Hot Mess = Success ~ Glue Alcohol Inks Scraper Thingie technique!


Hi friends!

Today's card is for the Hot Mess = Success card challenge

where we make a big mess card!

It's no secret - I don't like messes

and today's card was the. messiest. one. yet!

But it was WILDLY fun and would I do it again?


I'll have a video up soon on my channel because you REALLY 

need to see this in action to get the full effect :)

*stay tuned!*

Here's how it all got started ....

and you can also see what Barb, Carol, Darlene, Jeanette & Terry made

as we are the 6 Hot Messes :)

K .. First, here's my card 

and then a VERY HEAVY PICTURE post if you want to see 

some of the hows and whats and whys!

I used the new Avery Elle Look For Rainbows stamp ~

I adore images with umbrellas!  

Just love love LOVE them!

      To create this card, I first stamped/die cut/ colored the images.

I set them aside to work on the messiest background.

And when I saw this gave me ANXIETY, it did.

Juuuuuuuust watch :)

I used a technique I may have invented during Winter Camp

where we were to use glue on our projects.

I saw the entire plate of glue and felt bad - I really did!

I didn't want to throw it out and I said to myself

"Self?  What would happen if .... I added alcohol inks to this glue!"

And I answered (myself) "Let's do it!"

Mmmmhmmm, yep.

But let's continue!

I decided "no time like the present!  Add the alcohol!" (as in inks ...)

It was amazing!

I loved it and recreated it again for this card.

I've never seen it, never heard of anyone doing it, therefore, 

I'm calling it my glue alcohol inks scraper thingie technique!

Step 1:  Have these handy - and a trash can.  They're your BFFs!

(this roll was brand new when I started)

Step 2:  Grab any type of base (I have a paper plate) and pour just

enough glue to cover the bottom and a smidege more.

Step 3:  Add some water to dilute it.  This is important!

The glue is WAY to thick to allow the alcohol inks to work w/o H20!

It should be the consistency of grandma's gravy.

And ... chose your alcohol ink colors.

I've used Pool, Amethyst, Turquoise and Sailboat Blue from Ranger.

Step 4: My bad - you'll need gloves!

Or your hands will look like Easter eggs :)

And start adding drops of ink, spacing them out to let them go to work.

Step 5:  Take an A2 size card panel and press it into the glue/inks.

Don't press it too hard and jiggle it ever-so-slighty in the mixture.

Step 6:  Ta-da!  This is ooey gooey but loads of fun!

It looks scary messy (it is, not gonna fib!) but WORTH IT.

The glue and inks give it an amazing design!

Except, I was trying to hold this mess, hold my phone, take pictures ..

it was a whole mess!

Step 7: Take a scraper thingie (I used a large bone folder which does 

not work as a bone folder for me so it became a squeegie!

An old plastic card does the same but if you can go across in 

one sweep rather than several, much betta!

Step 8:  Slide the bone folder/scraper thingie across the panel

from top to bottom removing all the glue/ink mixture QUICKLY

before it has the chance to set.  That's another reason why 

diluting it with water works wonders (nice alliteration!) ~

it usually comes off in one swipe!

Set the panel aside to dry - takes maybe 20 minutes.

Don't touch it when wet - it's very unforgiving 

and you'll leave your prints of the crime for all to see!

Once it's dry, it's ready to use!

I used a rounded corner stitched die from MFT Stamps

and let the 'busy-ness' of the background be the star.

I added the sweet mouse and rain puddle from the stamp set

and one of the sentiments and done!

*Tip 1:  Remember step 1!  When you 'squeegie' the panel, 

glue oozes e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!

I went through nearly an entire paper towel roll and glue gets sticky fast.

Just spray and wipe and you're good!

*Tip 2:  The plate of glue is best when fresh.

It's hard to get a GOOD background when it's already been dunked.

Just add a few more droplets of alcohol and make a couple more!

I ended up with 6 before I called it quits and none are alike!

        Tip 3:  You may wonder isn't this the same as Yupo paper?


Have you seen the cost of Yupo paper!

Have mercy!

It's wonderful ... I love it, I have it here, I bought it and I use it!

But it's 'spensive!

This is a WONDERFUL alternative and glue costs like 60 cents at WM

not to mention cardstock is pretty inexpensive there, too.

This can resemble the shaving cream technique which is equally fun

but since I've already done that a million and one times,

I wanted to just get messy, have fun, be distracted and PLAY!

So ... that's the glue alcohol inks scraper thingie technique!

This month's Hot Mess = A Success!

One last look at my card again:

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. How Awesome! You are the daring and creative one! I love the colors you picked and I am happy to see the steps in pictures. I will try it-looking for my gloves right now! Beautiful Card-Just Perfect!

  2. Oh my goodness... your card is GORGEOUS! And you're so entertaining! I loved reading your post almost as much as your card! Thanks for all the detailed information - if I ever get to a store to find gloves I might give this a try. You're such a creative inspiration!

  3. Gorgeous card with your new technique. Love the description photos. I think I'll stick with the Yupo and copics refill.
    xxx Margreet

  4. Loved reading your post - I "think" this may be messy!!! So you stamped right on the glue,ink hot mess right??? And to think you got six pieces out of one mess that is really pretty good. Heading off to see what else you have made.

  5. Too sweet, I love it Kelly and your background is fabulous, lovely shades of blue, Kate x

  6. Firs of all, when I saw that bunny with his umbrella, I squealed!! :D Love love love him!!! And then I saw the PERFECT background for him and asked me how you had done.... and then I asw the step by step, fabulous!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your own new technique!!! It seems really fun to do and such beautiful results!!! It's great could see all the steps!! It's very interesting and the papers look really wonderful!
    And -as I'm a compulsive hoarder- then I asked me: Kelly trashed the plate after the work? Oh, no!!! LOL :D I think it could be used too! :D

  7. Adorable little bunny Kelly, so very cute in his wellies and holding his umbrella and playing in that awesome background, what a great technique and fabulous results, love it..and the other panels too..fabulous.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  8. This is one happy card! And it obviously made you happy making it! Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  9. I love how your backgrounds turned out. Looks like a huge amount of fun and mess. Thanks for sharing and showing the steps.

  10. Fabulous card backgrounds, love your technique, anything messy turns our great. xx.

  11. Wow Kelly - so glad you experimented and 'found' this fascinating technique - I have been hanging out to see what you had done. Love the results, and your card is amazing!!
    Stay safe

  12. All I can say is WOW!! This background looks fabulous and was well worth the mess - for you! LOL I hate messes too so I don't usually indulge, but those colors are awesome! What a super cute card resulted too! Can't wait to see what you make with the rest of those backgrounds now :)

  13. Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous !!! Quite a mess, but certainly worth it ! Thanks for explaining the technique, I have those alcohol colours, so maybe... :)) Hugs, Enny

  14. WOW!!! This sounds scary-messy but the end result is spectacular! May need to get brave enough to try it. Your image is darling too!

  15. What a fabulous idea. I love trying new techniques. I love the results and your card is amazing. So adorable. Hugs-Erika

  16. i love your card and can't wait to try the technique. Thank you for the tutorial as well as I need one. What an awesome end product. Great job Kelly!♥

  17. The result is great but i don't like mess either. That's why I avoid trying something like this. ** lol ** Greetings from Germany,


  18. Your hot mess turned into an adorable card. Love the colors you ussed.

  19. That looks pretty dang awesome, Kelly!! Each panel prettier than the one before!!

  20. What a fun mess making project Kelly!! Love the final background for the adorable image. A stunning card. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx