Welcome to my craft room! :)

Come on in! My wonderful husband spent weeks and weeks and weeks tearing our former garage down to the base concrete and rebuilding an entire room for me to craft in *sniff, sniff! Love you honey!* There are a few photos, so this is Part 1 of the tour :)
This is the DARLING door hanger sent from the lovely Catherine (Paper addict!) Thank you, sweetie! It hangs on the door as a reminder of all the goodness inside the room and of the terrific friend that sent it my way!
I love love love the ocean - it's my favorite place
to be and spend many hours there with the kids - under the swaying palm trees, tropical breeze blowing by, warm sunshine ...... and making Sandcastles! :) That was the inspiration behind the
room's theme (decor?) Sadly, the shelves are not in yet and I have the small spacers shelves to do the trick until we figure out what is going to go up for all the scrapbooks and embellies ... the sandy colored tile is my sand and feels SO GOOD under my bare feeties each day, so comforting and easy to clean up, too :)

It's difficult to get a good picture from this room since he added a hideaway door (I can lock myself in and hide! LOL!!) but if I stand behind it to take a photo, all I get is one small part of the wall, tee hee!

I really love this comfy office chair, especially since it was FREE! How lucky for us -- BIL happen to be at the right place at the right time when a friend gave him his 300.00 office chair when his business moved ..... lucky, lucky me! Notice my small basket of SOTC swaps under the table? LOL!

My desk -- did you ever meet Scrappy? That's the darling Build-a-bear workshop bear my kids took me to buy for my birthday :) Yes, we actually stuffed it, made a wish, found some adorable scrapbooker clothes for it and we had the best day ever! I love how they thought of me and planned the whole event by themselves (but did tell me that I had to drive them to a certain mall, lol) but I wasn't sure what it was all about, but their giggles, their laughter and joy was unmatched :*)
I have my fabulous friend Mary (alatteinkinfun) to thank for sending us a link to organize more -- you'll see the ink shelf up there that was spot on what I was looking for.

Longish view - table, shelf, bulletin board full of things I'm working on and can't put away yet - the colorful, rolling bins (Cropper Hopper) are full of stamps that are non-SU! They are labeled per company. Handy dandy baby wipes containers are full of brads & what not ....... I am thinking green and realized what a wonderful container they are although not so elegant ;)

Mostly paper storage - ie, desk slots are full of DSP, as are the bins and the CH on the top shelf. Basket is full of ribbons, jars are full of ribbon, the very bottom shelf has containers full of ribbon ...... oh I just love it! The 6 photo storage boxes (colored) are full of pictures still waiting to be scrapped ......... just as sooooon as I finish those card swaps lol! What else - the green bin is gone as are the cricut, photo maker, cuttlebug and on a seperate shelf - I see they are hanging out with my Clip it UP in this picture - small bins are full of DCWC 12 x 12 paper packs, I have another , um, slight addiction in that area ;)
Side view .........

TFL! Check back for part 2!


  1. Well, part one is awesome! I love, love the sandy colored floor, and the peaceful blue of the walls! What a dream to stamp in a room like this!! I'm off to part two! Thanks for sharing Kelly!! It really is awesome!!!

  2. Kelly, your craft room is incredible! I love it!!! You have room to spread out and play!!!!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures so we can drool over your new space.

  3. Your room looks awesome! So honored that one of my little creations is there for all to see.

  4. You Lucky Duck!! This is GORGEOUS!!!!!! What I wouldn't give for an organized and beautiful space like this!!

  5. Anonymous6/04/2009

    Oh Kelly, I love it...what an awesome little hide away full of fun toys and memories....I jealous....it is so neat and clean...now I need to go try and so something positive with mine LOL....

  6. This is beautiful and so very serene! You have literally brought the beach into your craft room! Two loves...filed with love...all in one cozy spot. Your husband is a gem for creating such a wonderful escape!! Thank you for sharing these photographs:o) I am off to check Part 2.


    Ps...No, I didn't get the email you mentioned...but if it is what I hope it is...I need it! Cuz a certain something is still staring at me;o)

    Love you!!!

  7. your roon looks wonderful..
    i have to go and get a tissue now and blow my nose :o)
    I'm crying because i WISH that i had this kind of space...(haha)
    enjoy it! TFS!