Goodbye to Summer ... BLOG CANDY, suggestions!

I am absolutely stunned at how fast this summer just went zoom zooming by!  My son started Kindergarten this week and just loves it ~ the girls start on Monday and we've been working hard on getting uniforms for one, proper fitting clothes for the others, school supplies, appts and haircuts, etc!  And still squeeze in a little fun at the same time ;)

On his last weekend before school, I took my son to the beach at this small lighthouse island inlet on Key Biscayne - if you ever come to visit me, I'm taking you to brunch overlooking the ocean at a restaurant up on stilts with a view that is pure heaven! :)  It was mommy and me for nearly 8 hours (daddy surprised us the last hour!) and it was just blissful.  I had to capture the moment, of course, with many pictures but one of them in particular just absolutely brought tears to my eyes to see it.  As his mommy, I can't tell you how very sweet and loving my son is, even though that's what all mommies will say ;)  But truly he is a joy - a miracle in his own right, always with a smile on his face and a laugh that echos long after it has stopped!

And THIS PICTURE ............  just speaks volumns to my heart! I love the look of it, I love that it's so candid and unplanned - he was just chatting with himself after we made sandcastles and towers and bridges and moats ....and he looked up out into the beach ocean and just stared ahead for a few minutes and I thought when I saw this "oh, what is he thinking, dreaming, envisioning, if anything at all?" 

So I thought I'd ask you all - the creative and wonderful experts!   This is about to be a scrapbook page ... what do you see it saying?  What creative titles, what little words would make this page one to remember forever and ever?!  And to thank you in advance, I've put together a little blog candy for (sadly!) one winner, the one chosen for the page.

Below in the comments, be sure to write what it says to you!!  I read each and every one :)

To inspire you, here were a few more moments from that very long beach day :)
On the sand-boardwalk, on some very, very hot sand!

I *think* this a was a foiled dive attempt, lol!  And we certainly had lots of people at the beach -
what a lucky shot to be empty in the background!

My honey monkey :)

Trying to surf, in the still waters with no waves, but seriously, look at that face in attempt #3! 

One of my all time favorite laugh pictures!  He had a blast "fall-urfing!"

It's a "sand"-man - Florida style, complete with coral rock hat and seaweed scarf! :)

I spy with my little eye a backwards "Y" ;)~

Thanks again for stopping by, blessing me with your friendship and words of wisdom and creativity!
I will leave this candy open until Thursday, 8.26.2010 - be sure to check back as the winner will be announced on Friday, 8.27.2010! * Blog Candy extended til next week! * Also, If you are not a follower {and you don't need to be to win!}, it would help if you follow or leave your name in the comments (aka, not anonymous!) so I can know how to contact you!


                                                       Scrapbooking/crafting candy includes:
~KI Memories 12 x 12 Holiday paper, assorted
~Cardstocks embellishing stickers, 12 x 12
~Joyful Gel Candy
~Joyful Hip chipboard
~Basic Grey Green at Heart brads
~TPC Studios Christmas Glamour Set of 15
~Christmas Ribbon


  1. Love these pictures! My little man starts kindergarten in a few weeks and it just makes me so nervous! You will have to let me know how your little guy did on his first day!

    I just LOVE this picture. It is so awesome! Here are some of my ideas:

    Goodbye Summer
    Hello Summer
    At One With The Sea
    Beach Boy
    Beyond The Sea
    Castles In The Sand
    Life's A Beach
    Lil' Sandman
    Seein’ Is Believin’
    Summer At The Shore
    Water Boy
    Endless Summer
    Hello Sunshine
    Here Comes the Sun
    Here Comes SUmmer
    Sunshine On My Shoulder
    The Heat is On (LOL!)

    Just a few ideas....

  2. Look over your journaling..."Just Blissful"

  3. che meraviglia queste foto sono appena tornata dalle vacanze e un già nostalgia di quest'estate...
    il miei suggerimenti sono
    Ricordi di mare
    Sole e mare
    un estate da ricordare
    Castelli di sabbia del mio piccolo
    giochi d'estate "insieme"
    Tuffo nell'estate
    purtroppo non conosco bene l'inglese spero che con la traduzione siano dei titoli accettabili...
    a presto rosa.kreattiva

  4. He is the cutest lil man ever!! I love those pics!! SO BEAUTIFUL! AND...I will definitely take you up on your offer whenever I get to come visit you! Yipee, yummy food at a restaurant on stilts!!

    When I look at that AWESOME photo I think,
    "Mommy, can we live here?" or maybe something cheeky like "First Day of School" (even though it's really before school started).
    OR (this is what I would be thinking EVERYDAY)
    "Wow, this is where I live!"
    and one last one...
    "Wish you were here"

    Hugs to you, my dear friend!

  5. I often sit and wonder what my DD 3 year old is thinking. I have one page that spoke to me where she is sitting in the sand at the park and just looking out in the field. I titles it lost on thought. You have a cutie!!

  6. I have a beach page in one of my books with a picture of my son sitting and playing in the water. He was about a year old and I chose this quote from Isaac Newton to go with it:

    "I was like a boy playing on the seashore, finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell than ordinary, while the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me."

    Your picture is precious!!

  7. Oh my goodness, Kelly... your post is awesome. The pictures are such a delight! Each one is precious.... I guess that's because the model is precious.... not to mention the photographer! ;)

    Your words (oozing with love for this young man in your life) have also brought me to tears!


  8. Hey Kelly, I am very big on journaling and a title really helps the sets the pace for sharing your story. Maybe your looking for something tht deals with summer, but if it were me I would title it " Through Your Eyes" I would journal about his thoughts, something like this! "My sweet little boy, you sit here and look at the ocean blue, So calm and quiet I wonder what are you thinking? Are you realizing that summer is almost over and that this week you will be stepping into a new school, making new friends, exploring and setting out on new adventures." You can just say what is in your heart here and relate it to what you think is going on! Just an idea Kelly. I know for me that it is those pages that tell a story that always stick out in my mind later down the road. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. What a sweet picture.
    I have a similar one of my daughter looking at a sunset. I titled it "You Go God!" because it seemed like my daughter was admiring His handiwork.
    Oh, there's another idea. You could title it "His Handiwork" and journal about God's creation and Tony's sand creations.

  10. That is such a cute picutre. They all are. How about:
    Last day of summer
    Missing summer already
    Wonder . . . what he was thinking
    Looking towards the future
    or as my DS would say:
    To infinity and beyond - when I sit on the beach and look out at the water, it just seems that it stretches to infinity and this is my DS' favorite saying right now.

  11. Kelly the pictures is so sweet! Love those moments. I am trying to think what might be going through a lil guy's mind....

    Totally Awesome!
    If I Were a Pirate....


    "Sea" my Summer
    Sands of Time
    Peace, Be Still
    Miles of Smiles
    Forever Young
    Island Dreams

  12. Great pics!
    Some titles i have :

    " His moment in time"
    " I wish....." then list all the things he could do/be
    " My love, my life, my boy"
    " In a world of his own"
    " Imagining the future"

    thanks for the chance to win!

  13. "Waiting for his ship to come in"


  14. Hi these pics are so lovely x What the first pic tells me when I look at it is...

    chatting to the .........
    .... Waves

    Leigh x

  15. Precious moment in time...
    I loved reading your interpretation. A mommy's love is an amazing thing.

  16. I’d say something like “there is bright future awaiting for you behind the horizon”

  17. one more
    Soaking Up The Summer Sun

  18. I thought all day about this...lol...

    Here's my idea for the page...(am actually tempted to crank it out and send it to you, since I have summery things on my table still)

    Title should be "Little Man, Big Dreams" and the highlighted picture should be that one of Little T.
    Then you should make your other favorites from that day smaller so that they don't take away from the first picture. They should be more in a 'film strip' like order. Embellies should be kept simple - maybe a couple of shell charms tied on with twine. And I'd use sand colored papers and a vibrant blue (turquoise) of some sort for the actual background of the whole page.

    Okay, aren't you sorry you asked?


  19. Stunning pictures. That water is sooo clear.

  20. This is beautiful and your son is so precious.
    I would name it 'Sea you future is endless'.
    God Bless,

  21. Hi Kelly,

    While he is still young...

    We could never just sit and enjoy as adults!

    So precious!!

  22. Okay, Kels. You have had me obsessed all day long. I've thought, been back to look at these glorious pictures several times, and thought some more, and the one thing that keeps coming back to me is this anonymous quote that seems to come directly from a loving mother's heart.

    "I dropped a tear into the ocean, and whenever it's found, I'll stop loving you... Only then."

    I just can't tell you how beautiful I think these pictures are. Your adorable little man, and you, the mother who loves him so very much. Okay, that's enough, because I can't see the keyboard for the tears. Amazing, moving and completely inspiring. THAT'S what YOU are!!

    I love ya,

  23. Fabulous photos!! I love them. Here's my title...

    Oh, to ponder the color blue.

    The blog candy is pretty, too.

  24. Wow what a great place to live and be able to go and just escape. If that was my scrap page I think I would make it a sea theme page with Nemo and the title might be:

    Waiting for Nemo

    That's what it looks like he is just sitting there waiting for something to pop out of the ocean. Journaling: I'd make a big clam in the corner of the page and have it able to open and then you could journal inside it.

    No mater what you do it will be wonderful because it's your beautiful son and you will have those memories forever.

  25. Hi Kelly, beautiful pic. Because he is a child here is my title:

    " As it goes behind the Sea? "

    Thanks for offering such a great candy.

    Hugs to you !!

  26. Hey Kelly! Totally fabby pics and i am soo jealous of the gorgeous sunshine and beach! i thought about 'Fun in the Sun'

    Thanks offering some gorg candy too!

    Hugz xx

  27. Sure looks like you are enjoying the summer, thanks for sharing the pics :-)

  28. Anonymous8/21/2010

    Kelly, I'm truly lousy when it comes to scrapbooking titles, but I wanted to just say how thankful I am for you that you had such a special day with your son. Your photos are fantastic -- you captured so much of the day! Praying that one of these fabulous ladies helps you find the title you need. Hugs, Deedee

  29. Anonymous8/21/2010

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  30. love all the pics!.. and some yummy candy!.. the best title I can think of is SUMMER FUN.. or SCHOOL'S OUT, LET'S SHOUT!.. or SUMMER FUN! :)

  31. Oh Kelly how beautiful! AWESOME pics

    Canadianscraps43's comment had me tearing up...
    Then Lorie's comment I started boo whooing....
    Great suggestions girls!

    Mine would have to be:

    "ON THIS DAY..."
    and then I would journal about the things we did and finish with "on this day I thanked the Lord for our time together, the wondrous sea and all of HIS beautiful creations, but on this day I thanked HIM most for YOU, my precious baby boy."
    ...or something like that :-)

  32. It makes me think - "when I grow up, I want to be....but for today I am just a kid, and I kinda like it!!!"

  33. Kelly, the pics are priceless! TFS! Children say and think so many amazing things, I wonder what he was thinking too! Maybe he was thinking..... "I wish upon the ocean blue, that all my wishes would come true!"

  34. and btw.. I love the "wish you were here" suggestion and "Little Man, Big Dreams" ~ since you always call him your little man.

    Love it.

  35. I'm not very creative when it comes to scrapbook titles but I will say that the pictures of your son are priceless. I was touched when I read your posting. You are one classy lady Kelly and feel that I have been touched by an angel by knowing you! you are one amazing person!

  36. Anonymous8/22/2010

    Kelly the first thing that came into my head was How great my God, How great my God. I hope this helps God bless Tina

  37. Kelly, I haven't been blog hopping much lately with all the last minute activities before we head back south but had to check out your blog this a.m. I just love the pictures you're sharing here and loving the comments made before mine. Wow! I can't offer anything better than what already has been said. Just awesome! I would love to be able to spend a day with you and your little man at your beach!!!

  38. Kelly,
    your post just made me cry - in a good way. We are having a had time with DS1 - the move, new adjustments,.... And on some days I think how it would have been without my precious little boys - just because I'm so exhausted! But when I read your post it made me thinking about all the love I feel for those little munchkins and that I never ever could live without them. So I think Lorie's saying is the best ever!!!!

    Hugs to a wonderful mother who was able to snap this precious moment and who is able to to keep this loving pictures for this wonderful little boy!!!!!

  39. Anonymous8/24/2010

    Holy shrimp girlfriend...when you post a challenge you make it hard!!! lol..I love these pictures and have been thinking long and hard..my title (not nearly as good as all that I have read).. "Unlimited Joy---as far as the eye can see.." I love Lories saying and so appropriate...wow...there are many, many, many awesome entries and now you have the hard choice of trying to pick...what a wonderful page this is going to be...please post when it is done...the pictures outstanding and a day alone with your little man "priceless"...when I first saw the challenge and pictures I was awestruck...again and again and again...each time I see them I continue to be awestruck...he is a handsome little man and will grow fast...fortunately this memory will be forever with you....((hugs)).

  40. You captured some wonderful pictures as far as some words I came up with this
    Beach Boy
    Future Surfer
    Catching waves
    Toes In the Sand
    Soak Up the Sun