One sweet Award! :)

Our God is truly an amazing God!   I remember reading recently a scripture in Psalm (55:14) with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship as we walked with the throng at the house of God.  And truly life is so much sweeter with Him and that of our closest, most wonderful friends to guide us. It's always a blessing when we get to *meet* new friends via this vast computer world of ours, and Tracy is one of those inspiring, amazingly talented and wonderful ones I've met along the way!  I was  happily suprised to see my name on her blog for this very SWEET award!  Thank you so much, Tracy!  If you haven't had the chance to stop by her blog, make sure you do!  She has an amazing talent and creates with a vintage flair and her work has such a heart-warming & creative touch to it.  And she's opening her own store soon, Grand Opening in March, so keep an eye out :)

This award says to name 10 things that make me happy and chose 5 other Bloggers to pass this on to.
10 is a small number, truly! I could list 50, but will keep it short ;)

1.  My Heavenly Father, above all things
2.  My husband who is my best friend and the part that makes me whole - for all he does, for who he is, for who we are together .... <3
3.  My 4 children ~ girls, love you muchly! and little Tony, you will always have my heart, too <3
4.  My family - close by and extended
5.  My church & my faith and all those who share it with me!  (is that two? LOL!) ;)
6.  The gorgeous happy place I call my craftin' Cabana that my wonderful dh had built for me :)
7.  My 2 crazy dogs - the gettin' older grouchy Brandy and the new, crazier than life Buddy ..... you guys keep me young, lol
8.  Being on the Design Teams that I'm on and the most blessed opportunities I've been given!
9.  Starbucks!!! ( you knew that was coming, right?  LOL!)
10.  The Ocean ...... ah, such sweetness ......

It's just too hard to narrow down only 5 people to give this award away to, so I will give it in categories and hope you all add it to your blogs and pass it on!

To  The Sistahhood .... you all know how much I love you muchly and how much you all mean to me!  Each of you are superbly special and truly sweet friends!  Grab this up, and add it to your sidebars ;)  I don't need to name names, right?!  ..... Kare, Miche, Kadie, Cat, Lorie ..... ETC!!!!!!!!!!  *wink, wink, hugs!*

To  Carolyn at the BBB and Carmen especially for this time of worry - we're always here for you and Tim!  Carolyn for giving me a chance I never thought I'd see .......  you've enriched my life tenfold and graced me with an opportunity that has meant sooooo very much to me!  Love you muchly, too!

To  Imke & Sille, - for reminding me so much of  "home" on your blogs and bringing such happy memories to my life when I see your speciality cards and say those same words that I don't get to say to anyone here anymore (and for putting up with my really bad German, lol!  Sie sind etwas ganz besonderes für mich!!)  

To  Joni for being one of the most amazing and generous and kind souls I've ever met!  And being a mom of 6 one top of all you do - you are so amazing and special to me!  Muah, hugs!

Pass on the love and let those around you know how SWEET they are!  Hugs & blessings!


  1. Anonymous1/28/2010

    Oh thank you thank you! You are a dear and wonderful part of my life and I thank heavens every day for you and the path that led me to you!

    And of course, I tried the SSS sketch - if they have you designing for them, they must be awesome!


  2. Kelly, thank you very much ! I am very happy to have you as a good friend and I am always happy to visit your blog to keep in touch. And believe me, your German is great.

    Hugs to you !!!

  3. Awwww, Kel, you totally deserve this award because you're THE SWEETEST!!! And thanks so much for passing it along to all of us!!

    Philippians 1:3, Dearie!!! MUAH, LUV YA

  4. You are so sweet dear Kelly, I love your blog so much!!! Thanks for this award... BIG cyber hugs...and happy happy dear. Hugs from near Berlin...;-) Silke

  5. Thanks for the SUH-WEET award, Kelly! You put the sweet in so many people's day! I love ya!