Good Luck!

My dd wanted to stamp with me, and being a hands-on, jump on in kinda mom, I scooted on over and let her make a card for her friend who is moving away. I know her heart is heavy as I moved often as a child/teen & saw her working hard to make it just right - I love how she chose the 6 rainbow colors, matching rainbow PP & we were laughing through-out my renditions of who Roy-G-Biv is, LOL!! At least she didn't attempt to hand sew each button on - oye! :)


  1. This is so so sweet!! What a nice card she made (and what a wonderful mom you are!)

  2. Well, obviously she gets her talent from her mom. This is wonderful, and such a heartfelt and personal gift for her friend. What a sweet and thoughtful young lady, and oh how special that you had so much fun working together!

  3. Anonymous3/01/2009

    She did a fabulous job! So sorry she is having to go through a friend moving away. :(

    Isn't it fun creating with the kids?! It brings so much joy.


  4. What a sweet idea for her to make a card for her friend. A treasure for her indeed and some mommy & me time for you.