Orange Pumpkins ...

My 4 children are huge supporters and fans of my work ♥
Now, by work, I mean the 'mommy's cards' that grace their walls and bookshelves. 
 Birthdays, Christmas, all the major card exchange days, they give me the biggest smiles, kindest words and best hugs when they carefully open up an envelope and see a card tailored for them.
It warms my heart and soul :)
My son, newly 10 years old, is as naturally funny as he is sweet.
His off-the-cuff one liners have me often wondering where he gets his sense of humor from but we sure love him for it.
Like when I was making this card .... 
I'm up to my elbows in acrylic paint, swatch of leftover screen from the patio
(yup, screen!)
 and paper that won't stay still no matter how many strips of painters tape I have on it.
"Hey mommy, watcha doing?" he asked,
in between dropping more sandwich crumbs on the floor than on his shirt. 
"Oh, making a card, babe. Pumpkins!  Orange pumpkins.
Would you like to see?"  I ask.
"Sure", he replies. "But what's the screen for?"
Insert his sideway, sly-smile look, deciphered immediately because I have that "mom code" for all sideways, sly smile glances: 
{Oh, does DAD know you have that screen!}
{Can I have one, too!}
{That could be my new ................}
"Well, that's for giving the paper some background", I quickly averted interjected.
  See, I lay it down and then paint all through-out the screen
and when it blends through, you get a neat little random design of orange paint.
It makes a great backdrop for the card I'm making."
He looks at the card, then at me, then back at the card again.
He doesn't need to speak.
I can see those invisible gears clicking around in his head,
his thoughts formulating before they are even spoken.
I know my son :)
"Wow.  Cool.  But .... if you wanted to paint the paper orange,
why didn't you just ......... paint the paper orange."
Now the artist in me wants to jump up and down!
You're right!
But look! 
See the incredible dimension, the shape, the feel of the card!
The texture it gives, the ridges, all the nooks and crannies!
My sweet boy.
 My sweet, sweet boy.
He looks at my painted ridged bumpy shapely touchy feely orange background,
then looks up at me with those blue, blue eyes of wonder and sweetness ....
and tells me ...
"It kinda looks like Iowa."

O-kay then! 
 Today's my turn to post on the Just For Fun Rubber Stamps Challenge blog.
For my card today,  I used the gorgeous stamptangle (zentangle stamps) Large Pumpkin.

In our house, the pumpkins come out in all shapes starting in the Fall
and end up in everything from pies to coffee to scented candles!
Like that funny cartoon you see every fall -

Beware!  Pumpkin flavored everything is coming!

And I'm sure they have pumpkins in Iowa, too :)

Pretty cool screen AND it's a great crafting tool! :)

You can find these stamps - both the Large Pumpkin
and the sentiment stamp (lots of holiday words in this set!)
in the Just For Fun Stamps store here.
Thanks for stopping by today!
Big hugs, Bigger Blessings!


  1. Oh Kelly - love your story, and the results :-) Boys can be such fun!

  2. Kelly what a lovely post. If I ever get a chance to visit Iowa I am sure this little coversation will jump into my head.
    Now I would LOVE to have pumkins like yours in the greengrocers...Imagine what the would be like. A gorgeous card....and a lovely memory for you too!

  3. Got to love boys! Always so logical!

    Fabulous work with is gorgeous zentangle pumpkin! My sister is big time into zentangling so it always catches my eye and holds my attention whenever I see it!

  4. Kelly, what a wonderful story of your sweet son. I can just feel how much you love him as you tell your story.

    Your zentangle pumpkin is super and I want one. :-) Good job using the screen. There are so many items we can use if we just look around...and it is fun, too.

  5. OH Kelly, this is just stunning. I love this pumpkin and love how you did the background.

  6. LOL! Your son is too funny! I like th orange background you created with your screen. I'm thinking when your done using the screen to make backgrounds, cut it up and actually use it on your card! Especially if it is clogged with paint.

  7. Kelly--your card is stunning. AND--know the work that went into it, it makes me love it even more!

  8. Haha, what a fabulous story!! Your son is too funny!! Your card is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the pumpkin!! It looks amazing!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. Love the story Kelly! VERY nice card and do love, love, love the way you did the background for this fantastic pumpkin!

  10. Just fabulous Kelly! Love the pumpkin!

  11. I have a newly 10 year old boy who sounds much the same, so this pulled straight at my heart strings! How incredibly sweet and cute!!!

    Your card is gorgeous, as always! Love the patchwork pumpkin!!!

    Big smiles and hugs to you!

  12. Fabulous card Kelly. I love your screen background and you did an amazing job coloring that pumpkin. Conversations at your house must keep you in stitches!

  13. Loving your Zentangle pumpkin and your uniquely Iowa stenciled background- an awesome backdrop! I love your post- and that smile from your son sure sounds special as is he!!!