2019: Word of the Year

Hello 2019!

It's a new year, a fresh start, the beginning of a beautiful journey!

Each year, and for the past 7 years on my blog,

I have a Word of the Year that's purposeful ~

one that inspires and encourages me to do better ...

BE better.

 What I love about this year's word?

Like many of them in the past, I didn't choose it ...

it chose me :)

In the wonderful way the word tilts and turns,

somehow we find each other, my word and I,


  I. just. know. 

See .... I had a word.

A different one.

I loved that word!

 I remember seeing it and thinking "Yes! That's the one!"

Last week, I was at home about to leave

and I looked back at my beautiful family.

In our home, there is a lot of laughter and love abounds!

As I stood in the doorway and glimpsed  

at their belly-laughing, side-splittin', good time havin' moment,

 I almost gasped.

There it was.


 The word itself just warms my heart ♥

Each and every single day, we are given moments so precious.

I love seeing how He works through me, guiding and teaching,

and making it so crystal clear in one quick glance what He wants me to know.

 2018 was whirlwind but filled with grace and beauty.

 I also learned sometimes I didn't always see what was right in front of me.

Where I saw dismay, there was joy.

Where I saw heartbreak, there was blessedness.

Where I thought I was gracefully unbroken, I was being given a gift!

I just wasn't looking.

According to Merriam-Webster, gift is described as:

- a thing given willingly to someone without payment, a present.

- natural ability or talent.

In reading this, I know that both not only apply to me,

and my intentions for 2019, 

I cherish it!


this is my word ♥

 In keeping with tradition and carrying my WOTY into my crafty goals,

 I've set ones that are attainable and giftable! .
My crafty goals for 2019: 

1.  Christmas cheer all year!

  Oh How December was a blur for me!

It was one big 900 mph, fueled by Starbucks month of merry madness!

I was SO BLESSED to receive so many beautiful cards and happy mails,

and yet I was only able to make cards for my family.

This year, I'll be focusing on holiday cards all year long!

So it might be Easter or 4th of July and you'll see Santa on my blog! :) .

2.  52 card challenge (not the real name!) :)

Starting this week, you'll see a themed card that will start off

a whole year of cards, one a week for 52 weeks!

I won't spoil the surprise but I'm super excited!

 My family and I had a hilarious contest to come up with the name 

for the 52 cards challenge and mine actually won :)

*insert fist bump!* 


 3. One Plus Twelve 

Although the name sounds like a posh boutique, it's a stamp, paper and ink!

I've picked one stamp that I will use all year long, once a month,

as a personal challenge to see how many ways I can use that one stamp creatively!

I've named it One Plus Twelve =  one stamp + 12 months! 

4.  James 1:17 'Every good and perfect gift is from above' This is the scripture I've chosen for this year to go along with my word. We each have a gift, a talent, to share with someone. Sometimes my itty bitty brain gets filled up with things I want to do! I'll spend this year aimed at gifting more.

 As we start a new chapter in a brand new year, it's a gift to my heart knowing we are on this journey!
 2019 is here!
It's in plain view - for us to see, encompass, believe in.

Live yours ♥

Big hugs, bigger blessings!


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  1. Love this story, beautiful. We are blessed everyday God let's us have another day and that is a gift!!!❤❤❤