*Big MOOSE - I mean, NEWS!*

2016 is bringing exciting changes to Riley & Company!

As of January 1st,  "Head Moose" Tanya, owner of Riley & Company, home of the Funny Bones, Inspirations and Riley the Moose stamp lines, will be moving to a new umbrella site called The Ink Spot.

But wait! There's more! :)
 The Ink Spot home will also be home the Cornish Heritage Farms 
line of stamps, including the popolar Thomas Kinkade series
. PLUS, a fabulous new addition to the line up will be
the Prickly Pear Rubber Stamps. 
The Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps store will be back up on January 1st
 (and accepting orders), but until then you can check out the Facebook Page (don’t forget to like it!!) and the Blog.

With this change, the Riley & Company blog has been transformed into a terrific comprehensive site that includes samples for all of our lines; Riley & Company, Funny Bones, Inspirations, Cornish Heritage Farms, Thomas Kincade 
It’s still a work in progress, but please go take a look.

Not only will you find tutorials on how to color Riley and how to color 
Thomas Kinkade, you will be able to check out why Prickley Pear is so innovative, find the products that work best with the Inspirations line and learn about digital images too. 
There will be TONS of card samples, challenges, games and more. 
All on one great stamping site!

Also being introduced on The Ink Spot this year is a new Stampers Club kit. 
 This kit will contain 7 stamps (comprised of a combination of Funny Bones, Inspirations and Riley), 4 collector design cards with photos and instructions and an exclusive Tickle My Funny Bones monthly button.

Subscribers will find the Tickle My Funny Bones Stamp Kit automatically ships out on the 15th of every month. You can click this link to sign up. Time is running out to sign up for the very first kit. Note, shipping outside of the USA will have additional shipping fees.

Club Members will be privy to a super secret Facebook page where they can find more designs to make with stamps in the kit. Members can also interact with the Design Team and share ideas with each other.

The Tickle My Funny Bone button that comes with each kit can be used in special random contests to win free product (or perhaps discounts??). The buttons will never be for sale and only Club Members can get them.

Kits are sold by subscription only and a minimum of three months is required. Your credit card or Paypal account will be charged when you sign up and then every 30 days afterward. Customers are responsible for cancelling after three months, if desired (but why would you want to?). Every 12 months of membership, you will receive a FREE special thank you kit.

So, head on over to The Ink Spot and take a look around!. Then, swing by the Card Club site and make sure you’re signed up for the fun.

Here's to an incredible, fun 2016!



  1. Now that is what I call news!!!! I will pop over soon and have a look
    All the best for 2016 Kelly

  2. Sounds exciting!

  3. WOW!! Lots of fun stuff happening... need to check it out! THANKS for letting the world know........ well, your corner of the world anyway. ;)

  4. Bookmarked and will check it out!