London ... Part 2

See previous post to start the "tour!" There are 4 parts to the London pictures :)

Visiting Stonehenge was one of the highlights of Europe for me! I have always wanted to go here and it was so much of what I thought it would be. The kids read of it at school, and to say "I was there, I visited" is a magical thing. Due to unexpected construction and a 55 minute delay sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, our time here was shorten from 2 hours to 45 minutes, but it was worth it! It must have been absolutely amazing in it's original form - the experience seeing it now, as is was just wow. Such a positive flow of energy and emotion! We took many, many pictures - rocks in all shapes and sizes, lol. I stuck up a conversation with one of the site watchers and he gave me a guided tour of so many things NOT in the brochure (like the ancient graphiti - showed me where and got a most cool picture, lol)

This is the amazing St. Paul's Cathedral - I fell so in love with it's magnificence and meaning. I loved visiting Westminster Abbey and St. Magaret's Church, but this one was amazing on so many levels! We were exhausted after touring the city all morning and day long, and this stop was the last for the day (note to self: do not leave the building with 1,200 stairs to the tippy top for the last!!)

Tee hee! He has a future in police work :)

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