on your Daughter's garden! Can't wait to see the progress!! My Mom also started a garden... in Arizona, 112+ temps already? Her solution? She has giant umbrellas shading them LOL! But is it working! Carri~Abusybee

  8. As an old farmer I applaud you and your daughter and I must include you dog, even though on that count it was most likely getting in the road. Love the card both inside and out. Sweet image.

  9. What a fun post!! Your card is so gorgeous!! I love the image and papers!! Your daughter did an awesome job with her garden!! I garden in pots on my deck...love, love fresh veggies!! I love the white fence she added!! And how adorable is your "farm" dog!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. First of all.....of course I love your card! Gotta love that little Riley!
    WOW on your daughters garden! I'm super impressed as I know exactly how much work they are - but the veggies are always so good. Kudos to her - and to mom too for all the cheering on the sidelines!
    And Buster - a farm dog? Yikes! LOL!

  11. Wow!!!!

    Wow on the fantastic card! Absolutely love the DP banners, the circle layout and how you finished the inside. It's all wonderful!

    Triple WOW on your daughter's garden! Such hard work and dedication, especially given the heat. And with Buster's supervision, I'm sure you'll have a bountiful harvest!!


  12. Wow on the card and wow, wow, wow on the garden! Terrific achievement for you both, hope you have loads of fresh produce to enjoy!

  13. What a wonderful card - I do hope you find a reason to give it to your daughter after all her great gardening!!

  14. Kelly--your card and your post and your daughter's garden all are awesome!

    Sweet Card--I love all of the elements! Love the progress pictures of the garden too.

  15. Your DD did a great job on her garden! Your card is just adorable. I like the design if your card!

  16. I love your Riley card- and your DP too. The banner ribbons you created are so cool! Whoa- the garden your daughter created is sooo fab- and big! Loving the cute gate she put around the edge of the garden too.

  17. A really bright and cheerful card, thanks so much for sharing with us at Stamping Sensations.

    B x

  18. I love your sensational card with this adorable gardening Riley and the wonderful photos of your daughter and her garden! How fabulous!

  19. Your card is ADORABLE!!! And I love the photos you shared! What a wonderful thing she is learning / doing. We have a garden, but ours isn't doing so well with the weather being so wonky. I have some nice looking tomato plants, but several BAD looking ones. My cucumbers, squash and zucchini aren't doing too hot either. :( Wahhh!
    Good Luck! Can't wait to see the photos of all of the yummy veggies you have!
    {{ HUGS }}

  20. Super cute card. My house is filled with moose. Good luck to your future gardener!

  21. Her garden is adorable. What a fantastic job. We too have our seeds planted (in Africa!) and having fun watching them grow. Perfect card for the occasion!

  22. AWESOME card!!! Love how you used the kit and the layout is so fun.
    And wow, wow, wow--that garden is amazing. She did such a great job! Love seeing Buster in there too!! HUGS

  23. Fabulous card, love that moose and just perfect for our animal antics theme. What a great job your daughter has done with the garden too! Thanks for joining in with us at Stamping Sensations this month. Maddy x

  24. I hope your daughters garden is bountiful Kelly as nothing tastes as good as home grown. Your card design is spot on too. Tis the season to enjoy the great outdoors.

  25. What a wonderful garden. Can't wait for the up dates :).
    Your card is just adorable. I just came in from watering my gardens.

  26. Such an adorable card with beautiful pattern papers and lovely image. Thank you for sharing it with us at Stamping Sensation.
    Eret x

  27. Cute card! I love the fun papers and the little banners!

    Your daughter's garden looks great! I hope she has great success and you all enjoy the bounty!

  28. Oh wow! Your card is AWESOME! I love the banners! :)
    I also need your daughter at my house. My raised garden didn't turn out near and cute!!!!!!!!!! :)

  29. Such a cute card! I love the image. And good luck to your daughter with the garden!

    Thanks for taking part in Natalie and Amy's challenge this month - good luck!

    Emma x