I'm FALL-ing for you!

Wow!  We are keeping a close eye on the weather and watching to see what Tropical Storm Isaac plans to do!  It is pouring torrential rain here and it's not even due until Sunday!  Fortunately, we are ready and have our hurricane supplies, plenty of gas, generator is ready to go 'just in case' and the kids will be close to home.  keep checking the NHC and it gives us more clarity that it might steer away from us so that's a blessing but a little bit of watch and wait.

Speaking of weather, do you have gorgeous Fall like weather?  This is a beautiful time of the year with the changing of the leaves, the promise of the wonders of Autumns in the crispness of the air ........ and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes!  Hee hee!  (I actually have not have a Starbucks for nearly 3 months now - huzzah!!  Yep, I gave it up at the onset of summer!)  

With Autumn in mind, I created this fun and wonderfully creative card using dies from The Scrapping Cottage, Cottage Cutz Harvest Patch bear.  Isn't he just the cutest!!  I added him in various shades of brown sitting in a pumpkin patch of the little variety ~ sunflowers all around.  The papers are from MME and had Fall hues to them and I kept the embellishments to a 'bear' minimum (I couldn't resist!)  I also added the grass border to give the bottom of the pumpkin patch some more elemental design.  

You can see these dies and more in The Scrapping Cottage.  Thanks for your visit today!

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!



  1. Cute card... but I'm not ready for fall yet. We spent the day at the beach! It was gorgeous, summer-like weather. We're trying to drag out the last days of summer since the kids start school Sept. 5. I hope the hurricane bypasses you all!



  2. These die cuts are adorable! An so isn't your card.
    I was just thinking about hurricane season...

  3. wonderful bear and a great harvest :-)
    We are just coming into spring and I am loving it.

  4. This is so fun and cute Kelly! Love the "fall" scene and am wishing for fall weather now!
    Stay safe with the tropical storm!

  5. Amazingly cute card! Love the little bear! Please, stay safe!

  6. Hope the storm stays away. What a sweet card!

  7. The die cuts are cute! I especially like the grass. I liked that you used non traditional colors. Great job!

    I am glad that you are storm ready. Hopefully, it will be for nothing at all!

    Great job on the *bux. I know it was a fave for you. Great willpower will prevail!

  8. this is incredibly sweet Kelly!
    love the mix of diecuts!

  9. This is so sweet Kelly I love the adorable bear and the bright and fun colors. I hope the storm isn't too destructive when it arrives and you stay safe! xx

  10. Super cute! These dies look fun!! I am so ready for fall! Carri ~abusybee

  11. fantastic card, yall be safe!!

  12. Kelly, first of all stay safe with the coming storm! Your card is delightful and yes, I am ready for fall! Some of the trees in the area are beginning to change colors - most likely due to lack of enough rain for the longest time.

  13. Yum Pumpkin Latte and a book (I mean studying :) ) Hope you are all snug at home during the storm, looks like it is going to head west some, but you are getting some of its wrath. Your card is adorable, how sweet is that little card with the teddy and the layout you used. Love it.

  14. Your card is adorable! I am not ready for Fall, don't remind me!! I hope you are safe and the hurricane passes you by.

  15. Hope you are enjoying your last days of summer and not having to experience a hurricane. We always dread those things in my part of the gulf coast too. Got my great surprise package and can hardly wait to make something with these wonderful gifts. What a sweet gesture!!! Love this cute bear!!! Sending you a bear hug of thanks!!

  16. I see you haven't posted in a few days praying that your family and neighbors are safe. such a cute die for the fall season.

  17. This is so sweet! I love all of the pretty fall colors with the sunflowers and pumpkins and that cute lil' bear! I am so ready for fall, but my fall drink of choice is usually apple cider! No Starbucks for three months!! Wow!! We don't have one locally, but I usually buy their coffee and make it at home. Very impressed with your resolve!

    Praying you will remain safe and the storms will pass through without causing harm.

  18. the more i look at it the more i like the "unusual" colors used here