No card today but snazzy bookmark! :)

Today is manic Monday for sure! Although I stamped my heart out this weekend, no actual card today. Dh insisted I see the construction and demo every 10 minutes with a "Come look at this!" and having one crew guy staring at me strangely every time he passed my craft table {turns out he thought I was a cartoonist, lol! I blame THAT on the Bellas - they do look, well, odd if you don't know who/what they are - yeah? Amen anyone?!}

So ..... in honor of February being my turn to chose/host the BOTM for my book club, this is the one I'm pouring through. After the kidnapping and murder of his young daughter :(, a man sets out to meet God in a log cabin - a shack - and rebuild his shattered life through encouraging leaps of faith and personal challenges. It's a tough read with a sensitive subject matter, one that I usually shy away from, but I was drawn to this book ~ It's also a man's journey into triumph after tradedy, healing after the hurt. As the Internet Monk's review states: "he is wonderfully passionate about the love of God". No debates from me. I like the book, plain and simple and it's a FICTION novel -- not the bible, but a book that is simply inspiring and brings you closer to Him through such a unique perspective.

And of course, my really cool bookmark from the lovely Miss Mary from the Skinny Bop Swap to mark my pages along the way - how cute is this!!!!! I wanna cupcake. :)


  1. What a cute bookmark. But... You want a cupcake??? Well... at least you didn't ask for something large and scrumptiously fattening! LOL

  2. Well, I've tried to post a comment twice to no avail, so I'll try one more time! I hope this one goes through!! I'm in the process of finishing The Shack, and I agree 100% with your review. It is a tough read, and I find myself re-reading parts of this book in an attempt to better understand/absorb the content. I also love your comment/reminder about this being a FICTION novel, and not the Bible. I've heard several people who've read this book speak about it like it's, and that just drives me CRAZY!! Thanks for your insight on this one, and I'm glad I'm on the same page as you (pardon the pun). I would recommend The Shack as an spiritually uplifting read, and well worth the reading and re-reading. I love that bookmark, and have the exact same one in my book as well! Too funny!!

  3. When do you find time to read??? Well I will add this to my ever expanding list of books to read! Thanks for sharing!

  4. mmmmmmm cupcakes..... lol

    I keep seeing this book on Amazon, and it sounds like a great book. Heck girl, you turned me onto Twilight, so I'll read just about anything you do!! LOL!!

    You're an artiste in my books Kellybeans! XOXO

  5. Oooo...I am going to have to get this book!!! It sounds fascinating!!! Thank you for the editorial:o) Definitely one I am gonna check out...now, to find the time to read it;o)

    The bookmark is fabulous!!!! Mary makes the most incredible stuff!!! And...keep away from the cupcake:o) Hahaha!!!

    I hope you have a super week!!!


  6. Very cute bookmark. I love Riley!!

  7. Great bookmark ... but, more importantly -- how did you like the book? My sister and I just decided to read that book and have a 'book club' review of sorts between us. We just happened across the book by chance.

  8. My DH read this one and he loved it. Something cool happened too...he works as a rehab counselor and someone came into his office asking if he'd read this book (it's a God-thing that he had!) and the guy was so encouraged. He said that this book changed his life and that he has a relationship with God because of it. I haven't read it myself but it's neat to know that God can touch people in all kinds of ways through a book, a picture, a sunrise, a smile...and also the gift of a card...going off to post about Lorie's puppy card now... HUGs to You!

  9. Wow . . . sounds like an AWESOME book! I will have to check it out. Cute bookmark of Riley too. Thanks for stopping by the KL SNS design team blog, Kel! I wish you luck in the drawing!!! Please don't forget to tell your readers. We are almost at 100 comments. That's a bit exciting too. :) Kelly