Inspired he(ART)work ~ card #2

 Hi friends!

I know - what happened to Snoopy?!

Today's card is the 2nd one in my new monthly series:

Inspired he(ART)work 

The idea is that I will take one of my 4 children's childhood drawings

and recreate it with modern day elements!

And it's okay!

Snoopy is fine and it meant to look this way

as the intent of this creative blog series is to do EXACTLY what they did!

Once again, this artwork is by my 2nd daughter, Chrissy ~

as my reorganizing the bins landed this second from the top!

*The video will be up on my YouTube channel soon!

Here is her fabulous artwork, created in 4th/5th grade ...

I love that she had Snoopy in her classroom artwork!

She's definitely my daughter :)

I loved the bold colors choices of the vivid purple and fresh green.

If you look closely, you'll see it's actually a grid with dots

which must have taken quite some time.

It's a series of lines and dots on the lines to create this look,

which I mistook for Pointillism, one of my FAVORITE painting techniques!

I adore Georges Seurat’s masterpiece A Sunday on La Grande Jatte

and about lost my mind to see it at the Art Institute of Chicago

on a trip to Illinois!

Okay, I'm rambling and it's NOT even Pointillism!

The technique she used is similiar to comic books called Ben Day dots,

popular from Roy Lichtenstein.

And here is my card:

I don't want to give too much away from the video

but I ended up not coloring the background after all

 (ooof - disaster!),

blending instead using water to create the background like hers.

I know it looks funny seeing a PLAIN card

and Snoopy just sort of chillin' and floating in the air,

but the point was to recreate it as she did - keeping it the same!

Until next month!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Just so cute Kelly, love the drawing of Snoopy your little one did, Kate x

  2. I can't think of a better way to communicate and support your child's creative genius. The best complement is to copy. She is lucky to have a creative mom to converse and share ideas and interests. This is a wonderful way to keep and treasure her work as well. Thanks for sharing her with us. Your card is beautiful tool.

  3. You and your daughter are both two Artists! :) Love your CASeing of her school painting! Fab bold colours and point grids!

  4. What a great interpretation of Chrissie's original painting Kelly. I am so enjoying this series :)
    Stay safe

  5. Cute card. When I see the name Snoopy...always make me think of our Snoopy.. He's been gone a long time time now. But still in our hearts!

  6. Love what you have created with Snoopy here, Kelly! Precious card!