A (Long, long!!) Harvest Hello!

 Although this has been a particularly rough week filled with worry and wonder,  I am happy to say that Brandy, our blessed 8 y/o Mastiff, is out of surgery and recooperating!  We have been on bended knee and terrified after learning of her tumors and cancer ~ and at the same time grateful in knowing they have been removed and praying for a good pathology report to tell us even better news.  Thank you all so much for the shoulders, tissues, listening ears and mostly your prayers!  Fur babies are so special to my heart!  She's medicated and sleeping and I can't wait to put her head on my lap and tell her I wuf her :)

Fortunately for me, I've had plenty of distraction.  I'm volunteering nearly 10-15 hours a week at my son's school alone, and loving my "job" as room mom to the fullest.   Just this week alone, I commissioned some mom friends to help me make the kid's Harvest shirts - a spin off of tie dye (too messy!) yet a GREAT kid's craft - they had a blast!  I had the most wonderful compliment as well - in the midst of thinking I'm being stretched too thin and that I have too many irons in the fire, I noticed a few other teachers smiling and watching every time I do "something' at the school.   Just yesterday I had a good friend tell me "Do you know that you are THE most sought after room mom here?"  I was shocked and surprised and didn't quite know what to say! I've had people tell me all the time that I missed my calling in life, but being mommy extraordinaire is a pretty good job :) 

 I mixed up some batches of Rit Dye in Fall, Harvest colors and put them into squirt bottles and let the kids have at it in the courtyard :)  Some of them were so meticulous and neat while others just went straight at it like paintball, lol!  I added appliques of a pumpkin and harvest leaves, so after they were washed/dried, I peeled them back to reveal the stark white underneath.  They came out so incredibly unique, not a single one alike.  However!  I got to take them home and wash them all, then outlne the shapes with puffy paint - can we say time consuming!  I loved every minute of it, but give yourself plenty of time to complete this project as it has to dry overnight on one side, flip it over to paint the back - super fun and festive!

Once the shirts were done and the party is tomorrow,  what better idea than to put them in a gift bag that you made as well!  This popped into my head at 1:30 am - probably after one of my doppio expressos, lol!  I asked our local S'Bux if they could donate the bags to our classroom and they generously did!  {thank you!!}   I was reading the side of the bag and LOVE the "reuse, reimagine, recycle" I saw on the side and love how the children hopefully will see an important message :)  I knew instantly I wanted to use Sweetest Treat from Deedee's Digis - they will have several stations at the party where they will use these bags for collecting treats, sweets and things that are neat!  (yes, that also came to me at 1:30 am, lol!  I need to get more sleep, eh?) ;)  I added some rafia at the top, festive orange ribbon and a doubled sided pumkin tag made from the SU! Oval punch, a button with matching raffia and some colorful tissue paper.  Did I mention I had to make 25 of these!!  23 kiddies and 1 teacher and 1 aide - wowzers! 

I only have half of the shirts photographed, the other half were already folded and in the gift bags - woot, woot! 
Well that's my post for today!  Long overdue (and long winded!) 
Blessings to you all .......
heading off to snuggle with Brandy for a bit!


  1. So cute! You would be the room mom I want, you make fun stuff! These are great treat bags, so well colored and those TShirts amazing. I bet they all had fun. Prayers for Brandy.

  2. wowsers!!!you are a super-splendiferous room mom...those shirts are great...hope it's a small size class...and the bags are a inspiring idea...tfs this wonderful post

  3. WOW, Kelly! I am so impressed and amazed with this project that you undertook! What a room mom!! Geez, no wonder you're so sought after!!!! This is absolutely too much fun for the kiddos, and sooo much work for you, but I've always found that the work is worth the smiles and love that you get in return! Great job, and thanks for some amazing inspiration!!! Have fun at the Harvest Festival!!

  4. Kelly! The shirts are so much fun! You are a cool room mom, for sure. As if I need yet another reason to love Starbucks, hooray for the bag donation! You dressed them up adorably!

    Ps: I was so excited to hear I won the digi on your blog hop! Thank you! I now have a really CUTE turkey to make some Thanksgiving cards with! Yahoo! :)

  5. 3 Words: "U da BOMB"

  6. Loved everything in this post. Fall is So my favorite season.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about Brandy. I know 1st hand how you must feel. Pets become part of our family and it's just as difficult to go through something like this with a furbaby as it would be a close family member. She will be in my prayers and hope the the report is good. I'll say you have been keeping busy...what awesome projects for your son's class. I am certain he is so proud to have you as the room mom for his classmates!

  8. Glad to hear Brandy is resting. We had a scare last week with your 5lb Yorkie. Being a room mom is so much fun and a lot of work. I hope your hard work and efforts never go unseen.

  9. Oooh....looks like someone is having an awesome party!! May I come? ;)

    Awww....your poor pup. I hope she recovers quickly. Yup...it is really tough when the furbabes get sick. :(

  10. WOW GIRL! You have been busy there super mom!!! What CUTIE PATOOTIE FUN little gifts for the kiddos.

    I am so happy to hear your 8 year old 'pup' is doing well. I know how scary things like that can be

    Have a fun weekend.

  11. Kelly, wow you were very busy, hm ? Great little shirts and bags !!

  12. Such cute and creative projects, Kelly! They are speaking to my inner tree hugger....recycle....tie dye....LOL