A true Honor :)

What an honor and a blessing to receive this lovely blog support award from one of my treasured friends, Carolyn http://pmsetc.blogspot.com/ . I met her on the SCS when I first joined and she instantly extended the olive branch and made me feel welcomed! I am honored, touched and blessed to receive this from her! I visit her blog and am blown away by the sheer beauty of her work - each piece a small showcase in art all wrapped up in the ribbon of paper and bows! Thank you, for all you do!!
I am not very gifted in the area of cardmaking and blogs, lol, but I appreciate very very much the visits you make, the cards we share & the comments/suggestions on the occasional challenges I dare to enter ;) I love to create and have fun in the process and have made some lifelong, everlasting friendships along the way and your support through life issues and creating have meant the world to me! So I pass this award on as well and dedicate it to
Karen, Mary, Kadie, Sandra, Catherine, Judy, Jeanette, Tanja, Susan, Gael, Sweet P ....... to name just a few. Without you all, I'm sure I wouldn't be doing all that I am in the creative world :) Scoop this up and add it to your blogs, ladies! Love ya!!


  1. AWW thank you Kelly!

  2. Kelly: Have I told you lately that I *heart* you???? You are such a wonderful friend to me! {{{{HUGS}}}}
    Thank you!

  3. Hun, I, I feel so honored to receive this award - thank you so much. But i think I still have to learn so much - I can't grab it and put it on my blog my computer always tells me he cannot find the picture-address. so, please know I'm so thankful for this but still have to figure out how that works, grrrrrrr!

  4. Anonymous6/18/2009

    Oh sweetie - I'm happy to have the chance to know you. You're the best!