3M: Here for you, rain or shine!


Hi friends!

Today I'm sharing a card for the 3M card group ~ 

3M = mystery image sent each month and we never know what it will be!

We take turns sending an image to each other

and this month is Umbrella Swissie by CC Designs from Jeanette.

I actually colored this little cutie to look like my granddaughter, Alice!

She's almost 2 years old and LOVES to splash in the puddles :)

For my card, I wanted to try something a little out of the box.

After seeing my card, I think I should have left it IN the box - LOL!

I watched the VERY talented Lydia on Facebook who does countless

wonderful techniques and card making tips and tricks.

She created clouds last week in her online class that have me like *heart eyes!*

(Here is the link to this technique on her YouTube)

First, here is my finished card: 

For this card's background, I created a card with a Nouveau Retiform,

which is basically masking off portions of the cardstock for inking

 and then stamping over the top area.

It's a bit of a labor of love and needing the right tools!

Since I didn't have the right stencil for the job,  and I was eager to try this,

I did the next best thing:  I created it!

Using an insert of cardboard, I layered rectangle dies in a pattern,

die cut them out, and made a stencil to use for ink blending.

Once that was done, I stamped onto the ink blocks

using a sentiment quote from John Keats)

This was pretty messy and a fun technique to try 

and I'll definitely revisit it with some proper tools and planning!

I am sure Barb and Jeanete will have made much much pretty cards

using the sweet CC Designs umbrella girl!  

I'm sorry this post was soooooo long!

I hope you enjoyed it somehow in the process of making and creating :)

Thanks for stopping by ~ I appreciate it!

Big hugs, bigger blessings :)



  1. Lovely card. I'm 74 and I still love splashing in puddles! Hugs, Valerie

  2. What a gorgeous card Kelly, and I am glad it did not stay in the box!!
    Loved the wee video of Alice in the puddles - I don't mind splashing in puddles with boots on, and I have a few years on Alice :) Annalise also loves being outdoors, rain or shine, and puddles are her favourite too!
    Stay safe

  3. Oh my goodness... this is FANTASTIC Kelly! I love the way it looks and what a laborious but creative process getting there. Such a fun card! And as cute as it is... and it IS! - the Alice video is the icing on the cake. She's precious!

  4. Just love it! So creative! ... and that video is the cutest thing!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Kelly, such a sweet image and fabulous design, lovely colours too.
    Thanks for sharing your little one, she is adorable,

  6. Great card and lovely background.

  7. Such fabulous post, Kelly!! Firstly, your granddaughter Alice is too much cute and fun!!!!! :D :D Loved seeing her splashing in the puddle!!
    And then, the technique you used for your amazing card is so creative and inspired me to try with some diecut leftovers, thanks so much for the idea :D

  8. Great to make your own stencil and love how you did the background too x. Fabulous card Kelly x.

  9. WOW--Just WOW! Love this technique and look at you making your own stencil! Kelly Rocks!!!!!! I love, love this card!

  10. I first saw this cute card at SCS. Glad I stopped to take a second look. I loved how you created it. Now you have inspired me to give it a try. Thank you for sharing your step by step instructions.
    PS. I had to watch that cute video a couple of times. So adorable.!

  11. Oh, my, that sweet Miss Alice!! This card looks just like her splashing through the puddles!! Love it, Kelly!