Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

Vroom, Vroom!  It's the 15th of the month and the duel for the Darlings has 'taken off'!   This month, the hostess for the Divas is the fantastic, sweet Carol and she sent us a kit that is over the top fun!  And even more exciting, we have a brand new member in the Dueling Darlings ~ Kadie!!  We're so excited to have you "on board" - hee hee! :)

Here is a little bit about Carol and Deb's traveling theme for this month:

Here is a bit of information about the month of November… 
November is Aviation History Month and National Model Railroad Month.

 Also, November 22 is Go for a Ride Day!

Well, with those things in mind, a theme of: Planes, Trains & Automobiles was mentioned.  Then Carol asked me if I had ever seen the movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles? (I have not.)  But she explained that the characters of the movie are trying to get home for Thanksgiving. 

Well….duh… with those events taking place in November and the theme of the movie around Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving coming in November… it was decided that “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” would be our theme. 

How fun is that!!  That is one of my dh's ALL-TIME favorite movies and it makes us chuckle every year - how I miss John Candy and his humor/smile but grateful his movies live on for us to enjoy.  I thought of my brother when creating my card, and pretty much made a collage with a little bit of everything ... and this kit had mucho!   

My brother and I grew up as the unstoppable duo - as close as siblings could be.  Being a military family, we traveled extensively and saw a lot of the world.  After college graduation, my brother continued traveling and I got married :) He has seen 6 of the 7 continents, speaks and reads 6 different languages including Arabic and has led a life to be very proud of :*)  So I had him in mind when creating this card and made it for him - and believe it or not, it's destination is currently Norway (being that's where he's at!)

The very busy card :)

Look at all the dimension of this card!
And the inside, I used one of the journaling cards as the sentiment - perfect!
Wow, did you make it this far?! :-)  Well, we are still traveling through the blog post!  There's more to this flight! 

As a bonus please tell of a Thanksgiving memory or a memorable trip to get to your Holiday destination...

My dh and I have traveled quite a bit since we've been married, too - and even took the kids on not one but TWO whirlwind trips around Europe in the last 7 years, including to cities we didn't speak the languages and both of us speak several between the two of us!  To say it was like watching Chevy Chase's National Lampoons Christmas would be an understatement, LOL!

But best of all, the most memorable trip BY FAR was last year's Christmas trip to the Mountains of Tennesse.  We are all still nostalgic every time we talk about it, see pictures and just dream of a day we will return.  We rented a GORGEOUS two story log cabin in off the beaten path so the kids could see some snow and just get away from the hustle and bustle of 'life'.  It was a warm winter, but we did see snow for two of those days!   Each day we were there, we all felt like we were in a mountain paradise and I am sure that when  I get to the other side of heaven, it will look a lot like this place did :)

And that's my journey today!!
I hope you book a ticket on over at my mates blogs - right over there on the sidebar you can find them and see what they created :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Big hugs,
Bigger Blessings!


  1. Dear sweet, amazing Kelly, I love your card but even more I love your presentation and the stories surrounding this card and your traveling memories...So heartwarming! You've created a beautiful picture honoring the world travels of your brother. I'm in awe of all the elements you've included on this card and I'm sure he's going to love it! And I love hearing that he's currently living in the country of my ancestors. Even more you've created a beautiful picture of you and your life with your gift of word! Big blessings to you too and Big (((HUGS)))!

  2. Isn't it the memories that are so important in shaping our tomorrow's? What fabulous journeys you have had and I am positive you will take many more!

    Your card celebrating your brother is so very special!! Great use of the kit and I love your many layers!

  3. Kelly, your card is fantastic in so many ways! Your term is "busy" but I would describe it as intriguing, so many aspects and elements to be seen, yet they all tie together and do not compete! Not everyone can pull that off!
    Love your tribute to your brother and your holiday trip story, too. Blessings!

  4. Darling card, Kelly !!

  5. Kelly--I agree with Judy--the stories your cards tell as as wonderful as the images themselves! I love to read the tales you weave into your cards and blog posts.

    Cute card--I love how you used so many of the elements and as usual-the inside of the card is perfectz!

    Thanks again for being a Diva and for helping to encourage this wonderful group of ladies to create awesome cards!

  6. First off, I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to be part of this fun group...and a Diva to boot! And second...Kelly, your card is FANTASTIC!! You have used the elements of this kit to perfection!! Great job with all those little details and highlighting the plane immie (and using the card for the inside too--wish i had thought of that). You said your card is busy, but I don't think so one bit...I adore it! And you!! HUGS

  7. Oh my! Kelly this is so cute! I love your layout and the fact that it is already in the mail! Great creation :)

  8. Fabulous! Love the different destinations on this and of course that super image too. Your brother is going to love this one!
    Um...the mountains of Tenn......sounds wonderful!

  9. What a fabulous "guy" card!

  10. I love the images on this card, as well as learning more about your family.

  11. Wow Kelly....you have so much on the front of the card, but it all looks awesome together!!

    Love the colors and how you used everything! The colors aren't typical Kelly colors but you did great with them!!

    Love it!!

  12. Absolutely terrific card and wonderful papers! Love the tab and postmarks!

  13. well miss Kelly...'tis anotherwinner of a dueling card.
    I agree with what others already said...it really is not THAT busy...instead I find this masculine card very intruiguing...I can imagine you going through your visual memories as you were creating this with your brother in mind (btw it was sooo nice to read your memories of him and all the beautiful description too....
    Gorgeous card, full of sentiments from the heart...the best of its kind! ♥

  14. Hi Kelly, I enjoyed reading your post! Memories are so important because one day that's all we'll have.....

    Love your travel themed card, especially the sentiment on the inside!

  15. Oh Sweet Kelly, I love your card...as always I love both inside and out...You did an amazing job with the kit and I love your story. You are a very special lady and I am so thankful you started this group...and even more thankful you asked me to be a part of it...Thanks for the awesome card and post...big hugs...

  16. I love how you were able to use so many elements on your card! It does not look busy, but just right. Your brother will love it.

    Here is to hoping you can get to the mountains again soon!

  17. Kelly this is amazing - great masculine card, and I love all the layers and various element s you have included!! Stunning.

  18. Great card-there is so much detail on it! Usually when I make man cards I don't add a lot. I never know if they really notice or appreciate it. lol. Love the new blog look!

  19. What a wonderful post Kelly. I am sure that with all that travelling when you were younger it would have made you and your brother very close.

    I too have travelled a fair bit in recent times and what unfailingly touches my heart is the total kindness of strangers. We may not be able to speak the same language but kindness and the willingness to put oneself out there makes all the difference.
    Thank you tonight for the lovely reminder that we do indeed need to always appreciate the journey - no matter what we believe the destination is.

  20. absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  21. Oh Kelly, this is a fabulous creation for your brother. He will definitely love it. You definitely nailed the challenge. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories!

  22. First things first......... Kelly, it's SNOWING! On your blog, that is! How fun!!!

    Now, your card! WOW!!! That is one amazing card! Love how you put so many things onto it and it still looks awesome! (If I tried that, it would look like a mess. LOL!) Such a great way to pay tribute to your world-traveling brother!

    I also loved hearing of your memories of last year's adventures!

  23. Wonderful card! I'm sure your brother will really appreciate it.

  24. Kelly this card is awesome and perfect for your traveling brother! Love everything about it! So glad to hear you all did get a couple days of snow on your mountain trip.

  25. Great card. Your brother is going to love it! I love to travel myself except that we haven't had a chance to travel recently. I miss it! That trip to the mountains in TN sounds awesome!:)

  26. This is such a special card and a wonderful post to go along with it!
    I love all of the elements of travel on the card and you couldn't have picked a better sentiment! I am sure your brother will treasure this!

    We feel the same way when we watch John Candy's movies. I get a little teary eyed at the end of Uncle Buck when he waves goodbye to the camera.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  27. Kelly ~ you know I am a busy card girl myself, so I just love this! Love the tab on the left side especially and how you used so many elements!

    I need to watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles. It's been years since I have watched it! :) Maybe Santa will bring it to me on DVD for Christmas!

    Hugs ~ LJ