The Coloring Challenge - Road Trip!

Hi friends and happy Sunday!
Class is in session!

Today I'm sharing a little bit of coloring as a participant
 of Kathy Rac's coloring challenge.

Yes ... that Kathy Rac! ♥

She's been an inspiration to me for many years now 
and her celebrated #thedailymarker30day
 is one of my favorite crafting adventures.
  I was so SO sad when she came to Florida to the My Favorite Things boutique
 and the class was sold out so quickly.
It was on my daughter's birthday and about 4.5 hours from my home, one way!

 What's the next best thing?
  Sign up for her new online classes! 

I fell last week and was injured on my dominant right hand
 so I'm coloring one handed-ish and typing one handed-ish
but I. am. determined!
The ER sent me home with instructions to
 'be a little more careful and R.I.C.E. my hand."
I heard 'add a little rice to your hand" and 
thought white rice? brown rice? fried rice?" 
 Is this a new thing?!
My husband says I am constant entertainment.
I'm surprised he takes me out of the house, LOL!

Back to class!

 I love love LOVE what we've been learning in the classes -
 what to do, what perhaps not to do.
 It's about about learning, practicing, trying our best yet keep it fun!

Which was a great tip for me ~
I'm an adventurous soul by nature.
There's not much I won't try and the higher, the wilder, the better!
However, I'm a cautious cardmaker.
I don't know why.
I fret too much a card design and layout,
is this the right color combo (i.e., "the pinks don't match!")
and I rethink the mess out of most of my image coloring.
I've tossed more than I can count and probably restarted double that.
One thing she's teaching us:
Don't overthink it.
Be Fearless!

I started out with a Gina K Designs Vibrant Blooms stamp and die set.
I think the best flower choice for learning in Class 1 could be bigger, bolder ~
but I was super excited to stamp it up and color it that I just went for it.
It still has the nooks and crannies
and I took a plunge into fearless
 by adding grey, bright orange and brown to my sunflowers.

Is it perfect?
But do I love it?
I love the pop of color from the orange and the sweet spot white spaces!
I can't wait to make this into a card :)

Thanks for stopping by today!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥


  1. Wow Kelly these are amazing....great job.

  2. Wow!!! Such amazing colouring!! And you have done this beauty with your left hand? Oh my, you rock!!! :D So sorry for your injured right hand, hope you feel better early! I laugh for your pun about rice :D even if I don't know what is really R.I.C.E. LOL
    Big hugs, waiting to see you card with those amazing sunflowers!

  3. Hey, It's looks perfect to me. Very nicely done! So sorry to hear about your fall. Been there. Done that. about 5 years ago, I fell when I tripped over my computer mouse cord. (I now have a wireless mouse!) It earned me several months of Physcial Therapy on my shoulder because I used my arms to try and break my fall. I do not recomment doing a belly flop on a wood floor. smile.

  4. Beautiful colouring Kelly. Sorry to hear you had a fall and hope you are being good and resting as much as you should!! I have had a few problems over a few weeks and have to go for an MRI scan. I have just posted my first card since Christmas on my blog!! Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  5. Beautiful colouring, hope your hand is soon better! Hugs, Valerie

  6. it's beautiful coloured Kelly
    Gr Karin

  7. Wow, great coloring, Kelly. And that with 1 hand! Fantastic that your hubby still finds you an entertaining person. Keeps the love young!
    xxx Margreet

  8. Those are beautiful Kelly! Hope your hand heals quickly!

  9. Stunning coloring with only 1/2 of your hand!! What beautiful flowers!!

  10. Oh my goodness! Kelly, I didn't even know there is a class and already you are an outstanding student. With this coloring I'm guessing you're one of the teacher's favorite students. ;) I look forward to seeing more of your amazing coloring!

  11. Hi Kelly your colouring is wonderful, and I love the images you've chosen. I would love to go to a colouring class, but way up here in the North of Scotland it's too far for anyone to come, Kate x

  12. Such pretty colouring and looking forward to seeing the card. Love the be fearless and don't overthink it thought.....As crafters I think we are all are own worst critics. Sorry to hear about your hand Kelly x.

  13. BEAUTIFUL WORK, Kelly!!! I'm SO SORRY you fell & injured your hand!(Just to let you know, it does get worse the older you get. I've had a few falls myself!):/ BUUUT, you did do a WONDERFUL JOB on this, even with your injury!!! Your husband is right! Reading your post, I had to read it to my hubby! LOL SO FUNNY!!! I'd take "Fried Rice!" ;) SO GLAD your are having fun with the class!!! HUGS!!! ;)<3

  14. Well done Kelly on taking the plunge and enjoying the class too! Do hope the hand heals quickly - that was not a wise move to fall...

  15. Kelly thanks for the beautiful comment about me and the post. YOur coloring is beautiful and you checked all of the boxes!! So proud of you Big hugs