RSG ~ We need some T.P.!

Hi friends!
Today is my husband's birthday and our home has been so. much. fun!
It's been lively and a happy kind of loud and we've had a grand 'ol time all day ~
 ending just now with his very VERY favorite - steaks on the grill!
Well ~ not for me ..
I'm happily a vegetarian :)
But between that, the panko fried shrimp and empanada that I hand made
 ~ and my daughter's yummy calamari ~
a Spanish style 'nata' cake, we're all stuffed!
The kids and 2 friends of our daughter are playing board games
 and it's a HOWLING mess from what I'm hearing ...
lots of laughter and hysteria!
I'm debating between hiding in my room or joining in, LOL!
So .... my card!


This is my card for the Ready, Set, Go Challenge group ...
a group where the challenges are a little more extreme
and make us think way way outside the box. 
Jeanette is the hostess for April and gave us this challenge:
  For the April 2020 Ready Set Go theme, 
I want you to find a heartwarming story from this pandemic.  
Use it as inspiration for your card. AND… because that in and of itself is too easy for these extreme themes… I also want you to pay homage to the early reports of people buying/hoarding toilet paper. How? By including something on your card that begins with the letter “T” 
and something that begins with the letter “P”. 
 Ready, Set, Go!

You can see Jeanette's card here
and Barb's card here
as they posted their cards earlier this week.

This challenge was hard for me
not because I couldn't figure out what card to make ..
but because I had TOO MANY IDEAS!
There have been so many heartwarming stories amidst the sadness.
But for this challenge, I settled on an action - rather than a specific story.
 I've LOVED the stories of teachers reading bedtime stories like this one
to the children in their classrooms over the internet.
No doubt for the younger school children,
 this has been hard to understand
and the teachers reading stories to their classroom children is heartwarming ♥

I used from Our Story by Birdie Brown from My Favorite Things 
and imagine the little ones snuggled up reading along
or listening as the teachers read from their favorite story books!

My letter T:   tabby cat, teachers
My letter P:  patterned-paper, paper-piecing

As always, I hope all is well in your little corner!
I'm still 'carding' away at camp ~
and loving every minute of all my *homework!*

Big *air* hugs, bigger blessings!


  1. How adorable, and I think you accomplished your challenge!!!

  2. Such a beautiful card, and congratulatons to your husband ! You're lucky that you could celebrate together, we are still in quarantine. Hugs, Enny

  3. A beautiful card Kelly and a Happy Birthday to your Husband.

    Sue xx

  4. Oh Kelly what a wonderful card, and a great wee testimony of the teachers dedication. That is one gorgeous image, and so beautifully used.
    Happy birthday to your other half.
    Stay safe

  5. Such a sweet little card. Love those books in the dp! She looks very comfy in her paper-pieced armchair!

  6. Great paper piecing and a cute, cute card!

  7. Oh my goodness, your card is just the cutest ever, Kelly! Love the darling images, the shelf of books, the colors, the everything!!! And then the story behind it. Yes, definitely one of the sweet aspects of this difficult time. THANK YOU for bringing joy with your blog post and your card! I appreciate you!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Kelly and you've met the challenge really well, lovely images and colours.
    Happy Birthday to your Husband, sure sounds like he had fabby day, Kate x

  9. Fabulous card, Kelly, paying tribute to all the teachers working so hard to keep their students active and engaged in learning during this difficult time away from the classroom!! I love this cutie with her book and her tabby!!