Otters in the ocean!


Hi friends!

Today's card is a double duty -

 June 8 is World Ocean's Day this year

and that's the theme of the CCEE Stampers this week!

This adorable image is for the 3M June (3 Musketeers)

sent to us by Jeanette and it's otter-ly adorable!

The image is from CC Designs and reminds me of my daughter's

family - they are 3 and just as happy and smiling!

And otters DO live in the ocean!

So, I made my card a few days ago 

with a watercolor panel as the background

BUT accidentally glued it upside down!


The green was the bottom as one of the favorite spots at the zoo

for Alice (my granddaughter) is the otter slide!

It's a pretty green slide with a blue top tunnel

that you crawl through while they swim above - it's SO CUTE!

I had hoped to remake it but haven't had a free chance

so upside down it is :)

I do love me some punny cards and think this is just so cute!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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 Barb and Jeanette's cards which are on their blogs.

Crafty hugs!


  1. Love the wee glimpse of your card Kelly, but would like to see the full reveal...

    1. thanks for the second image - that is a fabulous card - love your background!!

  2. How cute are these guys!! While in California, we stood on the pier and watched their antics for hours!! Super fun card for the Ocean Challenge, Kelly!

  3. Such a cutie Kelly, love your design and the lovely colours, Kate x

  4. Upside down; rightside up - doesn't matter. Either way, this is absolutely adorable and extra special because it reminds you of Alice and her parents. Cute cute CUTE!

  5. Cute card with these adorable otters. You otter make more cards with them. Thanks for sharing!