London ... Part 3!

Hi! Please see Previous 2 posts to begin our picture tour of London!

This was the bird's eye vew of the city of London/bridge from the top of St. Paul's ... very crowded, holding my children on that tiny (OLDDDD) balcony and praying to get back down to the beautiful cathedral, lol. I felt the same way on the top of the Eifel Tower a few years ago and have come to realize that I don't like heights :( But it was pretty magnificent, all things being said!

From Westminster Abbey - I loved this place. I felt such a strong pull and spiritual connection here - I stood in the middle of the Abbey, hearing the organ play (still working!) and I just felt MOVED to the core of my being. No pictures allowed, sadly ....... but in the courtyard we took as many as we could!

The famous Tower of London! Fortunately for me, my dh is like walking encyclopedia and a history buff, so he was like my own private guided tour as he explained time periods and scandals and Kings & Queens & nobility & everything in between like beheadings, ewww!

Tower Bridge - often confused with London Bridge - really neat old bridge leading to the Tower of London where the queens jewels were ..... WOAH!! Some serious bling in that place!
We had just left London Dungeon which my dd12 begged us to take her - it's a spooky old place, off the beaten path that is very "tourist-y" but turned out to be 1. spookier 2. a mini theme parkish type place and 3. a lot of history! IF you get a chance to google London Dungeon, it's a riot! My favorite was walking down those dark streets that the real Jack the Ripper supposedly "did the deeds" and was completely spoked - dd in her glory, loving every minute of it - ooof!
So, back to the palace ...... it was full of corridors and rooms and much of this building has been renovated ..... a lot of London wasn't in it's original form and there was quite a bit of restoration done through the years (esp after the war) but it was fantastic indeed.

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